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IMPORTANT: Having problems running the game. ReadMe UPDATED

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  • IMPORTANT: Having problems running the game. ReadMe UPDATED

    Have spoken to eLicense and we are still in the process of going through the problems but if you can please read below if you have had problems running the game, I want to make sure everyone tries below before we move on.

    Game refuses to load after trying to start it

    Ensure you are logged in as the administrator as well as clicking run as administrator on the application.

    If that doesn't work please ensure that the DEP is disabled, to do this, do the following. You should do this whilst logged in as the administrator.

    Click Start, click Run, type sysdm.cpl, and then click OK.
    On the Advanced tab, under Performance, click Settings.
    On the Data Execution Prevention tab, Click Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only to select the OptIn policy.

    If you get this "'The application failed to initialise properly (0xc0000005)" error, please follow the above instructions to disable the DEP. If that doesn't work you should uninstall the game in the control panel, delete the download file you originally installed and download it fresh from our servers and do a clean install.

    I know some people have got around the problem by excluding it from their Anti-Virus/firewall software. If you want to try this solution out I suggest you go to the website of your anti-virus developer to find out how.

    Non-essential programs need to be turned off

    It has been noted during testing that if you run other programs during the process of installation and you are struggling to get the game to work properly, then you need make sure that during the installation process and activation of the eLicense Order ID. the only software running is the installer.

    It would also be advisable to turn off your anti-virus/firewall temporarily during the installation process and activation of the eLicense Order ID if you are having problems.

    For those of you with Comodo who have experienced issues

    Open up Comodo Firewall:

    1) Go to Firewall tab, select Define New Trusted Application. Click select then Browse, then if you can find the game executable, which is in the ICC 2010 folder and called Cricket.

    2) Still on the Firewall tab, select Firewall Behaviour Settings. Set the Security level to Training mode.

    3) Go to the Defense+ tab, select Defense+ settings, In the general settings tab set the slider to Training mode as well.

    I would strongly recommend contacting your anti-virus/firewall if the above fails.

    Apologies for the inconveniences.

    The eLicense support address is:
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    my system was already set up this way and i am logged in as administrator.....still doesnt work


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      not having problems running the game exactly but anyone know what this means? I mean the security message


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        Kaspersky thinks it's a keylogger, basically


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          If its stopping you playing the game then you'll have make it a safe file on Kaspersky; but if it isn't affecting you then it doesn't really matter as it just mistaken identity on Kaspersky's part.


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            Originally posted by benj_2904 View Post
            my system was already set up this way and i am logged in as administrator.....still doesnt work
            Can you please contact them directly at


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              ok done that


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                I can download it when my DEP is turned off however i get "i must play with adminstrator privligaes to complete intizaltion" however nothing happens. However when i try with DEP on, i just get the message above. I love the game and want to buy it but dont want to be faced with a long download. Can i buy the game in hard format or is there an easy solution to this?



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                  What operating system are you on?

                  The boxed version should be on the shelves within a month.


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                    It works!


                    Just thought I would post to confirm using the above worked for me, not gloating, but the DEP option did it for me. I originally had the DEP set by having the cricket.exe file excluded, but this doesn't work.



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                      Invalid Data

                      I have installed the game today and it gives me error "Invalid Data". Could you please sort it. I have also attach screen shot.
                      Attached Files


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                        That's a strange error. I'd reckon either the download or installation has corrupted.

                        I suggest uninstalling the game through the control panel and then downloading the game fresh and install it.

                        Also, can you ensure the settings mentioned at the start of this thread are enabled.


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                          yeah I have done all settings which you have mentioned. I have uninstall it and then reinstall it but error was again same.


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                            I had that error once when I tried to install on a USB drive.
                            I didn't work and that message kept coming up

                            (Just a though)

                            The continued lack of stats in ICC is not so much the elephant in the room - as the Brontosaurus in the bathtub.


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                              But i didn't install it on USB.