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    Originally posted by Roberto_J View Post

    Azhar Ali is retired from international T20’s in game. Asif Ali is being selected for Pakistan in my save…
    Yes i know he’s retied in game but in my save he’s getting picked in interntional t20’s for Pakistan. Fawad Alam is getting picked in t20’s as well.


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      Originally posted by muzzy View Post

      Yes i know he’s retied in game but in my save he’s getting picked in interntional t20’s for Pakistan. Fawad Alam is getting picked in t20’s as well.
      Thanks, we're looking at this bug.


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        Chris Benjamin needs to be added to Warwickshire for the T20s. Making a very nice debut today!


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          I've been enjoying the game and I've been having a look at some of the game and have noticed a few things

          I don't think Anuj Dal should be defensive Career FC SR of 44, 44 in FC this season. Not played 20 Over. He'll be staying Def.
          Matt Critchley should be very aggressive, his power hitting was the reason he was used as opener in T20s Don't agree, his SR in 20 Over last season was 110, only 117 this season (117 is pretty much 7 an over).
          Scott Borthwick bat->AR, been used as such since returning to Durham and has always been used as a bowler in T20s where he's been very good Agree, he's back bowling again now he's moved "home".
          Should Paul Coughlin be aggressive rather than an average aggression? I don't think so, his SRs are in average territory. Only scoring at 127 in 20 Over this year (average 20 over SR will be about 135)
          Ben Stokes is hugely underrated as a batsman and a little overrated with the ball in the past few editions of the game, he should be the 6th bowler rather than a 5th in LOIs I don't think he's hugely under-rated with the bat, I've improved him slightly though. His bwoling ability is fine.
          Cameron Steel bat-AR? - he's been bowling quite a lot over the past season or 2 and could possibly make a case for changing into an allrounder, used alot as a bowler in 2nd XI T20s I agree, he's bowled quite a bit for Surrey in List A, I've now moved him to Surrey.
          Simon Harmer could possibly be average aggression rather than defensive Career SR of 49 in FC and 126 in 20 Over. SR of 38 in FC this year and 130 in 20 Over this season. He'll be staying Defensive for now.
          Dan Lawrence's batting & bowling is very underrated, bowled quite often usefully by Essex especially in T20s His ability with the ball is fair for a part-timer. He had a poor 2020 with the bat, but doing well this season. Have improved with the bat.
          Will Buttleman bowling is OB according to cricketarchive He's currently OB in the live database.
          Should Kraigg Brathwaite be retired from T20s? Never played a game in the format Fair call, have changed.
          Jack Taylor switched to legspin in 2018 although I'm not sure if he's bowled in a match since the switch Thanks, have changed.
          Glenn Phillips should be changed from a wicketkeeper to an allrounder (or even an occasional wk - I think there was something similar for Kedar Jadhav) He's currently a part-time keeper in the database. Thus the small bat on top of gloves as his icon.
          I think George Scott shouldn't be very defensive with his strike rate in LA's being 123 He's scoring at 80 in LA this season, very low FC and 20 Over SRs, he'll be staying V Def for now.
