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    Couple of other things I've thought of - would be good to have some different options for players who don't play certain formats (Eoin Morgan pushing his FC average up to 42 while batting at 3 for Middlesex in the county championship is annoying) or at least prioritise certain ones (or just make Morgan worse!). Also not sure if it's the case currently that players can have substantially different ratings for formats - Morgan is the perfect example of a mediocre red ball player and a top-class international in LO cricket. Alastair Cook is of course the opposite. Cook I don't mind seeing plunder runs against me in domestic limited overs cricket because as he's showing now, he can do that (although he is available for Essex way too much in-game - I think he gets dropped by England pretty quickly plus there's no concept of England demanding rest for centrally contracted players - which yes, might be annoying but would also be more realistic) but there really should be an option for players who don't hit it in the air - Cook basically never hits a six in any format. Chris Rogers was the same - his one test 6 was a massive edge. Last point - again on limited overs - would be that it would be good if, in addition to having players who are openers only in some formats for players to be all-rounders only in white ball cricket. Scott Borthwick, Brett D'Oliveira, Steven Mullaney - these kind of guys are useful limited overs bowlers but just part timers with the red ball.


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      In the custom match series mode can we please have an option where you can choose a team of players using the whole database available ?

      The user could then create an all star xi game or pick a combined England and Australian team to play against an Indian and Sri Lankan xi. Would also allow the user to play the ECB North v South style game.
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        Originally posted by Oli987 View Post
        1. More batting options in addition to sliders, especially for limited overs games. I'd like to see options to "rotate the strike" and "look for the boundary." I find that batsmen play out too many dot balls when they're on less than six bars, or less than seven in T20. This is particularly noticeable when players first come in and play out too many dot balls, and particularly problematic in T20 - if they're on six bars they tend to score too slowly, seven or more and they're likely to get out straight away, often triggering a collapse.
        2. Relating to point one, some players need to be consistently better at scoring quickly from the start of their innings. The choice in T20 is far too often to either score at less than a run a ball, or for most players to get out in single figures on seven bars. The match engine is generally alright, but far too often a good score is reliant on one or two players getting in and scoring big, with everyone else getting out in single figures. You rarely have a T20 innings where multiple players have cameos of 20-30.
        3. The ability to see a pitch and weather forecast before you select your squad for a home test, or at least the ability to select a 13 man squad, and "release" one of the players a day before. You might want an extra spinner, seamer or batsman depending on the conditions.
        4. An international calendar on domestic games when you're signing overseas players.It's good to know when players might be unavailable during the season.
        5. Green pitches that are trickier on the first morning but gradually flatten out by the end of the first day,and are at their easiest to bat on by day 2-3.
        6. Being able to select fielding positions from a drop-down menu rather than having to drag them into position.
        I can't agree enough with most of that, but point 1 (bolded) in particular is huge. It drives me insane that having a player on 6 bars of agression in a T20 will still only average less than a run a ball. Anything 5 bars or higher should surely be looking to push for at least 7 an over. On the flip side, there's nothing more infuriating than seeing a player get run out when you've got them at zero bars (if anything, having them on zero seems to increase the run out likelihood).

        You would have thought something like:
        0 bars aggression - No shot offered unless the ball is either just outside off, or in line with the stumps. Striking at about 1 an over.
        1 bar - Much the same with no shots being offered, but slightly more likely to try and work a straighter ball into space. Striking at about 1-2 an over.
        2 bars - The odd should offered outside off, no lifted shots though, and looking to score at about 2-3 runs an over.
        3 bars - Reasonable chance of a shot outside off, looking to score at 3 an over for most batters (aggressive and very aggressive batsmen should be looking for 4 or 5 an over)
        4 - 5 bars - Aiming to rotate the strike every ball and pushing singles wherever possible. You'd expect at least 5 an over for everyone but defensive batsmen
        6 - 7 bars - Anything loose should be attacked aggressively. More risky singles attempted. Sixes should start appearing at a reasonable rate. You'd expect at least 8 an over from everyone here.
        8 bars - Swinging at absolutely everything, and looking for singles irrespective of how risky it might be. This really should only ever be used with one or two overs left in a match as wickets should fall very frequently at this level. They should never, ever, leave a ball or block it.


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          Oh and just further to my previous point, batsmen currently seem to choose their own aggression to a certain extent, and it shouldn't be the case, it should be purely dictated by what aggression you set them at.

          For example, if you bowl a team out for 90 in a T20 match, no matter what aggression you put your guys on, they'll have a stack of dot balls as they just leave them outside off and block. If you set them at 7 or 8, they should never be doing that (even if you only need to score at 3 an over, sometimes you want to get it done quickly so you get a good NRR boost).