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  • Originally posted by Springbok 1970 View Post
    Hi Sureshot, I just want to run something by you. On 8/12/2020, you messaged me re: Chris Wilkins, that you can`t be an All Rounder/ Wicket Keeper. My question is, can he be an Occasional WK/ All rounder?
    Hi, no, I'm afraid he can't be any type of keeper and an all-rounder.


    • Thank-you Sureshot, quickest reply


      • This is absolutely crazy how SO OFTEN the game is down. I mean, what can be the problem that the Internet Game does not work? It isn't like they're updates happening so often that the server needs to be down!????


        • Originally posted by Top_Cat View Post
          Cam Valente is anything but Very Defensive with the bat, even if he comes off maybe once a season and is six bait with the ball. His Strike Rates are very low, whilst he may be aggressive, if he's not connecting with the ball, then he can't be classed higher on an aggression scale which is linked to Strike Rates not how much they swing the bat.
          Right you are. Turns out it was just the two tons he scored that made me think he's aggressive when, even then, only one of them was at a S/R better than 100.

          Originally posted by Top_Cat View Post
          Cam Ferguson has been slapping the pill in Australia and England for many seasons now and plays all three forms. Now he's retired maybe the point is moot but I'd rate him above Average aggression. Do you mean Cameron White? His Strike Rates aren't great in his recent years.
          No I meant Ferguson but, as I said, he's retired so who cares, really.


          • A couple of other changes to the DB for Ireland next time around.

            1) I've updated the surnames list
            2) There was a bit of an issue with too many RM regen bowlers/all-rounders, this is resolved for the next update.

            These two changes will only apply to new saves after the update has released.


            • Hi Sureshot,

              I just wanted to give my player feedback for the Aussie players that are performing in the BBL

              - Jake Weatherald I think he could do with a minor upgrade, he is good in the game but he has been performing really well lately

              - Mitch Swepson is underrated (I have noticed you have mentioned that he will get an upgrade)

              - Mark Steketee could use a minor upgrade, he is good in the game but he has been great this season

              - Xavier Bartlett I think he is underrated, I know his young but he has been playing really well this season and deserves an upgrade

              - Ben McDermott deserves an upgrade, I think his underrated as his been playing very well this season, I also think he could be upgrade to average style from defensive

              - Jake Fraser-McGurk deserves an upgrade, his only young but he has been performing well

              - Mackenzie Harvey deserves an minor upgrade.

              - Oliver Davies I know his only played a couple of games but looks like good prospect so I think he deserves a little upgrade

              - Tanveer Sanga his played a great first season and just got selected by Australia for the 20/20 series, I think he deserves an upgrade

              - Daniel Sams is good in the game, I just think he needs an upgrade with batting as I've noticed in game he struggles to score runs

              - Will Pucovski needs an upgrade, his 2nd XI 3 day average is on 37.

              - Pat Cummins i feel needs to be better than Mitchell Starc in game, Ive noticed that Starc is better than Cummins in game.

              I know a lot of my focus is on the younger players being improved. Just wanted to give my opinion on the players I've come across.



              • Originally posted by lachiehunter View Post
                - Ben McDermott deserves an upgrade, I think his underrated as his been playing very well this season, I also think he could be upgrade to average style from defensive
                I actually came on to say the same. His career strike rates may be low but 59 in the Sheffield shield this season and 139 in the Big Bash. He's been superb. 6th highest run scorer in both.


                • faheem ashraf And azam khan’s batting need improving.
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                  • Just hoping Ryan Harrison and other new NZ FC cricketers can be added


                    • Hi Nigel,

                      Will any database feedback in here be picked up for CC21? Or is it best to wait now?


                      • Either way some feedback for the 2021 database:

                        Arron Lilley's batting is probably a touch too strong in first class cricket but too weak in t20s. I'd say he should be 20% weaker in the former and 20% stronger in the latter.

                        Miles Hammond and Adam Hose are fine in first class where both are somewhere between poor and average but I think both should be stronger in limited overs batting, Hammond should definitely be better than Hankins. Ed Pollock could also be a bit better in t20 batting as could Graham Clark.

                        Callum Parkinson's first class bowling is fine but his economy rate should be better in limited overs cricket where he is handy in real life.

                        Jordan Cox could be strengthened batting wise.

                        The AI seems to pick Craig Thurston a lot for Northants but he's consistently very poor in terms of batting.

                        I feel Tom Lammonby's batting still needs a boost though his bowling could be nerfed. I think he's primarily a batsman and a useful t20 bowler. Currently in game he seems a stronger bowler.

                        Daniel Moriarty could do with a bowling boost.

                        Ed Barnes is in reality more of a bowling all rounder so could be strengthened a touch bowling wise.
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                        • Also seen Jeremy Lawler was in the Irish A squad that played Bangladesh so may need a nationality change.


                          • Feedback for CC2021 in regards to NZ players: (sorry it's rather a lot )


                            Lockie Ferguson isn't V.Def in real life I think - maybe Def? I'd prefer Ave or above though SRs aren't there I guess.

                            Danru Ferns should be Def or Ave bat probably.

