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    Before you do anything else, please ensure you've read this below. I'm repeating this, as it is very important, hopefully showing you some of our calculations you will better understand how players should be rated..

    All aggression rates are now determined directly from data using a player’s strike rate. We no longer have aggression categories, so the aggression ratings you see are an indication to give a quick assessment and are based on the strike rate. For the first class cricket this is directly taken from the data. For OD/T20 players we take a weighted average based on their strike rate in OD and T20 matches. Some players have changes to weight their FC strike rate based on the OD/T20 strike rate if their aggression would be a long way apart in each category.

    For first class cricket, the strike rate indicator is based (roughly) on:

    > 63% very aggressive
    < 63% aggressive
    < 56% normal
    < 50% defensive
    < 45% very defensive

    For OD and T20 cricket the Strike rate is a combination of OD and T20. There are weightings based on the lower range of strike rate multiples from the average in T20 of 126% compared to OD (average strike rate 83%).

    Please post database feedback in here. As much detail the better.

    Bowling speeds are RM > RFM > RMF > RF.

    We have new opener types, we can now have

    - FC & OD only openers
    - FC & OD only opener all-rounders

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    Moeen Ali and Adil Rashid are available for test selection, both are retired from tests in the current patch. Changed.

    Players that should be retired from first class cricket:
    Chris Green
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      Tasmania: Nick Davis bowls right arm pace, rfm in particular. He is also a Right Handed Bat in real life, happens to be Left Handed in game. Changed.
      Silk no longer happens to open in FC cricket, he used to. But it is now Jewell and Ward up top.

      NSW: Riley Ayre is contracted to NSW while he doesn't have a contract in real life.

      Glamorgan: Daniel Douthwaite has seven wickets in 28 overs in the blast this season, he's just a batter in the game, I believe he's at least a batting all-rounder if not a All-Rounder. Agreed and changed.
      Andrew Salter isn't really a opener, he's a makeshift opener with Eddie Byrom out, now that Byrom is back, he's back down the order. Makeshift or not, I do feel he could do a job opening as he's played there this season. Whilst he may not again.
      Sam Northeast doesn't seem good in game, it might just be poor form, but can you have a look. I feel his rating is fair, he's had a poor couple of years. Possibly settling in at Glamorgan, so may change in future.

      Middlesex: Nathan Sowter's on a loan deal to Durham that could possibly be permanent, if moving him isn't an option, his contract length should be down to 1 year. Lets see how this pans out for the next few weeks.

      Sussex: I believe Tom Clark needs a slight buff with and ball considering how he's going this season. His rating is fair with the ball. Improved with the bat.

      Saqib Mahmood's picked up a similar injury to Matt Fisher and should be out accordingly. Okay, fixed an issue with his injury code.
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        Originally posted by muzzy View Post
        Players that should be retired from first class cricket:
        Chris Green
        Disagree that Chris Green should be retired. He often plays 2nd XI red ball cricket, and played a match just last year in both England and Australia, but just hasn't found a team to take him on unfortunately. Same reason he hasn't played List A matches in a few years either.


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          Will Young should probably be an opener Changed
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            Moving over my comment from the bug thread so its in the correct place:


            Ross Adair is a bowler in game. In real life he is a batting all-rounder, who sometimes opens the batting and often doesn't bowl at all. Changed

            Nathan McGuire is a batsman in game, but IRL does also bowl occasionally (more for Ireland U19s, as his domestic team is full of bowling options), he's still young so will bowl more as his career develops Changed

            A Hickey's first name is Adam (Adam Garrett Hickey to avoid confusion with Durham cricketer who is also Adam Hickey) Ha, good to know they aren't the same.

            Tyrone Kane is a bowler in game, but an all-rounder IRL (bats at 3 for Munster) Changed

            Mark Adair is a bowler in game, but an all-rounder IRL (bats at 5 for Northern Knights, scored a 100 the other week) Changed

            Gavin Hoey is also an allrounder, scores a lot of runs at lower levels and will bat more prominently for his interpro team in future. Scored a T20 hundred in a Universities match (Irish Unis vs Cambridge) this week. Changed

            Rory Anders probably should not be RF, he's not that quick, maybe even RFM would be more accurate. Dropped to RMF for now.
            Conor Olphert, who is RFM needs a speed increase. He's a big, quick, Boyd Rankin-esque bowler who can hit about 85mph Changed to RMF.

            The following have played Interpro cricket this year/last year, but are not in the game: Cade Carmichael Added, Jamie Grassi Has he played any cricket in Ireland since playing for Italy in October? I can't find anything, Cormac Hassett Was in the DB, but with wrong country. Now fixed., Ruhan Pretorius Same as Hassett.

