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    Adam Hose a but underrated in t20.

    Alex Horton missing from Glamorgan.
    Added in 22.05 update.
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      Haris Rauf needs improvement, he's not even being selected in the limited overs XI by the AI, although irl, he's easily Pakistan's best limited overs pacer after Afridi.

      Also, made a separate thread on this, but Pakistan itinerary is lacking WI and Netherlands ODI series, both of which are part of the Super League. Ive only played the demo, but we are also scheduled to play Afghanistan in an ODI series, idk if that's been included in the game


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        Can Sunil Narine’s batting be improved please?


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          Tom Kohler Cadmore as a part time wicket keeper, keeps a fair bit for Yorkshire in T20


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            Dean Foxcroft is now contracted by Otago


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              Mumbai CC
              Tamore is not an FC opener.


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                Just a few for Australia as well. Should note that I massively appreciate that fans can give direct feedback on these matters and that it’s actually listened to.

                Todd Murphy: Set for a massive domestic career for Victoria over the next couple decades. A few years in and he’s never even played another FC match, despite IRL being involved in Australia A. His main skill is accuracy fwiw.

                Travis Head: Should have a strong Pace preference.

                Sam Whiteman: Should probably be an occasional keeper or just a batsman – hasn’t kept for quite a long time due to injuries.

                Jimmy Peirson: Barely plays FC Cricket aftet the game start. IRL he’s had a few very good seasons for QLD/Aus A batting-wise and is a very good keeper.

                Teague Wyllie: Australia’s strongest prospect under 20. Probably shouldn’t be V.Def, his slowish sr in the u19 World Cup was largely resultant of chasing low totals and a toughish pitch against Pakistan. He’s a great strokemaker.

                Marcus Harris: Should have an off-side preference

                Pete Handscomb: Should probably have a spin preference

                Aaron Hardie: Probably needs a slight batting boost.

                Tim Ward: Slight batting boost

                Lawrence Neil-Smith: Probably a bowling allrounder.

                Alex Carey: Should be a OD number 5 probably, that’s where he always bats for Aus. Doesn’t get selected in the ODI team ever, Matthew Wade plays ahead of him in-game

                Joel Paris: Never even plays domestic Cricket, even though IRL he’s consistently very good for WA.

                Chris Tremain: Has a pretty terrible record since the start of the game, despite being a top domestic bowler.

                Mark Steketee: Slightly overrated by the game

                Nathan Ellis: Putting out ridiculous FC numbers when he’s fairly average at best

                Mitch Marsh: Plays every Test for Australia from basically the start of the game, which I find very unlikely.

                Cameron Green: Should probably be a one-day number 4, where he bats for WA. Wouldn't call him a spin specialist either.

                Tim David: Has very good domestic stats in every format but doesn’t receive a call up for some reason, despite being expected to play for Aus come the world cup. Also probably needs a bowling boost because he never gets bowled by the AI.

                Josh Phillippe: Almost immediately becomes Australia’s Test keeper. Would say he’s 5th in line IRL at absolute best behind Carey, Inglis, Peirson and Wade.

                Renshaw: Playing top/middle order in White ball cricket, rather than opening. Has done so in FC cricket for quite a while but seems to have returned to opening for Somerset and Aus A IRL.

                Adam Zampa: Playing very well in FC Cricket in game, which I find quite unlikely. The AI suggests him for the squad for the tour of Sri Lanka which is quite odd. Also seems to not get selected for ODIs.

                Wes Agar: Has been pretty dismal IRL over the last couple seasons, immediately good in-game.

                Jason Behrendorff: Dreadful in-game.

                Lloyd Pope: Has somehow kept his Sheffield Shield economy below 3 in the 2nd season in-game. This is impossible.

                Cooper Connolly: Despite his u19 WC performances, he’s really a batsman who can bowl a bit. Needs a batting boost and a bowling decrease.