          Benny Howell could possibly be aggressive with his batting being more so in the the past few years He's got a pretty significant dataset over his career, 126 in 20 Over, 54 FC and 90 in LA SRs. He'll stay as average for now.
          Toby Albert should be changed from a wicketkeeper to a batter or a occasional keeper. He hasn't kept for Hampshire 2nds or anywhere else as far as I know. He should also be changed from an opener in FC & LA's as he bats at 4 for Hampshire in those formats & only opens in T20s I've removed his keeper status, as I agree, can't see him having kept anywhere. He's opened a few times at various formats.
          Scott Currie is very underrated, especially in bowling. When simming a game he never bowls with batsman bowling over him and when he does bowl is very expensive. He's a top prospect for Hampshire & has done very well at both U19 & 2nd XI level. Possibly could even be changed from an allrounder to a bowler who can bat. I've changed him to just a bowler, and have improved his ability.
          Ian Holland should possibly be defensive, his strike rate is is 50 this year in FCs & also has a SR of 123 (with it being 131 before the start of this season) in T20s. Tricky one, as he's fluctuated quite a bit, but overall I agree, so changed him to def.
          Lewis McManus def->avg. Has good strike rates in T20s in the past few seasons He is currently average in the game.
          Tom Prest is a batting allrounder. His batting is also quite underrated & has good potential, especially after scoring 303 opening vs Sussex 2nds Changed to an all rounder. He's not done much in the LA cup this season, runs in 2nd XI don't mean too much.
          James Vince LA opener->no 3 for Hampshire. Also doesn't seem to be default captain with Northeast being captain at the start Changed to just 20 Over opener.
          Joe Weatherley doesn't open in T20s for Hampshire in real life, he bats in the top & middle order. He opens in FC, I'm afraid we don't have FC only openers in the game.
          I think Zak Crawley should be aggressive based on last years SR With his 20 Over SR of 150, I feel this is a fair call. his FC SRs flutter between average and aggressive, aggressive when in form last season in FC.
          Jordan Cox, Ollie Robinson, Marcus O'Riordan & Hamidullah Qadri are all very underrated I don't think Robinson has done enough to warrant an increase in ability yet, I agree that Cox is under-rated, so I've improved him. O'Riordan is a prospect, but again, he's done little in his career as yet. Qadri's ability is fair for his real world results, he's averaging 39 in FC with the ball.
          Marcus O'Riordan also played for the Irish Academy side in 2019
          Darren Stevens bowling is very underrated Don't agree, his bowling ability is strong and fair. He's benefitted from poor county pitches in recent times, to increase his ability above it now would put him up with England's seamers, which would be wrong.
          Finn Allen should be very aggressive. Should also bowl occasionally in some games He's V Agg in the live DB.
          Luke Wells bat->AR He bowls a bit, but he's a part-timer, like Root.
          Rishi Patel is underrated His ability is fair in game, if anything, he's over-rated, he's had a poor season so far in real life.
          Scott Steel should be an allrounder He's a part-timer.
          Colin Ackermann should be average aggression All his Career SRs are Defensive, he's also been scoring at 42 in FC this season, will be staying defensive.
