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Cricket Captain 2022 Database Feedback

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  • ruby23
    Observational after a few saves:
    Khawaja needs a boost, Puckowski skills to be reduced slightly Both abilities are fair.
    Sam's need a boost for T20 HIs ability is fair. Having a poor season with Essex, his last couple of years have been week.
    Zazai needs boost for T20 Which Zazai? There are 6 Afg cricketers with Zazai surname. 2 have played International.
    Farooqi needs boost Fair call, have improved.
    Naib needs boost in ODI I've tweaked his ODI selection, his ability is fair.
    Shakib needs boost in batting overall across all formats His form with the bat has been poor since his return. His ability is fair.
    Ebadot Hossain needs boost in Tests Tweaked his Test selection
    Khaled Ahmed needs boost in Tests Tweaked his Test selection
    Lees need a boost in Tests Slightly tweaked
    Anderson needs to opening bowler His ability is fair, if someone is taking the new ball instead of him, can you tell me who?
    Mills need boost in T20 His ability is fair
    Willey needs boost in ODI His ability is fair
    Stokes batting position to be higher in T20 & bowling nerf Bowling ability is fair.
    Rath skills to be reduced Have reduced
    Chahar (Deepak) needs boost Fair call, have improved.
    ​​​​Thakur needs a boost Very well rated in game. I've tweaked his Test selection.
    Wagner needs a boost in Tests Ability is fair, have tweaked Test AI pick.
    Sodhi needs a boost in T20 Ability is fair, have tweaked 20 over int AI pick.
    Erwee needs boost in Tests Only played a couple of Tests, he's a backup Test opener, isn't he?
    Shamsi needs boost in T20 and ODI Ability is fair, have tweaked his AI pick selection.
    Rabada opening bowler across all formats I've nerfed Stuurman who was too good. Again, if someone is taking new ball instead of him, I need to know who.
    Vishwa Fernando needs boost in Tests Tweaked his AI pick
    Theekshana needs boost in T20 Tweaked his AI pick
    Shanaka needs boost in T20 and ODI Tweaked his AI pick and improved with the ball, as he wasn't quite good enough.
    Ervine needs to be nerfed His ability is fair.
    Williams need a boost Improved with the bat.
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  • muzzy
    I have played a few saves now and these players need improving:
    Rehan Ahmed Done well in the U19 WC, having a good season with Leics. Will improve.
    Danial Ibrahim He's a young player, he'll be good in same saves, bad in others. In his career so far he's shown some promise, but not setting the game on fire yet.
    Tim david He's at the same level as Bairstow and Buttler in the game, that's fair.
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  • IGetOutToFullTosses
    Wells has been delisted by Adelaide Strikers Done
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  • Jachiche
    Moving over my comment from the bug thread so its in the correct place:


    Ross Adair is a bowler in game. In real life he is a batting all-rounder, who sometimes opens the batting and often doesn't bowl at all. Changed

    Nathan McGuire is a batsman in game, but IRL does also bowl occasionally (more for Ireland U19s, as his domestic team is full of bowling options), he's still young so will bowl more as his career develops Changed

    A Hickey's first name is Adam (Adam Garrett Hickey to avoid confusion with Durham cricketer who is also Adam Hickey) Ha, good to know they aren't the same.

    Tyrone Kane is a bowler in game, but an all-rounder IRL (bats at 3 for Munster) Changed

    Mark Adair is a bowler in game, but an all-rounder IRL (bats at 5 for Northern Knights, scored a 100 the other week) Changed

    Gavin Hoey is also an allrounder, scores a lot of runs at lower levels and will bat more prominently for his interpro team in future. Scored a T20 hundred in a Universities match (Irish Unis vs Cambridge) this week. Changed

    Rory Anders probably should not be RF, he's not that quick, maybe even RFM would be more accurate. Dropped to RMF for now.
    Conor Olphert, who is RFM needs a speed increase. He's a big, quick, Boyd Rankin-esque bowler who can hit about 85mph Changed to RMF.