                Jayden Goodwin: Don’t think he bowls IRL, needs a slight batting boost. Considered a very very good prospect.

                Bryce Street and Tim Ward are immediately superceded by random players even though they’re quite integral to their state teams atm.

                Marnus Labuschagne: Somehow a much better One Day player than Test player. Consistently averaging under 40 in Test seasons, over 40 in ODIs. Also never bowls.

                Glenn Maxwell: Never selected in the ODI team

                Mitch Marsh: Seems to be bowling 7-10 overs in every ODI he plays

                Pat Cummins: Consistent with other editions of CC, his stats seem to blowout almost immediately. His ODI stats in-particular become abysmal this year.

                Campbell Kellaway's name is misspelled
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                  Freddie Heldreich's first class bowling is very overrated. He's taking 60-80 wickets every season. He should really be a white ball specialist.

                  Aldridge, Rew, Baker and Leonard seem rubbish and remain rubbish in every save, is their ability being generated randomly or set like this?

                  Ryan Patel should be opening in first class for Surrey ahead of Cam Steel.

                  Jamie Overton seems underrated, not getting a game in any format for Surrey in game.

                  Michael Jones at Durham doesn't get a game but has played every game this season and done well.


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                    I do think Rishi Patel needs a small boost to his batting, this is his first season for me in the current save (AI won't give him a game in other saves) and is representative of how he performs:
                    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_20220625-103020.jpg Views:	88 Size:	162.0 KB ID:	79188
                    He's performed worse than many bowlers do with the bat. Current ability seems a bit unfair for a guy averaging just over 37 with 3 50s including a 99 this season in reality despite playing in a poor team and being shunted up to open half the time.

                    I also think Nick Welch is a better player than this:
                    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_20220625-103102.jpg Views:	88 Size:	142.7 KB ID:	79192He's a good batter who has been limited by injury up until very recently. Should at least be as good as what Kimber was or where Scott Steel is. It's early days post injury but in 4 out of 5 t20 games played this season he's batted powerfully in the powerplay scoring 41*, 37, 38 and 46 at a s/r of 158+ as well as a 118* against a decent Notts 2nd XI. I'm not saying make him a world beater but please at least make him useful and I think he should definitely be aggressive in white ball too, 158 s/r and he hit 12 sixes in 5 games, more than any other Leics player hit in all 14.

                    We don't want Leics overpowered but these two coming up into the useful category coupled with Ahmed upgraded and then the heavy nobblings of Rhodes, Griffiths, Swindells, A.Evans and Bowley should see them right. A good t20 side lacking quality in the four day format.

                    Also think Derbyshire are woeful in game, finishing last in all competitions usually. This is an especially stark contrast with with the resurgent side under Mickey Arthur in real life that is challenging in all competitions. I think boosts to these three would help improve that:

                    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_20220625-103427.jpg Views:	88 Size:	138.4 KB ID:	79189 Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_20220625-103356.jpg Views:	88 Size:	238.2 KB ID:	79190 Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_20220625-103338.jpg Views:	88 Size:	136.2 KB ID:	79191 Brook Guest is sometimes being usurped by the academy keeper from day 1 despite having been very impressive this season, even scoring a ton in each innings of the Glamorgan match from number 3 with 3 tons and 2 fifties so far. McKiernan has been useful with bat and ball especially with the latter in t20s where he has 17 wickets at 20 and an economy under 8 (sadly Somerset put paid to that takijg him for 82 though!). And Dal has been both a reliable contributor with bat ( 2 tons and 2 50s) and also stepped up as first change bowler this season. Big second ton of the season against Sussex.
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                      Lewis McManus has extended his loan at Northants for the rest of the season. May be worth starting him in the Northants squad with a 1 year contract, can't see him returning to Hampshire now.


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                        Alex Russell appears in Northants squad twice!

