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Two Player Game Mode Different?

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  • Two Player Game Mode Different?

    Hi there, I'm sure you don't really care much for questions about such an old version of the game. I have always loved 2013 because it has the 2 player feature with which I have created many all-time greats series as it essentially gets rid of the skill difference between myself and the AI, but also eliminates annoying features of the AI. I have done this many times on an older laptop, but I have recently downloaded the game onto my new laptop and now the 2 player mode no longer allows for the selection of all-time greats. Do you know the reason for this change. (FYI, I still buy and play the new games)

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    I've read the patch notes and realise I probably just need to update the patch, sorry


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      Yeah, I was going to suggest checking the exact game version shown in the Options menu. As long as they match, the behavior should be exactly the same.


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        I'm now unable to connect to the server to update the game. Any ideas why this may be? If the server no longer exists, is there a way to download the game in its final form instead of version 1?