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Lack of a career history achievments screen for the player?

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  • Lack of a career history achievments screen for the player?

    Hi everyone

    After few years hiatus from the series I recently invested in Cricket Captain 2018 and I've been really enjoying it. However, something occurred to me today that I think the game really needs, which is a manager/player history screen.

    I'm currently 5 years into a career save and thought it would a good juncture to look back over my (admittedly less than impressive) career statistics, but I can't see anywhere where you can go to view this in a centralised screen. Yes, I know you can go to team history and view information there, including stats for each club broken down into 'all time', 'since 2018' and 'current season'. The trouble is where that once used to be enough, it doesn't function well enough in this years' game now that you can switch around managing different clubs/counties within the span of the same save game. I moved from Sussex to Lancashire after a couple of years and although I could easily work out which year I was at which club and connect it up that way, doing this will become more difficult to keep track of over time as the career progresses and you move around from club to club (if you choose to play the game this way).

    Every other sports management game I've ever played has some kind of career achievements/history screen. I believe this is integral to games of this type where the player base tends (like me) to be a bunch of 'stat heads' who every now and then enjoy going back and reviewing what they have achieved in the game. For exapmple, Football Manager collates it all into a couple of screens on the manager profile where you can see a history of what you have won each year, finishing positions, achievements for each club that you have managed and then some general stats for overall percentage win record, number of goals scored/conceded etc. I'm not saying Cricket Captain needs something as detailed as that, but some kind of light implementation where you can at least see on a single screen which club you were managing each season along with finishing positions for each of the competitions enterred would, I think, be a really welcome addition to the series.

    I have done some reasearch and I can't see any previous posts about this, nor can I see that it has been included in the release notes for Cricket Captain 2019 so I assume it's not in the latest verison either (apologies if it now is). I know it won't be backwards implemented for 2018 and nor would that be reasonable, but maybe an idea for 2020 if a developer happens to read this post?

    Any thoughts, or does this just bother me!!?