                        This has been fixed in the latest update (22.05).
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                          Missing Players:
                          Nick Selman should be an Australian free agent as he still plays cricket in Australia
                          Brad Currie - should be in the English free agent (regular in 2nd XIs) and also the Scotland side (sole travelling reserve in most recent squad)
                          Stanley McAlindon - Durham - a regular in 1st XI squads this season, especially T20s
                          Tom Bevan - Glamorgan - an attacking batsman who's been in the past few T20 squads after being in brilliant form in the 2nd XI T20s. He opens in limited overs cricket, and in red ball cricket opens in Minor Counties, but seems to bat in the middle order in 2nd XI cricket for Glamorgan.
                          George Bell - Lancashire - RHB WK LB - a wicketkeeper for Lancashire, and also a occasional bowler as well, such as for England in the U19 World Cup. Has a rookie contract
                          He's been added in 22.05 update.

                          Josh Boyden - Lancashire - was named in the T20 squad for the game vs Northants. Very impressive for England U19s as his stats show, with an average of 13.86 after taking 23 wickets in 12 U19 ODIs, which points to a very promising future.
                          Vikai Kelley - moved to Leicestershire from Warwickshire last year and is currently in their Academy
                          Ishaan Kaushal - Middx - has signed a rookie contract until the end of 2024 - had signed a contract for the RLODC last year but ended up getting injured
                          Daniel O'Driscoll (wk), Max Harris - Middx
                          James Hayes - Notts
                          Gus Miller - Northants - attacking allrounder, I would say he's stronger as a batter - RHB RM - has a rookie contract
                          Jack Harding - Somerset - Academy player who has been in a few T20 squads this season, including the T20 game vs the Sri Lankan Development XI, and so seems a safe bet to be in the squads for the RLODC when the 100 is on. Decent pace for his age as well so I would say is possibly a LMF
                          Mitchell Stanley - Worcs - Signed a 2 yr professional contract running to the end of 2023 last September. Has also played a T20 this season and has impressed at 2nd XI level this season

                          He's been added in 22.05 update.
                          Che Simmons - RHB RMF - looks very quick already

                          Tom Aspinwall - Lancashire - RMF - not sure if he's contracted with the 1st team but definitely still with the club. Was in quite a few RLODC squads & also the County Select XI but didn't get to play in either. Definitely seems likely to play in the RLODC this season after his impressive performances in the U19 World Cup
                          Harry Seagrave - Middx - academy player who got injured after signing for the RLODC and being in a few squads for that & some T20s last season

                          Cade Carmichael - Ireland - a RHB top order bat. According to his profile on futurea cricket his DOB is 8/3/02 and also bowls RM. From the scorecards I've seen I would say he's a defensive bat in both red & white ball cricket. Added in 22.05
                          Jamie Grassi - played in the Irish interpros last year Added in 22.05
                          Aditya Adey - All rounder RHB RFM - born in either 1998 or late 1997, was named in a squad or 2 this season and has played in the warmups
                          Gavin Roulston - has been in many squads this season, including squads of 13. Is 15 years old (I believe he turned 16 last week going by a cricketeurope article from this time last year) and is a LHB OB allrounder who impressed in the warmups including opening the batting and top scoring with 45

                          Nick Greenwood - Jersey international who plays for Wellington
                          Ben Ward - played for Boland & still plays for Jersey

                          Brian Bennett - RHB OB - very promising allrounder who played for Zimbabwe Emerging Players in some T20s last year vs Namibia. Economical bowling that can take wickets and some attacking batting where he's quite good on the offside and is slightly stronger vs pace
                          Tendekai Mataranyika - Right arm offspinning bowler who is a decent bat - played for Zimbabwe Emerging Players in some T20s last year vs Namibia. Good wickettaking threat who also keeps the economy down a lot.
                          Karabo Motlhanka - Botswana captain who made his First Class debut in the Logan Cup and did quite well, including top scoring with 41 when the rest of his team collapsed. Also played for some T20s as well though didn't do as well in those games.

