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    Hopefully we bring the DRS into play shortly. Will add another realistic feature to the game. It’s a must add in my opinion


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      New Zealand Feedback

      Will Williams has signed with Lancashire for 3 years
      Angus McKenzie has signed with Canterbury
      Quinn Sunde (wk) has signed with Auckland
      Dean Foxcroft has signed with Otago
      Michael Rippon should be NZ nationality

      These have all been done.
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        Any news on when the next database update will be released?


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          Is there any chance of new south Africa t20 league added to game after squads? Can't wait for reply


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            Aaron Finch has retired from FC's. I can link the article if I'm allowed to? Found it and retired him from FC/Test.
            Cameron Gannon should be down as Australian, still plays domestically. Changed
            James Pattinson should be down as retired from all international cricket. Done

            Harry Came, Tom Wood, Alex Thomson & George Scrimshaw have 2 year contracts until the end of 2023 rather than a 1 year deal
            Tom Wood is unavailable and should be down as such until at least the start of August if not the whole season.
            Ben Aitchison signed a contract extension until the end of 2024 back in March but is currently down as on a 1 year deal
            Michael Cohen has been injured all season so far and should be down as such.
            Liam Trevaskis has a 2 year deal rather than a 1 year deal
            Jack Campbell was released by Durham the other month
            Mark Wood should be down as injured for the whole season, and possibly past the T20 WC too He is for the next update.
            Eddie Byrom bowls legspin now
            Joe Cooke should be batting in the middle order in limited overs cricket Changed to FC/OD only opener (can't do just FC opener.
            Glenn Phillips doesn't open in T20s and he should be bowling a lot more then he currently does. Changed
            Mohammad Abbas & Ben Brown needs a significant nerf in selection in the white ball formats for Hampshire, especially T20s
            Luke Wells should be an allrounder and shouldn't open in T20s either. Changed to FC/OD opener all rounder.
            George Bell bowls legspin, he bowled a little in the U19 World Cup. Changed
            Sam Evans bowls right arm offspin. Changed
            Josh de Caires bowls right arm offspin & should either be a batting all-rounder or bowl a lot more than he currently does as a semi-regular bowler. Changed to OB.
            Pieter Malan should be unavailable in the game until July as his visa was only sorted out recently
            Joe Cracknell should be a pure batsman or an occasional keeper at best, he doesn't keep regularly at club level and I don't believe has ever done so at any Middlesex level.He kept when Simpson was with England.
            Mujeeb Ur Rahman should be removed from Middlesex as he was unable to play for them due to a visa issue.
            Blake Cullen should be down as injured in CC22 as he's unlikely to be fit until late August and has played very few games where he would usually be a regular. Should also be a RMF rather than a RFM. Changed to RMF.
            Rob Keogh should be an allrounder, this season so far he's bowled the 2nd most overs for Northants in the Championship (216) & has got the 2nd most wickets with 20 at an average of 29.65 with an economy of 2.75 to go with it and a decent strike rate of 64.6 Changed
            Haseeb Hameed doesn't open in T20s and bats at 3 in the 2nd XI Now only FC/OD opener.
            Steven Mullaney hasn't opened in years Spent most of his career opening in FC, changed to FC/OD only opener all rounder.
            Fateh Singh should be an allrounder Mostly batted at 9/10 for the U19s, will leave as bowler for now.
            Sonny Baker should be down as injured in the game, he's still injured having not recovered from the back injury that caused him to miss the U19 World Cup. He'll have a season long injury in game for next update.
            Ben Geddes should be average aggression in FC's and either average aggression or aggressive in limited overs, he's just taken some time to adjust but his List A strike rate and his 51 strike rate during his century against Kent is more like him.
            Tom Curran isn't injured in-game but should be until at least July, as he is being eased back from a back injury, playing his first 2 games of the season in the T20s batting at 3 and not bowling, scoring 36 in the Quarter Final vs Yorkshire.
            Ali Orr should be an opener in all 3 formats and should be changed to defensive in FC's and average aggression if not higher in the limited overs.
            George Garton should be out until the T20s start as he has been suffering with the effects of long covid.
            Jack Carson has been out injured all season so far with a injury (back if I remembered correctly)
            Ollie Robinson should be marked down as injured until at least August as he has only played 3 games this season and barely bowling in that due to a variety of injury & fitness issues.
            Chris Woakes should be down as injured for much longer than 10 weeks. He should also be a much better bowler average & economy wise in limited overs cricket, especially ODIs where he tends to be quite expensive in both.
            Ben Cox should be the regular keeper (one of the best in the country) and in the XI over Roderick in all formats. Roderick is nowhere near as important as Cox is to Worcestershire.
            I believe Moeen Ali & Adil Rashid should still be retired from FC's (but not tests, in the same way Rashid was in previous editions) as they aren't playing red ball cricket and are on white ball only deals.
            Harry Duke should be the regular keeper for Yorkshire not Tattersall. Duke is very underrated in both batting & keeping in game whilst Tattersall is very overrated. Ben Birkhead (3rd choice if not lower) is missing also, he's still on their player profiles page on their website.
            Tom Loten should be an allrounder & possibly James Wharton too.
            Gary Ballance should be unavailable for much longer in CC22, until August at least, as he currently comes back too soon in the game. Been playing some 2nd XI recently.

