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  • Originally posted by TheOneWhoBlocksFullTosses View Post
    Based on yesterday's ODI-

    Curtis Campher should be RFM if not RMF instead of RM (he was bowling at up to 85mph/136kmh).
    Craig Young should be RMF (he was bowling above 87mph/140kmh) and has gained significant pace since last year.
    Also Niall O'Brien said David Delany bowls 90MPH so should be RF

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    • Interesting to see Lammonby opening for Somerset in the friendly and now today as well. Did wonder if Abell would go back opening and seemingly not.

      All through the age grades Lammonby was THE batsman to watch until Banton broke through last season. If he comes good and makes that opener stick you just know he will be one of those annoying players the game can't handle who opens in first class but is a white ball middle order player!


      • Only found out today Ben Slater has gone too Leicestershire


        • Originally posted by Nath7490 View Post
          Only found out today Ben Slater has gone too Leicestershire
          He's only there on a 2 week loan.


          • Theres alot of loans about these days i think a loan system would be a great new feature for the future. Ben Slater and techniquely Bresnan is on loan at Warwickshire too


            • James taylorsurrey fast bowler


              • A reminder to me to check up on Curtis Campher's abilities.

                Improved Campher with bat and ball.

                There will be a new update available soon so all platforms are on the same code. There will be no database update for this next patch, but there will be for the one after, including the addition of the players Springbok 1970 has requested.
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                • Hi Nige, Notts, Duckett gets selected as wicket keeper ahead of Tom Moores by the AI, (same as last year) Evison is an All Rounder.

                  Changed Evison to AR and tweaked Moores.
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                  Proudly supporting Nottingham Forest and Nottinghamshire CCC.


                  • Hi Sureshot , many thanks. I`m really looking forward to playing matches, with the added players. Just out of curiosity, have you ever considered releasing a game, where we enter the players ourselves, using your match formats?


                    • Originally posted by MarksNotts View Post
                      Hi Nige, Notts, Duckett gets selected as wicket keeper ahead of Tom Moores by the AI, (same as last year) Evison is an All Rounder.
                      HI Mark,

                      Thanks, will take a look.


                      • Shannon Gabriel was just picked for a test match and didn't bowl. WI picked five seamers plus Chase and didn't feel they needed to bowl him. All the English spinners are also severely overrated.


                        • J Garth is a leg spinner from Ireland not LM

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                          • Why is Colin Munro still RFM? He's bowled at about 115 kph for most of his career, especially now.

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                            • Derbyshire:

                              Alex Hughes - Hughes is a bit of a part timer in four day cricket, bowls a bit in list a but is definitely an all rounder in the t20s where he's done reasonably well with the ball. Derbyshire list him as an all rounder too.

                              Fair call, changed to AR.

                              Nils Priestley - A batsman who bowls part time rather than an all rounder as in game. Decent prospect. 16 games for the second XI across all formats last season and bowled a cumulative 10 overs so very much a part timer since he had a stress fracture and lost a yard of pace.


                              Matt Critchley - Seems a bit underrated with bat and ball.

                              His record with either isn't great.

                              Harvey Hosein - Maybe defensive rather than very defensive? S/R of 45.69 in first class but showed he can go a run a ball in list a.

                              Improved FC SR last season (50), yes, fair enough call, changed to defensive.

                              Lous du Plooy - Seems a bit underrated with the bat but maybe just my bad luck with him. Also a useful part timer.

                              Good batting ability and his bowling ability is fair for a part-timer.

                              Ben Aitchison needs added - Another youngster, quite highly rated and after a good spell in Aussie grade cricket was linked with a few counties before Derbyshire snapped him up. I'd say RMF and he opened the bowling last weekend so should be first team ready ability wise although it's maybe too early to say just how good.

                              Added as RMF.

                              Sam Connors - Should be RFM as he has added a yard of pace and maybe needs a slight nudge upwards in bowling ability as he opened the bowling for Derbyshire in their first games this season and did well so is first team ready. Also a useful batsman who has played some punishing knocks for the seconds, don't think he will be at 11 for long and will move up to 9 or 10. Dieter Klein/David Payne level batting where he will bag a 50 here and there.

                              Changed to RFM, slightly improved with the bat and improved with the ball.

                              Michael Cohen - Definitely at least LMF, main asset seems to be pace judging from the Notts game compared to the above two who were more about swing. He might even be LF, I've certainly seen it reported he can get over 90mph. Can also hold a bat.

                              Looking around, I agree he should be LF, which he now is.

                              Dustin Melton - Also quick, definitely at least RMF.

                              Changed to RMF.

                              Luis Reece - I feel he should be average aggression based on previous strike rates especially in t20s. May also need a bowling upgrade was by far their beat bowler in the county championship last season.

                              His bowling ability is fair, he's close to going up to average, but don't feel he's there just yet, FC is in Def territory, his 20 over SR is better, but still no different last season to Dom Sibley.
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                              • I`ve just found a new addition for the ATG`s, this is a strange one. Alan Jones born 4/11/1938. He won a Test cap in 1970, playing for England against The Rest of the World, the cap was then taken away. In June 2020, he was recognised as an England Test Cricketer, awarding him with a cap number 696. Hope he can be included in the next update.