                            As said above, Ryan Harrison should be added.

                            Kyle Jamieson is MF IMO.

                            Raj Majithia's 2nd XI records shouldn't be nearly that good.

                            Colin Munro should bowl a bit more, same with Mark Chapman.

                            Robbie O'Donnell should be RM. Not AR probably, but has bowled a fair bit lately.

                            Glenn Phillips shouldn't be full-time keeper, should probably be all-rounder. Part-time keeper who bowls a bit but isn't officially an AR? Is that an option? Maybe not OD opener either.

                            Sean Solia is opener in all formats now.

                            Ross ter Braak should be buffed in both batting and bowling. He's almost an AR, his batting might not be quite there.

                            Northern Districts:

                            Boult should probably be Agg bat (V.Agg doesn't really go with his SRs, I see). Probably strong leg side player as well.

                            Joe Carter should be FC no. 4, not sure about the other formats. Should probably be no. 3 in LA/T20, but not sure.

                            Henry Cooper should bowl more than he does now, but probably not all-rounder.

                            Matthew Fisher is RF or almost RF.

                            BJ Watling is OS rather than RM.

                            Don't think that Williamson fits as T20 opener.

                            Central Districts:

                            Josh Clarkson should be RM all-rounder.

                            George Worker might fit better as Ave aggression.


                            Buff Finn Allen's batting, at least in LO. Should definitely be V.Agg - I notice he's been changed to Ave but that's not nearly enough IMO,

                            Jeremy Benton plays Wellington club cricket now, and shouldn't be Canterbury anymore.

                            Jakob Bhula should be all-rounder (or at least bowl occasionally). Had success with ball in matches just below FC level.

                            Tom Blundell is RM I think.

                            I think Devon Conway is an OS rather than RM.

                            Luke Georgeson should be all-rounder (or at least bowl occasionally). FM I think, though maybe M. Also should be V.Def bat.

                            Jimmy Neesham is MF IMO.

                            Jeetan Patel I think should be retired fully.

                            I kind of don't like how I've been able to play Ben Sears as a stonewalling opening bat, but nothing looks wrong with his batting. I'd like him as an RF, but he's probably in the middle between MF and F.

                            Logan van Beek should be V.Agg, maybe should be buffed as a bat.

                            Peter Younghusband should probably be Def.


                            Benton shouldn't be Canterbury.

                            Leo Carter is better as an Ave bat probably.

                            Harry Chamberlain should be added as no. 3 bat.

                            Cameron Fletcher is Ave as well.

                            Ken McClure is FC no. 3, LA/T20 opener.

                            Henry Nicholls FC no. 4.

                            Fraser Sheat isn't that good as a bat.

                            Will Williams should be RM - keepers often stand up at the stumps to him.

                            Theo van Woerkom should be buffed as a bat to almost an AR. I'm just basing that he's underrated off his 2nd XI record - let me know if 2nd XI isn't very accurate in that regard.


                            Mark Craig should probably be retired.

                            Jacob Duffy should be MF rather than FM. Probably works better as an Agg bat as well.

                            Anaru Kitchen should be all-rounder and FC opener.

                            Josh Finnie should be all-rounder (or at least bowl occasionally) and has signalled intention to not play FC cricket, so marking retired there is best IMO.

                            Ben Lockrose should be buffed as a bat to almost an AR, very similar player overall to Freddy Walker and Theo van Woerkom.

                            Mitch McClennaghan probably should be buffed as a bat.

                            Angus McKenzie should be AR. He scored a century at 6 for Otago A.

                            Michael Rae is not Def. V.Agg IMO.

                            Mitch Renwick should probably only be part-time keeper, and I think he's a no. 3 in all formats.

                            I think a lot of tail-ender's SRs are being underestimated, especially considering players go slower at the start of their innings.

                            Just wondering - are the 2nd XI stats from real life or they simmed?

                            And should 12th men for domestic sides be added in anticipation of a call up? (Nick Greenwood, Wellington FC MOB, LO opener, OS pt bowler; Adi Ashok, future talent Auckland LS bowler and no. 10 bat)


                            • Rabada is a little overrated
                              Rizwan is horrible in the game. Needs a major upgrade


                              • Ireland
                                Graham Kennedy has started bowling SLA this year from what i've seen in the Irish 50 over competition streams
                                George Dockrell this year batted 4/5 for Leinster and Ireland A with scores of 51*, 100* and 34 if i can make the case to change him to all rounder again haha.
                                Stephen Doheny appears to have started keeping this year for North West Warriors
                                Jeremy Lawlor played for Ireland A this winter in the England data base as it stands so looks to have switched allegiances to Ireland
                                PJ Moor Gary Wilson suggested PJ wanting to play for Ireland was previously muted few years ago don't think anythings 100% confirmed however
                                Ruhan Pretorius played for Ireland A this winter in the South African data base as it stands so looks to have switched allegiances to Ireland
                                Graham Hume played for Ireland A this winter in the South African data base as it stands so looks to have switched allegiances to Ireland.

                                Players in the domestic squads announced with some names missing as they stand from database (couple of overseas). Presume the above will be updated for 2021 database