            PJ Moor is switching to Ireland, but is still with Zimbabwe in game (will be playing for Ireland Wolves next week) Changed

            Also playing for Wolves but not in game: Philippus Le Roux Added (and Cade Carmichael)
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              Wells has been delisted by Adelaide Strikers Done

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                I have played a few saves now and these players need improving:
                Rehan Ahmed Done well in the U19 WC, having a good season with Leics. Will improve.
                Danial Ibrahim He's a young player, he'll be good in same saves, bad in others. In his career so far he's shown some promise, but not setting the game on fire yet.
                Tim david He's at the same level as Bairstow and Buttler in the game, that's fair.
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                  Observational after a few saves:
                  Khawaja needs a boost, Puckowski skills to be reduced slightly Both abilities are fair.
                  Sam's need a boost for T20 HIs ability is fair. Having a poor season with Essex, his last couple of years have been week.
                  Zazai needs boost for T20 Which Zazai? There are 6 Afg cricketers with Zazai surname. 2 have played International.
                  Farooqi needs boost Fair call, have improved.
                  Naib needs boost in ODI I've tweaked his ODI selection, his ability is fair.
                  Shakib needs boost in batting overall across all formats His form with the bat has been poor since his return. His ability is fair.
                  Ebadot Hossain needs boost in Tests Tweaked his Test selection
                  Khaled Ahmed needs boost in Tests Tweaked his Test selection
                  Lees need a boost in Tests Slightly tweaked
                  Anderson needs to opening bowler His ability is fair, if someone is taking the new ball instead of him, can you tell me who?
                  Mills need boost in T20 His ability is fair
                  Willey needs boost in ODI His ability is fair
                  Stokes batting position to be higher in T20 & bowling nerf Bowling ability is fair.
                  Rath skills to be reduced Have reduced
                  Chahar (Deepak) needs boost Fair call, have improved.
                  ​​​​Thakur needs a boost Very well rated in game. I've tweaked his Test selection.
                  NEW ZEALAND
                  Wagner needs a boost in Tests Ability is fair, have tweaked Test AI pick.
                  Sodhi needs a boost in T20 Ability is fair, have tweaked 20 over int AI pick.
                  SOUTH AFRICA
                  Erwee needs boost in Tests Only played a couple of Tests, he's a backup Test opener, isn't he?
                  Shamsi needs boost in T20 and ODI Ability is fair, have tweaked his AI pick selection.
                  Rabada opening bowler across all formats I've nerfed Stuurman who was too good. Again, if someone is taking new ball instead of him, I need to know who.
                  SRI LANKA
                  Vishwa Fernando needs boost in Tests Tweaked his AI pick
                  Theekshana needs boost in T20 Tweaked his AI pick
                  Shanaka needs boost in T20 and ODI Tweaked his AI pick and improved with the ball, as he wasn't quite good enough.
                  Ervine needs to be nerfed His ability is fair.
                  Williams need a boost Improved with the bat.
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                    Simulated through 5 seasons with Afghanistan as Test only coach to try and reduce influence as much as possible. Did this twice to check results. And have now played a few seasons as Ireland to get a perspective whilst coaching. On the whole, player development seems improved and the game feels more dynamic

                    Fionn Hand: A promising bowler and lower order batter IRL, In-Game he has an FC batting average of 50 and a bowling average of 60. Has never bowled in his 10 internationals. Thanks, I've improved with ball and nobbled with bat.

                    Cormac McLoughlin-Gavin: Not really featuring in domestic Cricket IRL, way overpowered in Game. Has played every single Test Ireland have had and tops the domestic batting averages.

                    Gareth Delany: Doesn’t bowl much in-game, underwhelming batting record as well. Batting ability is fair. I've improved him with the ball.

                    Murray Commins: Could do with a slight boost to his One-Day ability I feel his ability is fair.

                    Matt Ford: Hasn’t bowled in his 60+ internationals when he has historically been a very handy T20 bowler (Although that’s probably a good thing because he blatantly chucks it). His batting record looks about how I’d expect it to. Improved his bowling.

                    Andrew Balbirnie: IRL is Ireland’s clear second best batter, In-Game is a fringe player right from the Start and never gets selected to play Tests. Improved his AI selection.

                    Andy McBrine: Should probably be batting top 6 in all formats. Batting 3 in ODI and List A cricket and recently hit 2 tons in a row there in domestic Cricket, game has him down as a OD number 8. His economy seems far higher in game than in real life as well. Improved with bat, improved his accuracy and changed his prefs to no6 for OD/ODI.

                    Younger batsmen like Nathan McGuire, Tim Tector, James McCollum etc never seem to amount to anything in game, whereas they’ve all been afforded Ireland A opportunities in real life. McCollum's ability is fair in game.

                    Ross Adair: Destroys top orders with the ball in Game, but IRL he’s a very destructive lower-middle order bat (recently hit 5 sixes in a 22 ball innings), and is pretty part time.