          Abi Sakande is a RMF, bowled 85 mph+ vs Somerset a few years ago for Sussex Fair call have changed.
          Josh de Caires should possibly be avg as he doesn't have that bad a strike rate in 2nd XI including T20 if I recall. Also should bowl quite a bit in game (batting all rounder maybe?) as he's a regular bowler in 2nd XI where he's been quite successful in T20s, doing well including 4-25 v Surrey 2nds Tough to say on aggression at the moment. I've improved him with the ball.
          Max Holden is underrated in limited overs He's not really done much in 20 Overs this season, poor FC record this season.
          Joe Cracknell should only be an occasional keeper rather than a full time keeper, hasn't kept at 2nd XI level yet and isn't a regular keeper at club level Thanks, changed.
          Stephen Eskinazi shouldn't be a keeper nor an occassional keeper and should just be classified as a batsman He did keep for Middlesex a couple of seasons ago, I think part-time keeper would be more suited.
          Blake Cullen is very underrated, he's been a regular for Middlesex and has done very well and has a bright future ahead Fair call, have improved.
          Rob Keogh is an allrounder and a main spinner in FC cricket for Northants He's not really bowling enough to be an all-rounder, pretty close though for me he's a part-timer. Bowled in 10 innings from 10 FC matches this season, 9 overs per innings. Not really been successful.
          Tom Taylor should be very aggressive, he's improved his batting alot in previous seasons & his strike rate last season in FC cricket was almost 80 He only face 98 balls last season, that doesn't counter a career SR of 44 in FC. SR of 42 in FC this season and not even a run a ball in 20 Overs this season. He'll be staying defensive.
          Sol Budinger - wk->occ wk - agg->v agg - and batting (especially limited overs) is underrated in game, he's been averaging 42 @ 172.94 with 1 100 in the 2nd XI T20 comp this season Changed to part time keeper and V agg. I've improved slightly, but 2nd XI form doesn't mean much.
          Dane Schadendorf - signed a 2yr contract rather than 1
          Lyndon James batting is underrated a little Fair call, had some 50s this year. Improved. Have improved with the ball as he has some decent numbers in FC this year.
          Toby Pettman automatically gets into the England squad in the first season although currently hasn't even played a game for Nottinghamshire This has been fixed in the next update.
          Tom Abell should be an allrounder and also possibly aggressive with his strike rates the past few seasons, he's always used as a 5th bowler in the Championship for Somerset He bowls a bit, but mostly FC. Decent career numbers, but bowled in 56 innings from 89 FC matches, a decent part-timer.
          Lewis Goldsworthy is very underrated in both batting & bowling, very good prospect for both Somerset and had a very successful U19 World Cup with his bowling but in-game he is very expensive He's not really done much in real life as yet, barely bowled in FC this season. I've tweaked his economy AI, but have left his abilities as is, as they are fair.
          I don't think Josh Davey should be very defensive Striking at 42 this season in FC, career SR of 44 in FC. LA SR of 66. He's Very Defensive.
          Ollie Sale should be RMF - comfortably bowling 85+ in the T20s last season Changed to RMF.
          Max Waller signed a 2 year T20 only deal last year Currently retired from FC/Tests.
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            Sureshot edit: Carrying over from previous post:

