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  • Yes, Borthwick really doesn't bowl much any more. 15 overs in 13 county championship games last season


    • Scott Borthwick did roll his arm over playing District 1st Grade for Midland-Guildford in Western Australia last season. 5 games, 13 wickets at 13.62 including a 7/99


      • Originally posted by Sureshot View Post
        Yes, Borthwick really doesn't bowl much any more. 15 overs in 13 county championship games last season
        Last I heard, Scott Borthwick was trying to do a Steve Smith for England! He's a pure batsman now for sure.


        • Hi Sureshot, I will only put forward 3 players for your consideration. When Australia toured South Africa in the 1966/67 season, they played 2, 4 day matches, & 1, 50 over match against a S.A.XI, included in the S.A.XI were A.R.Hector & B.J. Versfeld. I fully understand if you feel that these were only Friendly/Trial matches. The case for P.D. Swart, is that he played for a S.A.XI against the D.H. Robins XI in 1972/73, and you have already included all the playerst that played against the D.H. Robins XI in the 1970`s.Many thanks, I now rest my case for ATG`s. LOL


          • West Indies:
            Romario Shepherd is an RMF not and LMF
            Two of the Windies’ brightest prospects, Nyeem Young and Jayden Seales both are not in the game.
            Nyeem is an RFM all-rounder probably slightly better at bowling but has a huge future and Jayden Seales is an RF bowled and deserves a very high rating after his incredible U19WC performance and is regarded as one of the best young quicks in the world.


            • Pakistan:

              Rohail Nazir(multan) is not an opener in OD, he is a number 4 batsman. Changed.

              Dilbar Hussain(Lahore) is RF not RMF.
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              • Somerset seem to have a tendency to pick Van Der Merwe over Bess in 4 day cricket in the game which doesn't seem particularly realistic.

                Tough to balance this, but I've made some tweaks to Bess FC pick.
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                • ENGLAND

                  Chris Woakes bowling seems underrated. He’s one of England’s best 5 bowlers in tests (with Jimmy, Broad, Archer, Wood). He also leads the attack with Archer in ODI’s. Possibly the most underrated player in world cricket Agree that he's often underrated in the global game, but his ability is fine in CC2020.

                  Ben Stokes is now the premier all-rounder in world cricket. This should be reflected in-game. Appreciate his batting has been slightly improved already. However he’s turned himself into England’s 2nd best test batsmen after Root and his bowling also probably deserves a small upgrade. His real life stats don’t reflect his true ability (Basically one player who should be on £100k plus in the contracts) His batting ability is fine in game, have slightly improved his bowling.

                  Ben Foakes is widely regarded as the best glove man in county cricket but doesn’t keep for Surrey. AI selects Pope. Buttler should be keeping for England over Pope also I've made some tweaks to Foakes domestic picks.

                  On the subject of Buttler, he should be a monster in limited overs. I know he’s already good in game but in reality he’s probably in the top 3 in the world in the shorter formats He was probably a bit under-rated, have improved.

                  Dan Lawrence could be upgraded. On the cusp of test selection in real life and very highly thought of. As is James Bracey, although he seems decent in game already I feel their in-game abilities are fine.

                  Likewise Ollie Robinson with the ball. He and Saqib Mahmood should firmly be on the England AI radar in game when Jimmy/Broady call it a day Both are fairly rated in game.

                  Pat Brown is an outstanding T20 bowler. Maybe deserves a bowling upgrade equivalent to the upgrade Banton got between CC19 and CC20 No issues with Pat Brown's ability in game

                  Chris Jordan is one of England’s best T20 bowlers Bit under-rated, have improved.

                  Eoin Morgan is being selected for tests by the AI. This shouldn’t be happening

                  Debatable but James Vince slightly better than he should be? I do rate him but he always seems to be the best bat on the county circuit in my saves His domestic and international records have never matched up, I'm going to leave him as is, because he does perform well at county level.

                  Also an argument that Dom Sibley and Zak Crawley are slightly better than they should be. England still have issues with their top 3. No doubt that both do have potential, however they shouldn’t be better current ability-wise than the likes of Markram or Imam Ul-Haq Sibley has started his Test career well, with some really strong county numbers lately. I'm going to leave him as is. Not seeing many issues with Crawley either.

                  Again slightly subjective given recent form but I still think Bairstow is one of England’s best bats in the longer format Bairstow is still rated well in the game.