                          Stefon King - 27 year old RMF/RFM who plays aggressively with the bat. A bowler but is also a handy bat. Played for Barbados vs England

                          Nationality Changes
                          Cameron Gannon should be Australian in-game, at least until he's not playing domestic cricket or we can play as the USA in-game & they're playing in World Cups
                          Cormac Hassett should be Irish rather than Australian in-game as he plays domestic cricket as an Irish passport holder. Irish in 22.05.
                          Michael Rippon NET->NZ
                          Ruhan Pretorius SA->IRE Irish in 22.05.
                          PJ Moor ZIM->IRE - qualifies in October - rejected a contract from Zimbabwe last year to qualify for Ireland, and has played for an unofficial Ireland Development XI in a red ball game the other week Irish in 22.05

                          P Seelaar, S Myburgh, Rory Anders, P Chase, W Porterfield, Mitch Renwick has seemingly retired from professional cricket.

                          Injuries that should be added to the game
                          B Charlesworth was injured after the first 2 games with a stress fracture to the foot and is not expected to return until the middle of summer
                          Ruaidhri Smith hasn't played a game so far this season due to a side strain, which has also stopped him from bowling when he returned to the 2nd XI the other week. If he was fit, he would've been a regular in the T20 side
                          S Mahmood should be injured for the whole season but still ends up playing a test or 2
                          F Hudson-Prentice was injured in pre-season and didn't play until late May/early June
                          T Curran has been out with a stress fracture but still hasn't returned, not even in 2nd XI cricket
                          J Archer should be down as injured until after the T20 WC as almost certainly not going to play that
                          J Carson - still no games so far this season in the 1st or 2nd XI due to a stress fracture
                          Ollie Robinson - has had a very injury plagued season and has only played 2 games
                          L Norwell was out until the game last week with (I believe) concussion
                          Chris Woakes should be out for about 3 weeks longer in-game as he still hasn't returned to action yet, but plans to return to 2nd XI cricket soon.
                          J Dell suffered a broken finger in pre-season and has only just started to come back, with him making his return to club cricket last week
                          G Ballance hasn't played a game all season so should be ruled out until at least next month, as at the moment in my saves he's a regular for Yorkshire.
                          TKC was out till the start of the T20 Blast due to concussion suffered earlier in the year
                          B Coad hasn't played so far this season due to a groin injury
                          David O'Halloran has been injured with shoulder injury and hasn't returned yet
                          Ben Wheeler has been ruled out of the whole of the 2022/23 season due to a severe knee injury
                          Jason Holder is not injured but decided to sit out the Bangladesh test series for rest.
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                            Couple of Victorian Players:
                            Campbell Kellaway - firstly his name is misspelt (noted on a previous post), he bowls SLA in real life and I would argue isn't an opener in FC, but admittedly hasn't had the chance to play club red ball cricket yet, think he'd bat middle order for Vic if he got the chance.

                            Fergus O'Neill - probably shouldn't be an all-rounder in game but is no mug with the bat, bats 6 or 7 for Melbourne in club cricket and I think batted 7 or 8 when he played for Victoria, whereas in game he bats 11 and averages about 6.

                            James Seymour - don't think he should be considered an all-rounder, more just an occasional bowler (somewhat similar to Marnus, who btw should be better in tests and not as good in white ball)

                            Peter Hatzoglou - probably should be a little bit better with the bat, plays as an all-rounder with Melbourne Uni in club cricket

                            Tom Rogers (vic batsman) - seems a bit overpowered in game, especially in FC, don't think he's someone who'll average 40+, more likely around 30, but admittedly has been unreal in club cricket

                            Jake Fraser McGurk - hasn't done much since his debut, especially in club cricket, don't think he should be rated that highly in game