            Laurie Evans should be aggressive or very aggressive - RFM->OB - also quite underrated in his batting Changed to OB. His career SRs are average aggression. His ability is more than fair.
            Mark Stoneman could possibly be defensive based on SRs since his England debut? Career SR is still in the average range and was last summer (56 SR last season)
            Jamie Smith def-avg His SRs are stilll in defensive range.
            Sam Curran is very underrated in both batting & bowling His abilities with bat and ball are fair.
            Ben Geddes def-agg, possibly even v agg - AR->bat, hasn't bowled in a 2nd XI game as far as I'm aware. Should be made a limited overs opener (T20 at least) as he has reguarly opened there for Surrey sides (though he didn't bat there in his only game for the 2nd XI in a 50 over game in 2019). Now a batsman in next update, and limited overs opener (both). His SRs so far are low, 89 SR in 20 Over this season. Bit tought o tell so far.
            Dan Moriarty's bowling is hugely underrated, superb figures in FC & T20s His in-game ability is fair, doing well this season and I'm keeping an eye on his ability.
            Delray Rawlins should be an allrounder Doesn't bowl that much, and has a pretty weak record with the ball. Staying as a part-timer.
            Harrison Ward should be an T20 opener in game Changed to LA + 20 Over opener, now defensive based on his season so far.
            Luke Wright is very underrated Fair call, have improved.
            Oli Carter should be rated higher as a keeper than Phil Salt (except possibly in T20s?)
            Jack Carson's bowling is very underrated & he can bat a bit His batting ability is fair, but I've improved his bowling ability. Having a good consistent season.
            George Garton bwl->AR, bats in the lower-middle order Improving with the bat, some decent knocks but he's not scoring enough runs to be an all-rounder yet.
            Archie Lenham - def-avg - can bat aggressively & has done this batting higher up in the middle order for both the 2nd XI & in the Sussex League Sussex League and 2nd XI don't mean much. Only scoring at 82 in LA this season so far.
            Sam Hain def->avg Pretty low FC SR, flitters between def and avg in 20 Over. Only scoring at 40 in FC this season, will stay as Def.
            Adam Hose to very aggressive based on T20 strike rates the past few seasons? Don't think so just yet, his SR in 20 Over this season is only average.
            Dan Mousley bat->AR? Bowling a bit, but don't think enough yet to be an all rounder.
            I think Rob Yates should be changed from very defensive to average. I've also noticed he doesn't bowl at all ingame Career FC SR of 40, striking at 43 this season. He's V def.
            Chris Benjamin - def to v agg - he's played 10 2nd XI T20s this season & has an average of 50.75 at a SR of 175 including a century Small sample size, but a fair call on his 20 Over innings this season.
            Jacob Bethell T20 SR should be upped a little as he played 7 2nd XI T20s this year with a 39.40 average and 2 50s at a 155 SR which shows he can bat aggressively in T20s As yet, he's not done much at county level.
            I don't think Henry Brookes should be set as a defensive batsman His FC SR is 50, that's defensive. No real data anywhere else.
            Jake Lintott def->avg based on Minor Counties stats where he's played as an allrounder Very low SRs in 20 Overs when he's batted, in fact, I've changed him to V Def.
            Alzarri Joseph def->agg with past few seasons in mind? Fair call, have changed.
            TKC is massively overrated Agreed, have nobbled.
            Adam Lyth bat->bat AR? Just a part timer.
            Dawid Malan should be changed from a T20 opener to batting at 3 where he regularly bats for England. I've noticed that in the past few editions including this one he doesn't play a single game for England ingame even though he's currently the number 1 T20I batsman in the world. I'm not sure if that's because he's classified as an opener in-game and so others who are higher rated than him get played instead as I have found Malan to be quite underrated in game Have removed his 20 Over opener status, his ability is fair in game.
            Matt Fisher def->avg Pretty low SR in FC, better in limited overs, but also a smaller sample and he bats at the end of an innings. Will stay def.
            Harry Sullivan's surname is missing an l Silly me, fixed.