            Ambati Rayudu is joining Baroda, and is expected to play Ranji Trophy as well so should be unretired from the format. Done
            Deepak Chahar should be out injured until mid August. He hasn't played a game this year but is aiming to make the tour to Zimbabwe.
            Smit Patel is still down as Indian when he should be American in CC22
            Wriddhiman Saha has joined Tripura for this season, as he has left Bengal after a falling out with them, and he has received his NOC to allow him to move teams. Changed

            Shahid Afridi retired back in Feb
            Hammad Azam left last year for the USA
            Mohammad Hafeez retired from T20Is at the start of the year.
            Usman Shinwari (1/1/02 Northern) is the same player as the Usman Shinwari (1/5/94) who is down with KPK but should be with Northern. Shinwari should also be retired from FC's & Tests as he retired back in November to try and prolong his career

            Dean Foxcroft shouldn't be a free agent and should be with Otago, he has got his contract back as he will be able to come back into the country.
            Michael Rippon's nationality should be New Zealand now after being called up into their squad as he is now able to travel out of the country after being unable to for a while (same reason as why Foxcroft wasn't able to come in).
            Will Williams should be changed to English nationality as he has signed a 3 year deal with Lancashire as a local player due to his British passport.

            Kamil Mishara will possibly be banned for one year by SLC but I'm not sure if it's actually been confirmed yet or not, but he hasn't been in any squad since being sent home mid-tour.
            Kusal Perera is out with a shoulder injury and could miss the World Cup Added his injury, seems ot have been injured for ages.
            Ahan Wickramsinghe's batting is quite underrated in FC's & LA's

            Tarisai Musukanda should be down as unavailable for the whole 2022/23 season as he was arrested on culpable homicide charges. I don't know anything about how Zimbabwe's case is but I think it's fair to rule him out for most of the season. He played matches after being charged.

            Shakib Al Hasan is now the Test captain
            Shahadat Hossain (former international bowler) is missing, he played in June 2021 He's retired.

            William Porterfield & Peter Chase retired from all cricket not just international cricket.
            Rory Anders retired from interpro cricket back in May, a few days after playing his last game. There wasn't much mention of it really, just a brief mention in a newspaper article. I can dig it up if you need proof.
            Will Smale should be back in the database, currently playing 2nd XI cricket & at uni in England/Wales. He should also be average aggression in red ball cricket

            I think some captains may need updating, such as Haines for Sussex & Parkinson for Leicestershire in FC's, amongst others I've forgotten about. Some captains such as Parkinson aren't even selected as regulars in the side their captaining
            Also quite a lot of players from countries such as Sri Lanka and Afghanistan aren't playing any domestic games if they're not with a club.
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              Originally posted by muzzy View Post
              Any news on when the next database update will be released?
              The aim is to get the next update out in time for the start of the 100.