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                              Both Overtons seem under rated
                              Ollie Robinson just taking way to many wickets
                              de Caires hitting 1000 first class runs well before the t20 break seems crazy
                              Ben Mike a lot better IRL then in the game, I’d say only a RFM not RMF too
                              Beuran Hendricks has been unpickably bad for an overseas player irl but has medium amounts of success in game
                              Rehan Ahmed is also pretty woeful in game, has had a very decent T20 blast so far, picked in the 100 as well shows he really can play Ahmed has been improved in the 22.05 patch.
                              Ollie Pope just a part time keeper He's kept a bit for Surrey this season. Tricky one as PT keepers aren't very good.
                              Tom Blundell not getting picked for NZ, Latham is a part time keeper and Blundell is playing pretty incredibly as seen by the series v England
                              Mitch Marsh shouldn’t be ahead of Cam Green ever I've worked on this and the game is now picking Cam Green in 22.05.
                              Glenn Maxwell still a premier short form one day player but not consistently picked in game
                              Cummins needs a serious boost
                              Daniel Sams needs a slight boost
                              Nathan Lyon also needs a red ball boost, hardly ever gets picked in tests whereas has been a mainstay for Australia and has done very well
                              Brooke Guest under rated in game, as is majority of the Derbyshire yeam
                              Leics teams feels over powered somehow, Lilley should be a bat only, I’d argue Hill a part time keeper now too, Scott Evans constantly scoring big runs in game but IRL has had a very poor year, Patel probably slightly under rated whereas Alex Evans, Sakande slightly over rated. George Rhodes is nearly a premium allrounder in game but IRL is terrible and has been told to look for another club
                              Chris Tremain under rated in game, has been possibly the best FC bowler in Aus over the last 5 years
                              Nic Maddinson has moved into the middle order in short form cricket rather then opening
                              Aaron Hardie needs a decent boost overall, as does Teague Wylie and Hatzacoglou (sp?) in T20

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                                Fawad Ahmed's date of birth should be changed from 10/3/79 to 5/2/82
                                Hugo Burdon should be changed from 1/1/03 to 29/11/01
                                Hunar Verma date of birth should be 13/9/01 rather than 1/1/02

                                Cameron Boyce has been cut by the Melbourne Renegades
                                T Copeland should be retired from List A's as well, as he last played a match in the format back in 2016
                                Ben Cutting should be a opener in T20s
                                Nicholas Davis is a RHB RFM rather than a LHB OB. His initals are NRD
                                Matt Gilkes should be changed to an occasional wicketkeeper
                                Liam Guthrie should be changed from very defensive to average aggression in Limited Overs cricket as his striking was quite different in List A's (45) & T20s (141), but the season before had scored at a 91 SR in List A matches.
                                Caleb Jewell should be changed to average aggression in FC's with his strike rate being 51 and 52 over the past 2 seasons
                                Lawrence Neil-Smith should be an allrounder and should bat around 3-5 in FC's
                                Blake Nikitaras should be an FC opener
                                James Pattinson has left Melbourne Renegades
                                J Philippe shouldn't be the test wk, as Carey should be the regular (& in ODIs) with Inglis 2nd in line. Philippe is still someway off test contention as I believe Jimmy Peirson is ahead of him.
                                Will Pucovski should be average aggression in FCs
                                Both Tom Rogers' should be aggressive in Limited overs cricket based on last season
                                Beau Webster in FC's should aggressive or even v aggressive based on the last few seasons
                                Jon Wells should be a free agent as he left Adelaide in February after the BBL ended
                                Sam Whiteman should be a batsman. He hasn't keep in years (I think 2016) and won't do so again in the future either after finger injuries which have stopped him keeping.
                                Teague Wyllie should be defensive or average aggression in FC's until he's played more games. As so far his 3 innings have been varied in strike rates of 44, 66 and 26. With that 26 strike rate coming at a crucial time in the Sheffield Shield final when WA were looking like they were going to be all out for a low score. In limited overs he should be average aggression.

