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  • No it just goes to a white screen, no menu or anything really. What happens is I put the disc in then it goe to the menu with the Install and Readme and other options. I click Install and It will just go to a white screen. I will have another look later and see if it works.


    • Two things immediatly spring to mind:-

      1. Is the demo still installed? Shouldn't make any difference but uninstall it anyway.

      2. How about trying this. Go to Computer from your start menu, then right-click the Cricket Captain disc and click open, then double-click setup.exe. This may bypass something if there was a problem on the autorun.


      • The demo is uninstalled and I have tried setup.exe, It didn't work, it goes to a black screen, and when I click on it turns white.


        • I'm out of ideas in that case. Maybe an admin will be able to help more, sorry .


          • Thats ok, don't worry, you tried your best! Just a bit stuck, I could try it on my desktop but that only has 512 mb of RAM.


            • Does your system match up with the minimum system requirements? That's all I can really think of.


              • Well it doesn't, but I have downloded the demos fine and they have worked, and anyway should that really stop the installation?


                • Originally posted by str View Post
                  Yes everything is good . LBW video stops for 3 seconds when the ball touches the batsman's pad . This is the only problem .

                  I use 2 antivirus programs . So PC is fast and virus free .

                  Digital version .
                  There's your problem, there. You only need one, good, anti-virus. Have two and they will conflict. No need for two if you have a good one. I recommend NOD32, I've found Avast! to work well for the free programmes.


                  padderz, What are your system specs? If you say they don't meet the system requirements and yet you run Vista, then I'm not sure why. You need a minimum of 1GB of DDR2 to run Vista, which is perfectly ample for ICC08.


                  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
                    Memory: 3062 MB RAM
                    DirectX: DirectX 10
                    Graphics Card: Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset


                    • What Anti-virus and firewall(s) are you running?

                      Sounds to me like a program/etc is blocking it.

                      When did you last do a system scan with the AV or malware/spyware remover?

                      Are your drivers up to date?

                      Most people don't know this. I recommend going to and downloading that software. I use it frequently, it is excellent. Run it and it will tell you what is out of date. It's pretty simple, any problems with that program tell me. It will run through most of it for you.

                      If you go into Windows Task Manager (Ctrl-alt-del) does it say if the programme is "not responding"?