            For Ireland:

            Mark Adair - under bowling His ability looks more than fair to me.
            Ross Adair - open bat? - LM->SLA - bat->AR? - avg->v agg Now SLA. Looks more part time to me based on how much he's bowling.
            Ross Allen's bowling is very underrated, very expensive when in real life has economical figures Tweaked his ability and economy.
            Andrew Balbirnie is very underrated Don't agree, his ability is strong.
            Andy Britton should possibly be retired from FC? Hasn't played a red ball game in the interpros since 2013 while still playing the white ball formats He's retired from all formats.
            A Crawley->Cawley - very underrated in bowling
            George Dockrell should be classified as an allrounder. He's been batting at 5 for a few years for Leinster Lightning & now has been picked in that position by Ireland Now an all rounder.
            Stephen Doheny - bat->wk/occ wk He now is, also now just an oepner in 20 Over.
            Gavin Hoey bowling is underrated He's only played 2 professional games so far.
            James Hunter bat->AR Changed
            Ruadhan Jones - initals: RP Jones - according to Ireland's cricket archive he's a legspinner rather than an offspinner Changed.
            Seanan Jones - initals: SR Jones
            Graham Kennedy is a SLA rather than a LM. Also quite underrated in batting His batting is fair, is SLA in next update.
            Jeremy Lawlor needs a boost in T20s where he has done well in Ireland, with a good strike rate, also has a strike rate of 144 in the interpro t20s this season Done okay this season in a few games, my concern with Lawlor is that he did struggle in England, I think he needs more time in Ireland before making changes.
            Josh Little's bowling is very underrated His ability is fair for his record.
            Seamus Lynch - should be changed from defensive to very aggressive or aggressive SR of 64 in LA this season, not seeing any reasons to change him from defensive.
            Nathan McGuire should be an allrounder & aggressive rather than very defensive He's now average in next update (based on 90 SR in List A). In 7 LAs he's bowled 12 balls, in 12 20 Overs, he's bowled 20 balls. He's not an all-rounder based on that.
            Kevin O'Brien's batting is very much underrated. Also now retired from ODIs I've improved him with the bat, but he'll stay as unretired in ODIs as he's played ODIs since April.
            David O'Halloran - initals: DJAO - bowling is underrated Looks like he's been solid this season, have given him an improvement.
            William Porterfield isn't retired from T20s or T20Is, he still plays T20s even this year but hasn't been picked in a T20I squad recently but is still available for selection I'm pretty sure I've unretired him from Dom 20 Over. He's not play a 20 Over Int since 2018, I'm pretty sure he's retired from 20 Over Int now.
            David Rankin - bat->occ wk Changed.
            Neil Rock's batting & keeping are underrated Have slightly improved.
            Simi Singh - batting seems to be underrated & bowling very underrated & doesn't seem to be an economical bowler in-game. He's rated fairly in game.
            Will Smale's batting is very underrated in-game. He's batted at 3 a few times in the interpros & also batted well for Ireland U19s in the World Cup qualification tournament in 2019, playing as a batter only in some games. As yet, he's not done enough to justify an increase.
            Paul Stirling batting is very underrated No, his ability is very good in game.
            Jack Tector batting is underrated His ability is fair for his current record.
            Tim Tector - bwl->batting allrounder who doesn't bowl that much - very high potential for Ireland, similar to Harry's trajectory - bats at 4 often - should be changed from defensive to average aggression or even aggressive potentially as he can attack quite well and has done it on quite a few occasions Now a batsman. Current LA SR is 82, 20 Over SR is 110. He'll stay defensive for now.
            Greg Thompson - def->v agg - possibly should be retired from FC? Will leave his retired flags, as he's not played in a while in any format. HIs SRs are low, 46 in FC, 72 in LA. A bit better in 20 Over at 137, but that's still really only average aggression. As a combination, he'll stay def for now.
            Stuart Thompson - very underrated in FC & Test bowling His abilities are fair.
            Lorcan Tucker v def->def, he's good in interpro cricket, with him having a 153 strike rate in the interpro t20s this year, but he does struggle in internationals His SRs in all formats are pretty low, will be staying as V Def for now.
            I don't think Ben White should count be a very defensive batsman. He's also underrated in bowling. On his t20 debut earlier this year he bowled 6 dot balls. He still went at 9 an over in that match, it's a small sample size but his SRs are low. His bowling ability is fair in game.
            Craig Young's bowling is very underrated Disagree, he's strongly rated in game.

            These players are currently missing from the database:
            Jarred Barnes (RFM rather than LM) Not played in a couple of years, possibly past his time in pro cricket?
            Jack Carty
            Greg & Matt Ford - both very aggressive batters with Matt playing as an allrounder for Munster
            Michael Frost
            Jamie Grassi
            William McClintock is missing - was named in Irelands T20I squad - aggressive bat though doesn't always come off
            Greg McFaul Not played in 2 years, will re-add him when he plays pro cricket again.
            John Matchett
            Sureshot edit: Continued on latest page:
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              Originally posted by Hilal8844554499
              Cameron Green bowling is overrated in game.
              Cameron is a phenomenal bowler. Debuted for WA as a bowler and took 5/24 on debut and 7 for the match. He is the biggest talent Australia have produced since Ricky Ponting.