                    Mark Adair: Has improved his batting IRL recently but the game mostly gets it right, but his bowling record is absolutely disastrous. IRL T20I record has him averaging 16.8 with an economy of 7, in game he’s putting out seasons averaging 30 with an economy over 10. His IRL international numbers are inflated as he's mostly played against Associate teams. His rating in game is fair.

                    Aniruddha Chore: Dreadful record in game, decent in real life, albeit I’m not sure he’s even Ireland qualified rn. Poor record for Vidarbha, played a few List A games this season, done okay but not really showing anything to warrant a boost yet.

                    George Dockrell: Never gets picked for Ireland despite being a key batsman IRL. Batting 5/6 in both ODI and T20. Tweaked his selection AI.

                    Shane Getkate: Bowls more in-Game than he does in real life His ability is fair

                    Raman Lamba, Bobby Rao, Tim O’Brien, Saqlain Mushtaq and Nantie Hayward are all listed as Irish by nationality in ATG when they only ever played for them domestically. It’s inaccurate and means anyone wanting to use them for their actual teams can’t. Fixed, thanks.

                    Josh Little: Ireland’s most promising bowler, and probably the best in ODIs already. Has a terrible ODI record in game. Tweaked AI selection, ability is fair.

                    Craig Young: Leader of the pace attack Irl, doesn’t get picked much at all in game. Tweaked AI selection, ability is fair.

                    Conor Olphert: The leading talent outside of the national squad and has been rewarded with Ireland A opportunities and a national contract despite debuting less than 2 years ago. Never played a game for Ireland in-game.

                    Josh Manley: Seems to be the only bowler to play every Test for some reason. His ability seems too high if he’s getting games ahead of Young, Adair, Olphert etc. I also believe his Age is wrong but I can’t find any record online anywhere. Tweaked his AI selection

                    Stephen Doheny: In game his batting record is dreadful but he plays for Ireland relatively often, which leads me to believe he must be a decent keeper. IRL he’s recently come into a very good run of form and has a pretty good T20 record, but is a bog average keeper I've tweaked Tucker's AI selection.

                    John Matchett: Decent batter IRL but seems to be OP in game, gets selected for Ireland as early as 2023 despite being absolutely nowhere near right now.

                    Mitchell Thompson: Seems to become a dominant leg-spinner although I wouldn’t say he’s considered an insane prospect IRL. Needs a slight batting boost as well because he’s an absolute bunny In-Game and he’s batted as high as 6 domestically

                    Jack Tector: Been in a horrible rut of form for 2 or 3 years now and looks a mile away from the International team, manages to find his way in to the Test team within a couple of years in-game Ability looks fair, slightly surprising he's getting in the team. I've tweaked his AI selection.

                    Scott Macbeth: has never bowled a ball in-game but is a bit of a part-timer Irl.

                    Peter Chase: Recently retired from International cricket but still eligible in game Now retired from Int.

                    Neil Rock: Underwhelming potential for a 21 year old, needs a batting boost IMO because he’s immediately superceded by Doheny in-game which is probably inaccurate. His ability is fair.

                    Kevin O’brien: Not officially retired from Test Cricket, although he is in-game. Unretired from Test.

                    Morgan Topping: Batting between 3-6 domestically, not bowling. Looking at his U-19 record, I think all-rounder is fair. I've changed him to that now.

                    Jared Wilson: Not bowling domestically, batting 3 and performing decently. Changed to middle order bat.

                    Ruhan Pretorius: Is Ireland eligible IRl. He'll be Irish in next DB update.

                    Gavin Hoey: Needs a slight potential boost imo. Performing well with bat and ball at the moment.

                    Matthew Foster: Selected in the Test team almost immediately in second sim although he’s well down the pecking order irl. In the first sim he’s nowhere near the team so something interesting here.

                    David Rankin, Theo Lawson, James Cameron-Dow, Eddie Richardson, Patrick Tice, should probably be removed. Removed Tice, as he's no longer in Ireland and I get the impression won't be doing pro cricket again.

                    Cade Carmichael, Joshua Cox, Jack Dickson, Philippus le Roux, Reuben Wilson should perhaps be added. Carmichael and le Roux have been added.
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                      Originally posted by adnanm28 View Post
                      NSW: Riley Ayre is contracted to NSW while he doesn't have a contract in real life.
                      He did play for them last season, which is why he's in. Should he just be available in contracts to any team?


