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    Nathan Gilchrist is Zimbabwean for some reason, should be English. Born there, thus the confusion. Changed to English now.

    Tom Lammonby still gets no games for Somerset, he played 12 T20s last season and done well. I'd expect him to be playing most t20s and OD cup matches for Somerset this season especially with the 100 borrowing some Somerset players. I've done some tweaking with him.

    Dominic Goodman at Gloucestershire is called Gus bizarrely. Fixed.

    Benny Howell at Gloucester also seems a bit underrated. He's a very handy white ball cricketer as reflected by his hundred contract but struggles a bit in game. I've investigated and I feel his ability matches to real life.

    Miles Hammond I feel should also be an aggressive batsman, as a Gloucestershire fan I actually suspect he will struggle in D1 as his technique is very loose (I suspect our top 3 would have been Dent, Bracey, Pujara) but conversely his aggressive style suits white ball cricket very well. Tempted to say Bracey should be an opener as well based on him finishing the season there and Pujara coming in to play at 3.

    I don't think Hammond can go aggressive until his SRs get better. HIs 20 Over SR is good, but FC and OD (albeit only 8 matches) are low. As a combination of SRs, average is fair.
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      Not 100% sure on this but I'm sure someone here will be able to feed back:

      Can anyone confirm if Jhye Richardson actually does bat left-handed? Wisden has him as a LHB but everywhere else I've looked has him as RHB. Currently LHB in game

      Updated to RHB.
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        Any update on android release? Days or weeks?


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          Muralidharan Gautam (Goa) and Abrar Kazi have both been arrested for fixing charges. Should they be retired from the game?


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            Hi Sureshot - I've let you know elsewhere, but wil post here anyway.

            Tom Latham, Kane Williamson, Henry Nicholls and BJ Watling all play spin well, so I think their preferences should be as follows, if they're not already as such:

            Latham - slight pace preference
            Williamson - no preference
            Hicholls - slight pace preference
            Watling - slight pace preference


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              Originally posted by MateGaming View Post
              Not 100% sure on this but I'm sure someone here will be able to feed back:

              Can anyone confirm if Jhye Richardson actually does bat left-handed? Wisden has him as a LHB but everywhere else I've looked has him as RHB. Currently LHB in game
              I can confirm that he bats right-handed, I’ll be sure to get that fixed. Thanks, I hadn’t noticed that before!


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                Originally posted by Sureshot View Post

                Bowler speeds are:
                RF > RMF > RFM > RM

                Hi Nigel,

                Roughly where would you say the bowling speeds diverge mph wise?

                RF - 90mph+
                RMF - 83 - 90mph
                RFM - 75- 82mph
                RM - 74mph and below

                Does that look reasonable?