                  Every country is on the hunt for a Ben Stokes and Cam Green is being talked about very highly in those terms (he may already have potential, but if he doesn’t he probably should) Nothing wrong with his in-game ratings.

                  Is Pat Cummins a v-defensive batsmen? I’d say defensive at most His Strike-rates are pretty low, will be leaving v def.

                  NEW ZEALAND

                  Devon Conway should be the best batsmen in NZ outside the international set-up. He would have played for the national team already but has had to wait for ICC clearance a-la Wagner a few years back Nothing wrong with his ratings.

                  Watling should keep in tests and bat at 6/7. Tricky one as he will prob bat higher for Lancs

                  SOUTH AFRICA

                  Not the biggest sample size but get the feeling David Miller ability has been reduced. He’s still a destructive finisher in L/O in my opinion. Has played in a side that has really struggled in recent times which probably accounts for his below par stats last year Nothing wrong with his ability in game, he's still as he should be.

                  All in all great game this year lads. Excellent work getting the DLS working properly, that must have been difficult to implement. Database is almost there also. Just a few tweaks needed here and there with some players but really impressed with the work put into
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                  • Originally posted by Cricstarz View Post

                    Dilbar Hussain(Lahore) is RF not RMF.
                    From what I’ve seen, Dilbar only seems to hit 135-140km/h at most, making him RMF


                    • Originally posted by JusticeForSpinners View Post
                      West Indies:
                      Romario Shepherd is an RMF not and LMF
                      Two of the Windies’ brightest prospects, Nyeem Young and Jayden Seales both are not in the game.
                      Nyeem is an RFM all-rounder probably slightly better at bowling but has a huge future and Jayden Seales is an RF bowled and deserves a very high rating after his incredible U19WC performance and is regarded as one of the best young quicks in the world.
                      Thanks, I've added Nyeem and Jayden and changed Romario to RMF.

                      I've also been updating the WI20Over Squads today, so those changes will be in the next update.


                      • Originally posted by Aussiespinnersfanpage View Post

                        From what I’ve seen, Dilbar only seems to hit 135-140km/h at most, making him RMF
                        Arguable, but not a big deal


                        • Originally posted by SK71 View Post

                          # Tanzid Hasan was one of my best batsmen in my last few saves (previous versions of CC20) but after the recent update, he is playing really bad . Even after training him to push his form further or trying to coach him, he was still continuing to deliver below par performances in both BPL and Dom FC-List A matches .
                          ( his average was in 20s in Domestic cricket while in previous versions he was averaging almost 50 in both Dom FC and List A and also became a regular in national team ). His batting average in domestic cricket should be around 40-45 and it was until the recent update. What has gone wrong with him so suddenly that his average dropped from 50 to 20? He deserves to have better batting abilities in the game (I examined him in few different saves to make sure that it wasn’t just one save where he was playing bad ).

                          I'd made some changes based on other feedback, but I've now reverted those changes, though my changes weren't as big as the stats you've stated here.

                          # Shoriful Islam was a great edition to Bangladesh team on CC18 , not that he is very bad in CC20, but going deep in the save it feels like he doesn’t develop like he should and can never be regular in national team. He should easily have the potential to be one of best young quicks in the game.
                          Ruyel Miah in the game does much better than both Shoriful Islam and Mrittunjoy Chowdhury. While Ruyel deserves what he's got, likes of Shoriful Islam, Mrittunjoy Chowdhury & Tanzim Hasan Sakib should be better than him in game because in real life, Ruyel couldn't play U-19 world cup because the other three were better than him .

                          No issues with Shoriful's in game ability.

                          # Same case with Rakibul Hasan and Hasan Murad. Hasan Murad has very good domestic record and has played more matches than Rakibul Hasan in domestic cricket but that wasn’t because Murad is better than Rakibul, it was because Murad could not get into U-19 squad because Rakibul was better than him(so he played domestic cricket instead) . But in the game Murad is better than Rakibul. Like I said, Murad is good but Rakibul is much better talent than Murad in real life.

                          #Saif Hasan has v.defensive playing style in the game but his list A career suggests that he should have Defensive style. His OD SR is 76, last season it was below that. He'll stay v def.