                                Rejaur Rahman should be changed from RM to RF. Cricinfo has his date of birth as 1/11/99

                                Virat Kohli should be with Dehli rather than being signed by some team in a low league like Puducherry
                                Axar Patel shouldn't be ahead of Ravi Jadeja in any formats
                                A Rahane shouldn't be in the test side
                                Wriddhiman Saha has all but left Bengal. It was reported that he refused to play in the Ranji Trophy and has left the team's group chat, which the Bengal cricket board confirmed. So he should be made a free agent as he as also requested a inter-state NOC which would allow him to play for another association, but he is currently in talks with Tripura to move, but he has also been linked with Gujarat and Baroda.

                                J Cameron-Dow should probably be retired. He hasn't played a top-level game since February 2020 and seems unlikely to do so now considering he's got coaching obligations that will take up his time
                                JJ Garth should be an allrounder rather than a bowler, with batting possibly being stronger as he has played quite a few games for Leinster as a batsman only
                                Adam Hickey is an allrounder who bowls ROB not SLA, and is a RHB.
                                Josh Little needs his economy lowered in FCs by quite a bit as he's currently goes around 4.35 in FC's in my saves
                                J Manley should be an RMF
                                J McCollum shouldn't be near the Ireland side for now
                                N McGuire should be an allrounder or at least bowl some overs in game as he currently doesn't bowl at all
                                T McKeegan should be an RHB RFM born in 2000
                                J Mulder should probably be from game as he's unlikely to play interpros again, last played in 2020 and even then that was just by chance, after announcing his intention to return to Australia
                                Kevin O'Brien should be unretired from LAs as he's been playing that this season, he's still retired from ODIs though.
                                C Olphert should be an RMF
                                S Poynter should be retired or changed to English nationality as he coaches & plays for Northumberland, where he's been doing quite well, and I read a while ago that he'd be unlikely to move back to Ireland as he a settled young family.
                                David Rankin should be put down as retired as he last played interpros in 2020 and unlikely to play again
                                Eddie Richardson should be put down as retired as he last played in the interpro when he played 2 games in 2019 and is unlikely to play in it again any time soon
                                Tim Tector should be aggressive in limited overs
                                Greg Thompson should be retired
                                Mitchell Thompson should be an allrounder
                                Stuart Thompson should possibly be retired. I believe he's been unavailable since last year and seems to be a strength and conditioning coach for the Northern Irish football team now
                                Morgan Topping should be a batting allrounder, and was the leading runscorer in the Emerging Interpros last season. He has also opened in the recent red ball game for Ireland Wolves vs Gloucestershire 2nd XI, and has been used as a batsman in the top-middle order in the interpros this year
                                Jared Wilson bwl->AR, and definitely stronger as a batter in my opinion. Hit a unbeaten 72 not out off 46 balls batting at number 3 in a T20 the other week - Should also be a RHB RM

                                Dean Foxcroft has regained his contract after being allowed back into New Zealand after the covid restrictions were lifted, which is also why Michael Rippon has been able to be called up for an overseas tour by New Zealand
                                Colin Munro should be nowhere near the New Zealand side and should possibly even be retired from internationals in the game
                                Jimmy Neesham should be a free agent
                                Glenn Phillips shouldn't be anywhere near the test side for now, but is a regular in CC22
                                Ray Toole should be a LFM

                                Amartya Kaul (SL) is a RHB
                                Roshen Silva should possibly be retired from T20s as he hasn't played one since February 2019

                                Gordon Bryan should be a RFM

                                Matthew Welch should be an opener in 50 overs as well

                                Bas de Leede is an allrounder who bowls RFM and is a RHB
                                Scott Edwards is now Netherlands captain after Seelaar's retirement
                                Vikramjit Singh should be an opener in ODIs as well, and should also occasionally bowl

                                Waqas Barkat should be an allrounder and not a keeper