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Cricket Captain 2022 Database Feedback

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  • Hilal8844554499
    Waseem jr needs upgrade.
    Asif Ali is very underrated.
    Sajid Khan doesn't play 20 over cricket. He's stil young, he could play 20 over in the future.
    Asad Shafiq is os rather than Ls. Changed
    Rauf should be upgrade.
    Ahsan Ali is part time keeper. I've not been able to find any evidence that he's kept professionally yet?
    Huraira should be little nerf.
    Hafeez bats at 4 in psl change to no. 4.
    Asad Shafiq doesn't play t20 cricket. Retired him from 20 over formats.

    Deepak chahar needs upgrade both bat and ball.
    Thakur is very underrated.
    Ishan Kishan AI selection needs to be improve.
    Tilak Verma is t20 no. Changed to middle order in all formats.
    prasidh should be improve.
    Rahul chahar AI selection needs improvement.
    Shikhar dhawan should be retire from fc. retired from FC/Test
    Manoj tiwary only plays fc. Only been a year since he played 20 over, will leave as is for now.
    Abid Mushtaq is not LM. Now SLA
    virat Kohli should be with Delhi cc. He's not played for Delhi in 8 years.
    Nerf Manish pandey.
    Siraj should be improve.
    Ankit Sharma salary is a lot in ipl.
    Anunay Singh is rfm rather than LM. Changed
    Bangalore Akash deep is RFM rather than RM. Changed
    Rajat patidar mostly bats at 3 for RCB. Changed to middle order
    pujara doesn't play t20. I've reitred him from all but FC and Tests
    Mukund doesn't play t20. Mukund hasn't played any match in over 2 years.

    West Indies
    Trinidad cc
    Terrance hinds is bowling all rounder not batman. He is currently an all-rounder
    Da Silva is fc no. 6 Bats at 8 for WIndies.
    shannon is only plays fc,test. Fair call, changed.
    Sunil narine should be only t20 cricketer. He played List A for T&T a year ago.
    Retire Kieron from od. Fair call, don't see him playing List A again after his ODI retirement
    ​​​​​​Nicholas is os. Changed, but will still be a batsman as we don't have keeper all-rounders.
    ​​​​​​Leewards islands cc
    Devon Thomas has a good fc season needs to improve.
    Nitish Kumar doesn't play domistic cricket in w.i now. He's not in any WI squads.
    Hamilton should be best wk.

    Guyana cc
    Rutherford is batsman only doesn't play fc. He's only 23, he might play FC in the future.
    Add Demetri Cameron.
    add pestano.

    Both are currently in the squad.

    Barbados cc
    Kraigg brathwaite only plays fc test. He's retired from 20 over, he's only 29, he might play List A again.
    dowrich only plays fc test. Not played 20 over in a long time, have retired from 20 over. Will leave in List A as he might play that again.
    Dominic drake's should be improve.
    Kyle Mayers is od and 20 over opener. He's never opened in OD, changed to a 20 over opener.
    Warrican only plays fc test. Only just turned 30, perhaps been a while since he played List A, but I think I will leave as retired from 20 over for now.

    Jamaica cc Kennar lewis is part time wicket keeper. I'd say full time based on how much he's kept this last season.
    Fabian Allen is underrated.
    Andre Russell only plays t20 cricket. Which is why he's retired from all but 20 over in game
    Cotrrell doesn't play fc. Fair enough call, near enough 4 years since his last FC match, nearly 33.
    Oshan Thomas doesn't play fc. He's only 25, I won't be retiring him from FC. He played for WIndies A 18 months ago in FC.

    Windward islands cc Kevam hodge is an od openerOnly opened twice in OD, batted 12 times at #6.
    McCoy needs boost.
    Shermon lewis needs boost.

    South AfricaTian Koekemoer is RFM rather than OS. Changed
    Shane dadswell is RFM bats Mostly at no. 6 in fc t20 od. Changed to RFM. Spent most of his career opening, only batted at no6 once in 16 innings.
    Keegan Peterson is pt wk. Changed
    Tubbs is little overrated.
    de swardt is fc no. 6 not no. 8. Batted as many times at 8 as he has at 6.
    Justin dill is overrated. He's not in the CC2022 database. He's playing cricket in the USA currently.

    Sam's needs improvement.
    Tim David should be upgrade in t20.

    Sri Lanka Pathirana should be RFM. Changed
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  • muzzy
    Moeen Ali and Adil Rashid are available for test selection, both are retired from tests in the current patch. Changed.

    Players that should be retired from first class cricket:
    Chris Green
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  • Sureshot
    started a topic Cricket Captain 2022 Database Feedback

    Cricket Captain 2022 Database Feedback


    Before you do anything else, please ensure you've read this below. I'm repeating this, as it is very important, hopefully showing you some of our calculations you will better understand how players should be rated..

    All aggression rates are now determined directly from data using a player’s strike rate. We no longer have aggression categories, so the aggression ratings you see are an indication to give a quick assessment and are based on the strike rate. For the first class cricket this is directly taken from the data. For OD/T20 players we take a weighted average based on their strike rate in OD and T20 matches. Some players have changes to weight their FC strike rate based on the OD/T20 strike rate if their aggression would be a long way apart in each category.

    For first class cricket, the strike rate indicator is based (roughly) on:

    > 63% very aggressive
    < 63% aggressive
    < 56% normal
    < 50% defensive
    < 45% very defensive

    For OD and T20 cricket the Strike rate is a combination of OD and T20. There are weightings based on the lower range of strike rate multiples from the average in T20 of 126% compared to OD (average strike rate 83%).

    Please post database feedback in here. As much detail the better.

    Bowling speeds are RM > RFM > RMF > RF.

    We have new opener types, we can now have

    - FC & OD only openers
    - FC & OD only opener all-rounders