                          #M Saifuddin is currently the best Bangladesh bowler in limited overs cricket. His bowling ability is better than the AI would suggest. I would say his bowling needs slight boost. His bowling stats of last few series speaks for him. Also he should bat at no.7 in limited overs cricket, in the game he bats at no.8

                          I'm not seeing any issues with his bowling ability. He has batted at 8 more than 7 and spent most of last season at 8 not 7.
                          Thanks for the changes Sureshot

                          # Tanzid Hasan =
                          Edit : After playing the latest version, I guess I understand why Tanzid Hasan looked so much inconsistent in newer versions of the game . So Tanzid had "Avg.aggression" as batting style in initial version but now he has "very aggressive" batting style.
                          So even after reverting those changes like you said he is still playing very inconsistently. I would say "v.aggressive" style doesn’t suit his ability in the game . I would hope you change Tanzid Hasan's aggression to "aggressive".

                          P.S. : Sorry to bother you so many times about Tanzid Hasan . It’s just Tanzid is one of the best young batsmen of Bangladesh and will play for national team very soon (He showed that he is already prepared for international cricket when he scored 125*(99) against Zimbabwe national team in two day practice match just after U19 WC ) .
                          So it’s just weird to see him underperform in the game and failing to get to national team. I hope you get the point I'm trying to make that he should have great potential to be a star player for Bangladesh like M Naim is in the game or even better as Tanzid is an all-format player unlike M Naim who only fits shorter formats . Thanks .

                          # M Saifuddin = He batted at no.07 in last ODI series against Zimbabwe and as far as I remember, someone from management or BCB cleared it that they want Saifuddin to play in that role as Bangladesh lacks decent finisher in ODIs,
                          but maybe he won't play at 7 in T20Is as Bangladesh play with Aminul Islam and Mahedy Hasan(not Miraz) in lower order who bat ahead of Saifuddin . But surely no.7 in ODIs as BCB hope that he can be Bangladesh's Ben Stokes.

                          # Shoriful Islam = My point was that Shoriful should be better than Ruyel in the game, not the otherway around but I guess I could just edit their names as they are both Lefty, not a big deal

                          # Same point I raised about Rakibul Hasan and Hasan Murad. That Rakibul Hasan should be better than Hasan Murad, not the otherway around but again I could just edit their names. So not a big concern if not implemented this suggestion.

                          # Saif Hasan = Saif had scored with S/R of almost 80 in last season's DPL(List A tournament) , that's why I mentioned that he should have "def" style in place of v.def . But again, not a big deal .

                          I want to add some more things about Bangladesh database :

                          # Aminul Islam : In the game he looks like a batting all-rounder but at recent times, he has been playing as a bowling all-rounder in national team.
                          He plays in Bangladesh T20I side and has taken 10 wickets in 7 innings with an average of 17 and also has a decent economy (7.65). His bowling ability is quite under-rated in the game, he needs massive boost in bowling , specially his limited over bowling has to be good as he is Bangladesh's main spinner in T20Is .

                          Retired Players :

                          #Talha Zubair in the game is RM but in his prime he could bowl upto 140kmh. So he should be RMF .

                          #Khaled Mahmud is a RM but I've seen him bowling 130kmh+ with average speed of 125kmh . He should be RFM .
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                          • Is Sandeep Lamichhane in the game? I'd love to sign him as my overseas t20 player in county cricket.


                            • Aus-
                              ATG - Dirk Nannes LFM to LF. Seen as an out and out quick Changed.
                              - Andrew Symonds OS to RM, tough one, but thought the most of his career bowled RM, only on spinning wickets used as a part time off spinner Changed.

                              Ireland -
                              Gareth Delany Def to V.Agg, in the T20 World Cup Quals and Tour of West Indies SR was over 150, similar stance to Darren Sammy hands high on bat handle and using his levers. Seen as Irelands best prospect in terms of ball striking in T20 Fair call, changed.

                              George Dockrell bowler to all rounder, last few years has been batting 8 to 6 in ODI, batting has improved. Understand if kept as a bowler. I don't think he's quite all-rounder yet.

                              West Indies -
                              Javelle Glen is a left handed batter Changed

                              Is there any plans fin the future or the ODI cricket League to be included? Was looking forward to a Netherlands International Career mode.
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                              • Hi Sureshot, I have just seen that CC2020 version 20.08 has been released, will the South African ATG`s, that you and your team considered as viable for the game, be entered soon?