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                        Originally posted by Sureshot View Post

                        He did play for them last season, which is why he's in. Should he just be available in contracts to any team?
                        That might be the way to go since he was only brought in as a concussion sub for Tanveer Sangha


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                          Comments on NZ Domestic Squads


                          O Pringle – Retired
                          R O’Donnell – RM Bowler
                          G Phillips – Moved to Otago
                          R ter Braak – LFM Bowler and not all-rounder
                          R Harrison – All rounder
                          S Keene RMF


                          Matt Boyle – LHB (opener in all formats) and LS bowler added to the squad
                          I Sodhi – Moved from Northern Districts
                          A Hazeldine – Moved to Otago
                          S Davey – All rounder


                          Central Districts
                          B Wheeler – Just a bowler
                          W Clark – All rounder
                          A Milne – Moved to Wellington
                          Brett Randell – Moved from Northern Districts
                          W Young - Opening batsmen in FC and OD


                          Northern Districts
                          Time Pringle RHB and SLA (just a bowler) added to the squad Done
                          S Kuggeleijn – Just a bowler He has a decent record with the bat, will leave as all rounder for now.
                          J Brown – Not overseas Done
                          B Randell – Moved to Central Districts Done

                          A Hazeldine – Moved from Canterbury
                          G Phillips – Moved from Auckland
                          J Cumming – Opener in FC and OD
                          N Kelly – Moved to Wellington
                          M Ave – Only a loan player for one match this season so still with Central Districts
                          M Renwick – Is taking a season off and focusing on his career outside of cricket
                          B W’reenall – OS Bowler and an opening batsman in T20
                          J Gibson – RFM bowler and all rounder Generally batting at 9, numbers not great. Not sure he's an all-rounder.
                          A McKenzie – all rounder Generally batting at 8/9, numbers not great. Not sure he's an all-rounder.

                          F Colson – Retired from domestic cricket
                          N Kelly – moved from Otago
                          A Milne – moved from Central Districts
                          L van Beek – just a bowler
                          P Younghusband – just a bowler Tricky as he's good in FC, bats at 7/8, averages over 30. Solid record. Weaker with the bat in other formats. I think I will leave as is for now.
                          J Neesham – hasn’t taken up a contract with Wellington this year

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                            Indian discrepancies:

                            Hardik Tamore - He keeps in real life, was recently playing for the injured Aditya Tare in the Ranji Trophy semifinals, he happens to only be a batter in the game. Changed, thanks.
                            Yashasvi Jaiswal - He's opened in more FC games than he has batted at 3. Needs a tweak from 3 to opener. I can see he's been opening in the recent finals matches.

                            Dharmendrasinh Jadeja: He's a left arm spinner like his namesake Ravindra, he's listed as a LM in the game. Changed
                            Chirag Jani: He's listed as a batsman in the game, he's actually an all-rounder. He also bowls RM instead of LM. Recently picked 18 wickets in the Bangladesh Fifty Over Competition. Thanks, changed.
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                              Afghanistan Career- some early notes (after 1.5 seasons)

                              Zia-ur-Rehman needs to be added to a domestic team. Done

                              Sayed Shirzad should be LMF rather than LM (has hit 140 before) Changed

                              Shafiqullah Shinwari should be retired- he was given a 6 year ban in 2020 for match-fixing His ban is in game. Will have a think on retiring him, others have returned to play from bans.


                              Karim Janat should be RFM, not RM- he bowls in the low-mid 130s. Same with Nijat Masood. Changed

                              Wafadar Momand should be RFM/RMF, not RM (he is not that good, but is reasonably quick) Now RMF

                              On player ability


                              Rashid Khan is quite expensive as a bowler across formats- he is also not an automatic pick in every Afghan side. He should be the first bowler selected without question- he is massively underrated and needs a large bowling upgrade, especially in tests. I've tweaked his AI selection and bowling ability.

                              Naveen ul Haq is quite poor in game, he needs a bowling upgrade. His ability is fine.

                              Zubaid Akbari is too good- he has never played an international match and is an instant star. He should still be good, but not world class. I've nobbled his bowling a bit. Whilst his ability in game was good, it's not world class.

                              Hazratullah Zazai could do with a T20 batting upgrade- his strikerate in game is also lower than in real life. Improved with the bat.

                              Hashmat Shahidi should probably have his limited overs aggression decreased- his real life strikerate is low because of his limited range of shots.


                              Robert O'Donnell is an automatic pick for NZ in tests and ODIs- maybe a touch overrated? (They have better batsmen than him who are not getting a game). Tweaked his selection AI


                              Mitch Marsh is in the test side ahead of Cameron Green Tweaked


                              The team selection is quite a long way off- a number of players need significant ability adjustments.

                              JJ Smit should be an allrounder. He regularly bats at 5-6 Changed

                              Nicol Loftie Eaton bowls LS, not RF Changed

                              Also, this may be more difficult, but would it be possible to make associate players available for T20 leagues/as overseas players? Vritya Aravind for example hit 110* against Pakistan in the World T20 and will now disappear from the game until the next T20 World Cup. It would be nice to be able to select players like him who are clearly better than most domestic batsmen.
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