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                  Here's my feedback to update some Bangladeshi players:
                  • Aminul Islam should be changed as a bowling allrounder instead of a Batsman. He bats lower order now just like a bowler. Changed to all-rounder.
                  • Rishad Hossain from Opening batsman/allrounder to bowler. Changed to bowler
                  • Ebadat Hossain doesnt bat with left hand but right hand, He is one of the quickest of the current Bangladeshi seamers, so change him to RMF. Changed to RMF and RHB.
                  • Hasan Mahmud RM to RMF, He's known for his speed in Bangladesh team. This emerging pacer can bowl around 140 kmh consistently. I watched his BPL matches this year. Changed to RMF.
                  • Saif Hassan LM to right hand Offspin, He is a part time bowler and bowl offbreaks. Changed to OB
                  • Mehedi Hasan(born 12/12/94) change him from opening batsman/allrounder to lower-middle order allrounder. His batting positions should be 8(ODI), 7(FC) and 3(T20). Also change his name to "Mahedi Hasan" to not confuse with other Mehedi Hasans. Changed to all-rounder
                  • Yasir Ali should be a Middle order batsman(number 4 in all format) not Opener. Changed
                  • Mominul Haque aggression should be average aggression and not aggressive. Changed
                  • Shamsur Rahman plays mostly as middle order batsman nowdays. Not opened in at least 2 years. Changed.
                  • Jahurul Islam bats in the middle and lower-middle order in T20. Can't change an opener to just middle-order in 20 Over.
                  • Sabbir Rahman is aggressive and not average aggression. Strike Rates support average aggression, not aggressive.
                  • Mohammad Ashraful bowls offbreaks more than legbreaks. Changed
                  • Mehedi Hasan(born 1/1/97) LM to LFM, he has more speed than a medium pacer and was a good performer in BPL this year. Also change his name to "Mehedi Hasan Rana" to not confuse with other Mehedi hasans. Changed to LFM.
                  • Mehedi Hasan(born 25/10/97), change his name to "Mehedy Hasan Miraz" to not confuse with other Mehedi Hasans.
                  • Nahid Hasan RMF to RFM. Changed
                  • Alauddin Babu RMF to RFM. Changed
                  • Mohammad Shahid RMF to RFM. Changed
                  • Mukhtar Ali RMF to RM.Changed
                  • Al Amin Hossain RMF to RFM. He lacks speed. Changed
                  • Mehedi Hasan(born 20/01/2002) RMF to RFM ( I dont think this 18 years old has that much speed). Changed to RFM.
                  Basically, most domestic fast bowlers in Bangladesh are RFM/LFM or RM/LM, so remove others who have RMF/LMF to RFM/LFM or RM/LM except Shoriful Islam, Taskin Ahmed, Khaled Ahmed, Abul Hasan, Ebadat Hossain, Hasan Mahmud and Rubel Hossain who are legit RMF/LMF.

                  Also add all players from Bangladesh under 19 team that won the world cup, I know most of them are already in the game but a few of them are missing:

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                    Feedback for some NZ players
                    Daryl Mitchell has moved from Northern Districts to Canterbury
                    Jeet Raval has moved from Auckland to Northern Districts
                    Finn Allen has moved from Auckland to Wellington
                    Tom Blundell should only be an opener in Test/FC, he doesn't open in limited-overs for either Wellington or New Zealand
                    Daryl Mitchell should be an RM, not RFM, he bowls in the mid-120kmh range
                    Stephen Murdoch has retired from all forms of the game and should be removed
                    Leo Carter should be a middle-order bat in all formats, not an opener, he batted 5 for Canterbury last season
                    Blair Tickner should be an RMF, not RF, he bowls in the high 130kmh range
                    Ben Lister should be an LFM, not LM, he bowls in the low 130kmh range



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                      ZH8 I was gonna mention these things. Also you are right about current U19 Batch. I'm not saying this because they won the U19 world cup but because I have been following these lads for a long time and I have never seen a U19 batch this much perfect. Each one of them is a performer . Specially Tanzid Hasan Tamim, Mahmudul Hasan Joy, Towhid Hridoy, Akbar Ali, Shamim Patwari,Mrittunjoy Chowdhury,Shoriful Islam, Tanjim Hasan Shakib,Rokibul Islam these guys will play international cricket very soon. I was quite disappointed that none of them except Hridoy and Shoriful made it to international cricket in CC19. I hope this time around It's different. By the way Tanjim Hasan and Mrittunjoy is also fast as Shoriful so they should be RMF and LMF respectively


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                        Could we get Calum MacLeod added to the available players at the start of the game please Nigel?

                        Added to available list.
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                          Izatullah Dawlatzai seems to have come out of retirement to play for Germany - down as retired AFG in game. Controversial to change him as only two other German's in database. Michael Richardson (former Durham) is also involved with Germany in recent years if he's in game, might be worth changing.

                          Both playing international cricket, have moved Dawlatzai to Germany and RIchardson back to the game and is now German.
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                            Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm going to go through this thread tomorrow. Been busy doing bits for the iOS build today.


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                              Sureshot any news on android release?


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                                Originally posted by Cricstarz View Post
                                Sureshot any news on android release?
                                None at the moment, MIke and Charles are ironing out some issues with the new build process and then we'll be good to go.