    The following have played Interpro cricket this year/last year, but are not in the game: Cade Carmichael Added, Jamie Grassi Has he played any cricket in Ireland since playing for Italy in October? I can't find anything, Cormac Hassett Was in the DB, but with wrong country. Now fixed., Ruhan Pretorius Same as Hassett.

    PJ Moor is switching to Ireland, but is still with Zimbabwe in game (will be playing for Ireland Wolves next week) Changed

    Also playing for Wolves but not in game: Philippus Le Roux Added (and Cade Carmichael)
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  • boonz101
    Will Young should probably be an opener Changed
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  • r_j
    Originally posted by muzzy View Post
    Players that should be retired from first class cricket:
    Chris Green
    Disagree that Chris Green should be retired. He often plays 2nd XI red ball cricket, and played a match just last year in both England and Australia, but just hasn't found a team to take him on unfortunately. Same reason he hasn't played List A matches in a few years either.

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  • adnanm28
    Tasmania: Nick Davis bowls right arm pace, rfm in particular. He is also a Right Handed Bat in real life, happens to be Left Handed in game. Changed.
    Silk no longer happens to open in FC cricket, he used to. But it is now Jewell and Ward up top.

    NSW: Riley Ayre is contracted to NSW while he doesn't have a contract in real life.

    Glamorgan: Daniel Douthwaite has seven wickets in 28 overs in the blast this season, he's just a batter in the game, I believe he's at least a batting all-rounder if not a All-Rounder. Agreed and changed.
    Andrew Salter isn't really a opener, he's a makeshift opener with Eddie Byrom out, now that Byrom is back, he's back down the order. Makeshift or not, I do feel he could do a job opening as he's played there this season. Whilst he may not again.
    Sam Northeast doesn't seem good in game, it might just be poor form, but can you have a look. I feel his rating is fair, he's had a poor couple of years. Possibly settling in at Glamorgan, so may change in future.

    Middlesex: Nathan Sowter's on a loan deal to Durham that could possibly be permanent, if moving him isn't an option, his contract length should be down to 1 year. Lets see how this pans out for the next few weeks.

    Sussex: I believe Tom Clark needs a slight buff with and ball considering how he's going this season. His rating is fair with the ball. Improved with the bat.

    Saqib Mahmood's picked up a similar injury to Matt Fisher and should be out accordingly. Okay, fixed an issue with his injury code.
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  • muzzy
    Moeen Ali and Adil Rashid are available for test selection, both are retired from tests in the current patch. Changed.

    Players that should be retired from first class cricket:
    Chris Green
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  • Sureshot
    started a topic Cricket Captain 2022 Database Feedback

    Cricket Captain 2022 Database Feedback


    Before you do anything else, please ensure you've read this below. I'm repeating this, as it is very important, hopefully showing you some of our calculations you will better understand how players should be rated..

    All aggression rates are now determined directly from data using a player’s strike rate. We no longer have aggression categories, so the aggression ratings you see are an indication to give a quick assessment and are based on the strike rate. For the first class cricket this is directly taken from the data. For OD/T20 players we take a weighted average based on their strike rate in OD and T20 matches. Some players have changes to weight their FC strike rate based on the OD/T20 strike rate if their aggression would be a long way apart in each category.

    For first class cricket, the strike rate indicator is based (roughly) on:

    > 63% very aggressive
    < 63% aggressive
    < 56% normal
    < 50% defensive
    < 45% very defensive

    For OD and T20 cricket the Strike rate is a combination of OD and T20. There are weightings based on the lower range of strike rate multiples from the average in T20 of 126% compared to OD (average strike rate 83%).

    Please post database feedback in here. As much detail the better.

    Bowling speeds are RM > RFM > RMF > RF.

    We have new opener types, we can now have

    - FC & OD only openers
    - FC & OD only opener all-rounders