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  • Hi Sureshot, a few years ago, you and your team, decided to add to the Sri Lanka ATG`s the players who toured South Africa in a rebel side named AROSA Sri Lanka. I`ve just noticed that a player is missing, his name is Nirmal Hettiachchi. Would you please consider adding him in your next patch/up date. You`ll probably be pleased to know that I`m going to give you 3 weeks peace, I`m off to Turkey on Sunday. Enjoy while you can LOL

    I've added Nirmal Hettiarachchi
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    • Izatullah Dawlatzai has disappeared! The Afghan-German bowling weapon has gone from the game, from what I can see. Michael Richardson (former Durham) is playing for them too - possible additions for ATG?

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      • Originally posted by Sureshot View Post

        His ratings look fair to me, his recent England performances are really poor. 7 wickets in his last 18 ODIs. Not scored a 50 since Sept 2017.
        He bats at 7 in odi’s, England’s batting is that strong in odi’s that the top 6 use the majority of the overs, ive seen him come in regularly with only a few overs to go which dosent leave you much time to get a score. He’s played 105 odi’s matches to date and only batted in 85 of them, that should show you how strong England’s top 6 is in odi’s. When he has been given the opportunity to bat higher up the order he’s got runs, he has 3 odi century’s surely he can bat?
        His job when coming on to bowl for England in odi’s is to keep things tight and not leak many runs which as far as i can remember he does successfully, his economy rate in odi’s is 5.23 which in this day and age in odi’s is impressive.
        He bats at 3 for worcestershire which shows he’s a proper batsmen and scores runs for them regularly, in last years t20 blast he played 7 games and scored 365 runs with an average of 73 and a strike rate of 171, i do agree he can be erratic at times but the guy can clearly bat and deserves a much higher rating. Or maybe im completely wrong and just bias..?
        This is why i feel we need a player editor to be able to edit player abilities to our own liking.
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        • A few changes to propose for Hampshire after four Bob Willis Trophy matches...
          • I said earlier on this forum that Organ and Holland were the opening pair at the end of last season, but Weatherley has taken over from Holland in this role. Holland now bats in the middle order - maybe worth keeping him as an opener-allrounder as I'd imagine he'd be next in line.
          • Harry Came has a s/r of 28, probably not a full reflection of his usual self but should be reduced to Def imo. Also not convinced he's an opener, he's batted from about 5-8 so far. Fair call, changed to middle order and def.
          • Felix Organ has been very effective with the ball irl, may be worth taking a look. i've improved Organ with the ball.
          • S/r's don't necessarily reflect it, but I'd argue Weatherley and Holland are probably more Def than V. Def in terms of how they play. However, no real complaints from me if kept as is for now.
          And as mentioned before, George Munsey has signed on a T20 contract.
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          • Suggestions for Somerset (may have already mentioned bits and pieces):

            Tom Abell to 3 in all formats. I'm not going to change him, whilst he's not opened this season, a) Ben Green hasn't done very well and b) Abell has still spent a lot of his career opening.

            Steve Davies 7 in FC, opener in white ball. Agreed, probably fair that he won't open again in FC, Somerset looking to move away from him and blood in young openers.

            Lammonby is opening and scored his maiden ton against Gloucestershire, he has talked a lot about being a batting all rounder so I'd suggest a decent batting increase for him. Has been improved with bat, now an opener as well.

            C.Overton should be RMF after adding a yard of pace and he is looking lethal. Changed.

            Davey also looking very good with the ball and maybe worth a small boost. His bowling ability is fair.

            B.Green has either played (and scored a 50) or been 12th man for every game so ability wise should be closer to the side, he's very poor in game at the moment. Very good debut in the Blast too with 4 wickets. Improved him witht he ball, left him as he is witht he bat.

            L.Goldsworthy has been a frequent part of travelling squads and I'm hearing some real hype about his potential especially with the ball, no doubt a factor in why heaven and earth weren't moved to try and keep Bess who is going to Yorkshire. I'd suggest he should ability wise be right on the fringe of the first team. EDIT: Two t20 games now where he's batted and bowled superbly. Also Will Smeed and Ned Leonard have signed pro deals with Smeed batting at 3 in the t20s and a 50 to his name already.

            Improved Goldsworthy with the ball.

