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    Some great ideas in this thread. Just thought I'd cut and paste some thoughts I made in last year's forum:

    1) I think player regeneration is a key issue for playing long saves and the main thing I'd love to see changed. Perhaps we could make all regen players youth teamers (aged 16-19) and develop it so that improvement is much more gradual. In that way players will slowly grow into becoming international class players and the timeframe would seem more realistic. Weaker nations with more limited resources might select such players earlier but England, Australia, India and so on will probably not select them until 4-5 seasons after they have played domestic cricket. The odd freak - like Amir - might be ready to play top level cricket at 17 but this should be very rare in the game. Some nice additions this year but if the database contained more real-life young players (at least the full squads for the U-19 WC, for instance) it would negate the need for too many regen players too quickly.

    2) The setting of board or club targets and the possibility of getting sacked seems to me a very simple way to improve the longevity, realism and competitive edge of the game.

    3) It's clear that, nowadays at least, groundsmen prepare pitches to suit home teams in international cricket as well as domestic cricket. When playing as a test nation you should probably have some input into what pitches you would like when playing at home.

    4) Playing as an international team at home you should also be able to have knowledge of the pitch and weather conditions before you pick your 12 man team for a test match. Currently in the game, home nations are actually at a disadvantage compared to touring teams because their squad is that much smaller - this is odd because in reality home nations benefit from the knowledge and resources of playing at home. For example, if you only have room for one spinner in your 12 player selection but then end up playing on a spinning pitch the touring team (which has 15 or 18 players to choose from) can select two spinners. A very simple alternative would be to allow you to select a 15 man squad for every game.

    5) Pitches could be rated for speed as well as bounce and turn. Quick pitches can be great for fast bowlers on day one even when the bounce is true (like many Australian wickets) whereas a slow pitch, even with variable bounce, is easier to bat on. I think this would add quite a bit to the match engine!

    6) It would be nice to have more variety in the players, especially bowlers. For example, in the game a RFM is always more likely to take wickets by swinging the ball in overcast conditions. But in reality some fast medium bowlers barely swing the ball at all and take their wickets through variations of pace, cutters and so on (Mostifizur Rahman seems to be the latest of these). The batsmen currently have preferences but the bowlers aren't differentiated at all. It would be good to have a sense of difference between different players (eg. likes to bowl yorkers, good death bowler, preference for bowling to lefties etc etc).

    7) Training is limited at the moment and its tricky to gauge its effectiveness. Maybe just a series of coach reports would be a quick fix for this and give the players more individuality - a coach report might tell you, for example, that a batsman has improved his back foot defence but is getting old and his running between the wickets has detiorated. Or perhaps the ability to select or even view net sessions? You could then have data as to how many times a player nicked off after facing 60 balls or see what other strengths and weaknesses they had against different types of bowling.



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      I'm a long, long time player of this game and I have a few thoughts:

      1) regens should be 16 and 99% should be useless to start. it's unrealistic and bad for the game that after 4/5 games someone is playing for England. it makes the game too random as if you need a good batsman and one gets generated mid way through the season that's you sorted. having a proper youth team would also mean you can focus resources on developing a player rather than getting what you're given

      2) green pitch / dampness should be a thing. even with the cloud cover element there's no real way of differentiating between a pitch the a classic English seamer would enjoy and one Mitchell Johnson would. in real life it is not only cloud cover that determines this. there could be knock on effects such as with Essex this season where previous star bowler Jesse Ryder has been rendered ineffective by dryer, less green pitches. there could maybe be ratings for dampness/pace/bounce/turn and that could give a medium pace or FM bowler a X% boost while pace and bounce would help MF and F

      3) training should be revamped. you could have where everyone has some training but the trade off is fatigue so that a young player not playing gets a lot of training but someone playing gets less training. also it should be balanced so players can improve more than one aspect at once. maybe there should be general training to get a team fitter or better at one aspect like fielding just like Pakistan at the moment

      4) wicket keeper ratings. at the moment there's no way to tell before playing a game whether a keeper is good or a butter fingers only useful for batting

      5) changing teams would revolutionise the game. make it like Cricket Captain where other leagues go on at the same time and not doing well gets you sacked but doing better means getting better offers. going the full whack and having minor counties and all that would be amazing but i understand that could be too much. being able to move between teams would be amazing though.

      small thing, but i'd like run rates and required run rates in FC matches

      finally, some players should change as they age - Fast bowlers could lose pace, part time keepers could become full time, specialists become allrounders. maybe there should be a thing where, as some players open in limited overs, some are only all rounders in limited overs

      i love the game but it has become a bit sterile without changing much each edition, i think the above would take it to the next level


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        i've got a young LS bowler. however, he's actually a SLA chinaman bowler but in the animation he spins it like a conventional SLA bowler. firstly SLC bowlers should be listed as such, and secondly the direction that they spin the ball changes how i bowl them. could I have some clarification please?



