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    As the topic title says, please let us know what you'd like to see us add to the game.


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    I saw that in-game England's T20 kit is actually the blue ODI one and not the orange/red one so was wondering if you'd ever have three kits for teams that have one for each format.

    Not sure how common in the County game (and overseas domestically for the versions of the game where you can play all 3 formats for one team) but Yorkshire definitely had three last year.


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      I understand a few of these could be beyond budget/ hard to implement but thought I'd give some input

      Would like new commentary but I also understand that may be difficult on the budget, but new crowd noises? I'm used to them now but the noise hurt my head for the first 30 minutes or so

      Not a feature but the default field settings especially in ODIs are shocking and need re-visiting. Last over of the game and on fully defensive it's a 9-1 field with a short leg and a short cover? Not a fan of it being a 90's sort of defensive field with just bowling as wide as possible. Mid off and mid on very rarely seem to go back either when it's a very prolific scoring area.

      Would be nice to see the reverse sweep shot added which is now even a viable test match shot, and see fast bowlers use slower balls + slow bowlers quicker balls in the shorter formats as variation to specific bowlers who are famed for it. Maybe add a bowling option to hint to the bowler to then bowl more variety or less so you can approach the scenario better.

      Fielders attempting more run outs at the bowlers end if that is the closest side as only ever seen this happen 2-3 times over years of play. The stumping keeper animation needs tweaking a bit too as it's not smooth at all anymore, and as a similar point when players come down the wicket (I think thats what they are doing?) you can't really tell they're doing it with their footwork. Smoother running animations of batsmen between the wickets and fielders would be nice too, though not sure how difficult this could be.

      I've really enjoyed how in International selections individual formats save the last team used, so maybe we could go a step further and add a shortlist for each format? There are players I like to keep my eye on for future selection who don't merit a 12 man squad slot so if I don't select them come the next series it is all down to my memory of that player. The same sort of thing for First class careers as players to tag to follow their progress which could really help build your squad come the transfer window.

      Some extra financial control in first class would be fantastic too. Increased crowds due to bigger 20/20 signings + more sustained numbers due to first class table positions to add to the end of season budget? I've had several files that have run through 20 seasons and I've never really understood how the finances are generated. I'm not sure how you could approach this but I'd like to see ways that I can maximize that budget somehow and not feel limited by preset numbers.

      And the ability to join a new county at the end of the season

      I don't expect any of these and trying not to sound like a knob!


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        Oh and keepers need to start putting helmets on when standing up!


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          Well impressed with the new camera angles
          These are a few things I would like to see in the future :-
          1) The transfer system revamped, the ability to approach other counties/players when in the last year of their contract, and also the loan system implemented as it is being used all the time now IRL.
          2) The overseas player system needs looking at as teams are now using more than 2 overseas players during the season and most of them now play in all three formats at some stage.
          3) A bit more eye candy in the match highlights such as correctly coloured county helmets, and caps/sunhats etc worn by fielders, also would love to see players Photos back again.
          Proudly supporting Nottingham Forest and Nottinghamshire CCC.


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            Happy with the game so far, however, one aspect I think could be improved is the way bowlers abilities and skills are measured and communicated. For instance, the player could have a percentage score of how accomplished they are in aggressive bowling, defensive bowling and accuracy as this could make training more meaningful as we would know what are the player needs to improve. Could also lead to quicker player development. All in all, big fan of the new game and enjoying it a lot but small changes could still go a long way.


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              1. Man of the series feature.

              2. Improved and slightly increased speed of the spinners' bowling animations.

              3. As a captain record, of a player.

              4. Fastest 100s or 50s etc records in the records book.


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                I would like to be able to edit players' abilities before a save and be able to see other competitions stats and results (especially if your managing a national side). If a player doesn't make the national side for most of his career he should be able to be placed in other domestic competitions as a kolpak player. Loan signings and free agent (during the season) signings would be helpful as well.


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                  I'm new to this series - is the yearly release just the engine which you can update with databases in later years, or will I need to re-purchase the whole game next year if I want to play with the 2017 rosters?


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                    as previously mentioned in the 2015 forum, isn't it about time all the leagues ran alongside each other simultaneously?

                    also its time to start implementing player attributes into this game. for nearly the best part of two decades its been limited to nothing but a few preferences for batsman and nothing else. player happiness and morale would also be great, depending on the amount of first team exposure etc.

                    a proper transfer system as mentioned above.

                    the game engine has come on plenty. I remember the days of playing ICC2000 and bowling dominating batting to an annoying degree.


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                      I was wondering to have a graphic where the wicket keeper throws the ball in the air when he catches it and maybe with the fast bowler, to have something else rather than that chest pumping thing the game has had for years ?


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                        Under the Tournamen/ All time great series i was wondering if some players may be added under Australia ?
                        1. Kepler Wessels
                        2. John Dyson.
                        3. Graeme Wood.
                        4. Ray Bright.

                        Just because i really enjoy playing as the eighties era and Australia seems to be missing a few openers.


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                          I think with so many good historical scenarios if say the World Cup 1983 or South African Rebel tours would be able to be added?


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                            If there could be one domestic comp could be added i would choose the Caribbean Premier League.