            Ollie Sale with a succesful t20 debut, another player who gets nowhere near the in game side so perhaps due a nudge to his bowling to put him nearer. His in-game ability is fair compared to his real numbers.

            I've never seen the AI pick Max Waller in t20s. He should be a fixture as he's probably one of the most economical and consistent bowlers in the Blast. Given he can safely be retired from all other formats a decent boost should be available for him? Or maybe the AI in t20s needs looked at to value economy more. Made some tweaks to Somerset picking him and improved his accuracy.
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            • Suggestions for Leicestershire:

              Harry Swindells has 188 odd runs at a s/r just about 50 including a fine 50 in the last match so I'd suggest defensive again rather than very defensive and I think he should be at least as good as Hill with the bat if not slightly better. Expectation this season has been that Swindells would be red ball keeper whilst Hill would play in the blast with Swindells potentially playing as a batsman had Delaney not come in. Improved his ability, don't think he's justified a change in SR yet.

              Ben Mike has been Leicestershire's highest wicket taker amongst pace bowlers so I'd suggest his bowling should be a bit closer to the likes of Taylor, Davis and Griffiths. He's bowled very well in both the Blast and BWT this season and looks perhaps the pick of the young players coming through. I think his batting should also be agressive based off his first class strike rate this season and match winning power hitting in the Blast. Improved Ben Mike.

              Griffiths seems the strongest seamer at the county in game, maybe needs toned down slightly. I think Leicestershire's pace attack are all pretty average (though not bad) but Taylor is the only one to be excited about.

              Callum Parkinson seems overrated, again he's not bad at all in real life, a very useful white ball spinner who can bat to the extent he's almost but not quite an all rounder. Whilst he's been developing his four day bowling he's not yet at the level I see in game where he is taking buckets of wickets at sub 25. Hmm, his ability isn't quite that good, but I've toned down his ability slightly.

              Paul Horton and Mark Cosgrove didn't make it over from Australia and now seem to be finished with the County. Horton has been replaced by Nick Welch. Like with some other decisions, as this is covid related, will leave as it should have been.

              The in game Hasan Azad plays all formats. In reality his shot selection is very, very limited and he's unlikely to be playing any white ball cricket anytime soon as he's not even near the Blast team even without overseas players. He probably needs a steady tone down as well, in my second season at another county I've seen the AI controlled Azad score 5 tons and 3 fifties in his last 10 FC innings. He's scored 1006 runs FC runs in the first 6 games of the season and plays fot England! And this is in D1 as well. I think in real life this season we seen sides work out how to nullify him with setting appropriate fields to his limited shot selection hence his poor average, I fear he'll end up a one season wonder. Made some Ai tweaks to reduce likelihood of AI picking him in OD/20 over.

              Arron Lillee seems about right ability wise but the AI seems to always pick him up at around 8 in their batting order when he should definitely be in at 3 in t20s.
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              • Cannot seem to find Arjun Tendulkar in the Mumbai domestic scene anywhere, he is currently. He is currently 20yrs, was not long ago playing for the Under 19. I guess he should be up there in the list atleast if not default in the Mumbai domestic 11 startup team (still early days)
                Age?: ?20 years 312 days
                Bat Style?: ?Left Handed Bat
                Teams?: ?India U19, Aakash Tigers MWS
                Bowl Style?: ?Left-arm fast-medium
                All Rounder category

                Pls add him on, waiting to play him. (The legendary Sachin Tendulkar's son)

                Not sure if he is already listed, cannot find him anywhere.

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                • Hi Sureshot, what is your criteria for picking a players bowling style? As you know, I like to play matches using the ATG`s, and have noticed that a number of players are listed with 2 sometimes 3 different bowling styles. EG Eknath Solkar SLA & LM. Brian Close OS & RM and Gary Sobers SLA, SLW & LFM. I assume that these 3 I`ve listed, probably started out as pace bowlers, and reverted to spin as they got older. Is it possible to ascertain which style was their best and amend their status accordingly? Many thanks.

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                  • How do I see retired players’ stats please?

                    Even if I select All Players, Retired or not or even key in their name, I can’t find players like Matt Coles or James Logan who just retired for me in 2029. I just want to look back and see Logan’s career record. These are players that have retired during my save but how do I see their stats? I’m supposed to be able to do so aren’t I?