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          I agree with lots of Bearded's comments above. I suppose chinamen bowlers are quite rare but they'd be a really fun addition.

          This has been mentioned before but some more weighting to playing at home in the international game would be constructive. Australia have just lost their 8th consecutive test match in Asia. Apart from batsmen preferences (preferring pace over spin) this kind of home/away dynamic doesn't seem to come into CC. It doesn't make much difference if you playing at home or touring but the history of the gave in real life suggests its a huge factor in the outcome of matches and series.


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            1. The ability to recruit associates
            2. Character creator/editor
            3. CPL
            4. More historical scenarios, including everyone not just england


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              My suggestions (for the mobile game):

              1). TOP DOWN VIEW - maybe even a satellite / Googlemaps picture of the ground from above with 'Football Manager' type representation of activity as the game is played out

              2). SWING BOWLING - being able to suggest the bowler tries swing/reverse swing by delivery / side of ball

              3). CONFIDENCE / TEAM CONFIDENCE - team talks or training to work on mental preparation - such a massive part of the game and currently overlooked in the simulation

              4). REAL TIME / LIVE WEATHER - wouldn't it be great if an internet game could use real time / live weather for a truly immersive experience.

              5). PLAYER PHOTOGRAPHS

              6). PITCH CONDITION -more detailed information regarding the pitch and how it is playing / degrading as the game goes on, cracks etc. - a close up view of the pitch, graphically, showing degradation

              7). TRAINING OVERHAUL - refer to soccer management games such as championship manager or similar for more in depth and clear training activities

              8). APPEALS!!

              Thanks for reading, if I could pick just a few of these as my ultimate wish list it would be 1)., 3). and 8).

              Please include something about confidence/morale. Success in the game, particularly at test level is heavily dependent on mental toughness and this can be monitored and managed. Either through coaching, or on the attack side, knowing which players are more vulnerable and adding pressure. Players are picked on confidence as well as ability and both are managed separately (i.e., mental toughness and team talks vs. technique/training)

              Also, appeals are now (love it or hate it) such a large part of management so do you have plans to include them in the mobile game?


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                I think it will be great if you can distinct kind of players for eg some bowler tends to ball better with the new ball because he bowls late outswinger which can be observed from highlights , some bowler gets extra bounce , some tends to bowl cutters like McGrath and Asif , and some are just pure speed demon with reverse swinging ability all these distinction should be observed in highlights , same applies for batsmen , some just times the ball to the boundary , some uses brute force and some plays it with soft hand and prefers to keep rotating the strike.
                all these distinction should be observed in highlights and you don't necessarily had to change the animations as increasing the shot speed and delaying the timing of the shot animation just a split second to make it more like brutal shot , slowing down the shot animation would make it appear that player is playing with soft hand.​Bowling distinction will be easy to implement as all you guys need to make is to have separate bowling attributes for a bowler like outswing , inswing,off cutter , leg cutter ,bounce and pace


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                  Ability to change difficulty mid game. Easy is, well, too easy, and Id like to move up to normal


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                    Did the idea mentioned in last year's forum about pitch conditions ever get implemented? Can a pitch now improve as the game wears on for batting as opposed to deteriorating, and does each venue have different characteristics like this idea suggested? Currently weighing up whether to buy the new game.

                    Also interested as to whether there is a possibility to ever introduce reduced over games and D/L to one-day matches. Is this something that's possible?

                    Haven't played the game in a couple of years so these things may have already happened.


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                      another thing that might be useful but small is, when you load a game file, that file would move to the top of the save, so it would be easier to straight to especially for mobile users


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                        Love the game and love the whole Cricket Captain franchise - have been buying for years. The feature I hope for every year is some kind of emphasis on a career, some kind of development and responsibility in the game. If I lose, get a county relegated, I should feel under pressure. Being fired, having to move counties, taking up other job offers would revolutionise the game. I could have a terrible season at my county, be offered a job with a small international team like Scotland, build up a reputation, move back to county cricket. It's a big ask but it would add so much depth to the game.

                        Other, small features I'd like to see:

                        - More default field settings.
                        - Greater feedback from training - if I'm training a batsman in a particular skill, being able to see how they are progressing (just some kind of progress bar) would be great.
                        - Appeals - not sure how this would work with the graphics but an appeals system would be fun.
                        - As mentioned above, team confidence.
                        - Loaning players out mid-season, I have plenty of youth players sitting around, playing 2XI cricket who I'd love to be able to offer to other counties.
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                          Please Include 2 Player Game feature


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                            Current CC is with Bad look and better gameplay than old version 2010 -2014
                            After Historical Retired Players Stats ,Captains Record
                            Is my Next Dream


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                              Couple of things from my side, but I think some might have been mentioned already.
                              - Coach reports in terms of progress on training or even suggested training.
                              - Board can sack you or you could get offers from other teams. Even across different leages / nations.
                              - Maybe a scouting system could be great.


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                                It would be cool if in the English domestic system you could loan out players so they could get some experience and also to get a good indicator of their ability.