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                Originally posted by giantshank View Post

                Not yet. But should be out sometime next month. Will you release an update when it happens? Or will this be only next version?
                If we know the formats exactly, then we might be able to. Sometimes the formats aren't always obvious until the season actually starts, this is why the Ind 20 over league is in 2 groups (will be in 1 group in next patch), as when we set that up the resources were suggesting they would be as 2 groups.


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                  Originally posted by CardboardBox View Post
                  Morgan Topping: Batting between 3-6 domestically, not bowling. Looking at his U-19 record, I think all-rounder is fair. I've changed him to that now.

                  I play alongside Morgan for Waringstown CC and he is a good friend. He is a batsman and very much part-time spinner, recently has started to open the innings in the shorter formats to get into the Knights
                  Thanks, I've changed him to opener in OD/20 over and middle order in FC.


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                    Originally posted by Hilal8844554499 View Post
                    Is there any chance of new south Africa t20 league added to game after squads? Can't wait for reply
                    If we know competition format, yes. I'm keen to update it, but we have to know what to update it with. There's been some news on this recently, hopefully we will know in the near future.


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                      Ranji trophy set to return to old format, you can add CC 2021 indian domistic schedule, full schedule maybe release late.

                      West Indies 20 over league has changed semi finals to playoffs this year. Game have still semi finals.
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                        Originally posted by muzzy View Post
                        Tom Banton needs to be improved in the next database update, never gets picked by Somerset and is also poor with the bat.
                        Looks to be playing in my saves. His ability is fair, he's had a tough couple of years, slightly better this year, but still not really setting strong data to push for a boost.


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                          Matt Fisher seems underrated on the game, averaging 27.5 with the ball in real life in First Class cricket and has played Test cricket but has averaged around 40 three years into my save and is never selected in my first team by AI at the start of the season

                          I feel his ability is fair currently.
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                            I think Roman Walker could have his batting improved a bit. Cymru confirmed he's a bowling all rounder after an excellent 50 on debut and average of 90 for the seconds. Perhaps he should be a bowler who is a very useful bat on the cusp of all rounder.

                            Ed Barnes seems bang on with the bat however his bowling may need a tiny nudge. In game ive seen the AI pick him 7 CC games in a row at 7 and only bowl him for 2 overs. I don't think he's a great bowler and Leicestershire have a poor attack but I don't think he's worse than Walker or Davis. I'd rank their bowlers in 4 day:

                            Wright - Still good.
                            Parkinson - good.
                            Mulder - Underperforming but as a test bowler clearly not awful.
                            Mike - Hideously inconsistent and sometimes frighteningl expensive but improving all the time.

                            A big gap.

                            Ackermann - Mostly white ball but capable.
                            Ahmed - Unknown quantity but great in white ball.
                            Steel - White ball only really.
                            Davis/Walker/Barnes - Much of a muchness and not great but at least recognisable as bowlers. Would probably put Scriven in here too, been injured but when fit good for seconds. All these guys should average 35-40 in my opinion with Walker and Scriven perhaps having potential to creep down to 30-35. I actually think Barnes may be a better bat than he is a bowler.
                            Griffiths/A.Evans - Terrible
                            Hendricks - Awful this season, genuinly awful.
                            Bowley - Unknown, is ok for seconds.


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                              Abdullah Shafiq and Mohammad Huraira need their abilities nerfed, both are too good in the game.

                              Nerfed Huraira, I'm going to leave Shafiq as he's done well in Tests so far.
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                                The game too hard can you make a super easy mode for me so I stop sucking