                    Replied to thread.
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                    • Suggestions for Northants :

                      Charlie Thurston has been superb with the bat and earned an improvement. By far Northant's leading run scorer in the Bob Willis Trophy. I've improved his batting ability.

                      Ben Sanderson should be RFM, very much about movement and not pace. Changed.

                      Jack White has made a very impressive step up to first class cricket so maybe due a reasonable improvement. Conscious he may have played on some helpful pitches when you consider the antics of Sanderson and others however he hasn't looked out of place. He's actually a stronger white ball bowler too so unsure if the game can represent that.

                      Tom Sole played half a dozen t20s and a few 50 over games last season yet doesn't get near the side in game. His economy when bowling in t20s is outstanding. Great fielder also. Improved him with bat and bowl, also improved his accuracy rating.

                      Rob Newton is leaving the club at the end of the season and seems to be past his best now so perhaps due a decrease. He's not rated that highly as is.

                      Josh Cobb doesn't really bowl much outside of t20 in real life but when he does bowl in the t20s his economy last season was superb. Unsure if the game can reflect this? A great part time defensive bowler? Improved his accuracy.
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                      • Additionally can I suggest all the Scottish players are removed from the uncontracted list bar Munsey (unless you can have him on a t20 only at Hampshire).

                        Whilst I occasionally like to pick one up it's a bit silly seeing the whole lot of them get contracts and play county cricket when all have more or less tried and failed in real life.

                        Watts is possibly an exception after at least playing county cricket last season.


                        • I'd argue that the Scottish players should be left on the list. Many of them have played English domestic cricket at some stage (quite a few have also played 2nd XI while attached to counties), and they are reasonable selections. The Scottish national players are certainly better than some of the lesser English players on the list who are unlikely to ever regularly play professional cricket.


                          • Originally posted by TheOneWhoBlocksFullTosses View Post
                            I'd argue that the Scottish players should be left on the list. Many of them have played English domestic cricket at some stage (quite a few have also played 2nd XI while attached to counties), and they are reasonable selections. The Scottish national players are certainly better than some of the lesser English players on the list who are unlikely to ever regularly play professional cricket.
                            You're right. However the games AI currently hoovers up basically every player on the uncontracted list and it's a bit silly seeing some of the players who barely made an impression on the second XIs sit in squads for years.


                            • Jake Lintott has signed a t20 only contract with Warwickshire.

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                              • Callum Taylor at Glamorgan probably needs a boost with the bat. I know he's only had one major innings so far but if you've seen the highlights it was a hell of a knock and he looks like he'll be a good player for them. He's dire in game as it is.

                                Not sure dire is the right word, his ability in the live Steam version is similar to David Lloyd's. Hmm, a bit unsure about boosting him.

                                Billy Root seems a bit overrated. He's very good in game but in reality I think he's solid at best and his slow scoring in t20s is a real issue for Glamorgan.

                                Given him a small nerf.

                                David Lloyd seems a touch underrated with that bat, he's a handy white ball opener who scored 3 50s in the Blast last season finishing as by far their highest run scorer and they've really missed him this season as he's been injured. Is bowling wise probably on the edge of being an all rounder too though perhaps still a part timer.

                                His batting ability looks fair to me.

                                Joe Cooke should be an opener.


                                Prem Sisidoya and Andrew Salter perhaps need small boosts, both have been fringe first team players for Glamorgan but don't appear to play in game, I'd also say Sisidoya should be a bowler who can bat rather than an all rounder. Salter has been their best t20 bowler this season in real life and has been a regular and very useful bowler in the t20 side for some time. Roman Walker was also impressive when he broke into the side last year but is an absolute no hoper in game. Lukas Carey also seems underrated as I've not seen Glamorgan use him in game. I'd rate de Lange the strongest seamer with Smith, Carey, van der Gugten, Hogan and Wagg all much of a muchness. Though Hogan and Wagg are very much in decline with Carey and Smith expected to step up and replace their roles as senior pacemen.

                                I've improved Walker. Salter and Sisidoya look fine to me. I've improved Carey as well.

                                Bull and Brown are likely to be released (may already have been) so should have very low potential. EDIT: Both confirmed as gone now.

                                Not leaving until the end of the season.

                                Douthwaite should be RFM, his effort ball might be RMF but the rest aren't. Smith is the next fastest at the county after De Lange. Douthwaite has also been opening the batting in the t20s.
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