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                I'm yet to finish the first season, however here is some feedback about the Bangladesh squad. The info below is based on newspaper articles and players/coaches' interviews. Adjust the values of the players based on the feedback below if required.
                • Bangladesh number 3 should be Nazmul Hossain in Test and Shakib Al Hasan in ODI.
                • Taskin Ahmed is the most improved fast bowler (currently seen as the main attaking pacer) and his bowling average from now on should be around 30 in the test and 27 in ODI. Should do well in T20 as well (yet to see). His batting also improved a lot -- hit a 75 against Zimbabwe in the test. Besides, update him as RF as he consistently bowls around 140 kmh. He changed his lifestyle to achieve this as he told in recent interviews.
                • Shamim Hossain(02/09/2000) hits the bowl really hard, the bowl goes like a bullet, thus is considered an upcoming finisher for T20/ODI(got selected in Bangladesh T20 squad against Zimbabwe). He should be updated as aggressive/very aggressive and should be considered as a batting all-rounder besides he is a very good fielder( known for acrobatic catches). A possible world-class player(in the future) and limited over specialist.
                • Shahadat Hossain (08/02/2002) is very good at footwork and would do very well as an FC/Test opener according to a batting coach. In the game, Should be a batsman(middle-order) and not an all-rounder.
                • Mahmudullah retired from the Test. He played a Test last month, so won't be retired from Tests until CC2022.
                • Ebadat Hossain also should be RF, he bowled 145+ consistently this year. However, he is inconsistent with line and length. Changed
                • Shadman Islam and Saif Hasan should be selected as openers alongside Tamim Iqbal in the Bangladesh test squad.
                • Mohammad Naim should be the first choice opener alongside Tamim Iqbal in T20, and in the future in ODI as well.
                • Hasan Mahmud and Shoriful Islam are considered the most promising pace bowlers in the country. Hasan Mahmud should be RF, as he is consistently bowled 140+ kmh. Mukidul Islam (in FC), Sumon Khan (Swing bowler), and Shohidul Islam( in limited over format) are also considered promising. Khaled Ahmed improved his limited over bowling (death over to be precise).
                • Saif Hassan bowled many overs in domestic cricket recently, therefore should get a boost in bowling.
                • Tamim Iqbal hinted a possible retirement from a format(most likely T20 after the world cup) by end of this year in order to focus on the other two formats.
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                  Joe Weatherley perhaps deserves an aggression boost given his t20 blast performances?

                  Scott Currie also feels a bit underrated given how well he's done.

                  Currie has been improved.
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                    Jack Brooks for somerset on the game has retired from 1 day and T20, in real life he has been playing in the T20 blast and I think he will probably be playing in the Royal London One Day cup also. Also James Hildreth has been opening in the t20 blast this season.

                    Changed Brooks retired flags.
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                      Praveen Jayawickrama is SLA, not LS Changed thanks.

                      With Zak Crawley's first class batting preference being no.3, I'm using Opener training so that he shows as an opener in this as well. My question is, with him only being in England squads for a few days at a time in the summer, is the Opener Training continuing for him at his county? Also, does match experience in the newly trained position i.e. Opening for England speed up his development into a specialist opener?

                      It would be good if players who prefer no. 3 but are also adept openers still show up with the O icon. This happens with non-specialist wicketkeepers like Ollie Pope for example, so may be worth looking at
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                        Not sure how relevant this is but Indian players being available for T20 tournaments around the world is unrealistic as the BCCI doesn't allow them to play in any of them,


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                          Some problem with player records. Tanmay Mishra has not played any ODI's

                          He played for Tripura in 2019/20. Not played last season, suspect now retired. He played ODIs for Kenya, so he's now back as Kenyan as he's no longer playing in Indian domestic cricket.
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                            Originally posted by ethanmorgan93 View Post
                            Not sure how relevant this is but Indian players being available for T20 tournaments around the world is unrealistic as the BCCI doesn't allow them to play in any of them,
                            I'm 90% sure this is at least somewhat addressed. There were no Indian players available for the first or second season of the Aus T20 comp. No existing Indian players were available in the third season either but there were two regens available as internationals who had never played a match.


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                              Originally posted by ruby23 View Post
                              Some problem with player records. Tanmay Mishra has not played any ODI's
                              Tanmay Mishra played ODIs for Kenya for a number of years.


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                                Pace bowler John Turner in Hampshire's squad for the RLODC squad tomorrow and has been regularly featuring for the 2s.

                                Will be picked up as a debutant for next DB.

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