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    This format seems to be completely broken both on 2021 / 22 edition of the game.
    playing on either east mode or normal mode you just cannot get a decent run going at all.
    bowled out in 6 matches on either level for no more than 90 runs.
    I have looked through this forum for tactics etc but absolutely nothing seems to work…
    White ball game really letting this game down for me.

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    Have you read this thread?

    Even when batting with default aggression (or more even more conservatively) on batting pitches with good players and a short tail, I am being bowled out for ridiculously cheaply regularly. And if I ever try and go harder to chase a score or set a high target then it goes even worse. This is the same even when I play on easy

    Batting in white ball is easier in 2022 than 2021, new ball impact has been reduced and the significance of the settled rating is massively reduced.


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      When I first played 22 I really struggled batting in white ball more than in any previous CC, particularly in T20, however I do tend to start a save with a lesser team (whether it be domestic or International) to try and build them up, so I put it down mostly to having a weaker team than the CPU.

      My advice would be to persist with whichever method you’ve used on previous versions and hope it starts to yield results. I got myself in a right tangle reducing the starting aggression of incoming batsmen but all it did was reduce the run rate and therefore put more pressure on my batting line up as a whole to post a score. As soon as I went back to a more bold/aggressive approach my lads started regularly posting 200+ scores in T20. Try to put the pressure back on the bowlers

      I think batting order can be quite important also. I think you want your best batsmen facing as many deliveries as possible in T20 generally so try to open with them/bat them at 3 or 4 if you can.

      I’m also not completely rigid with my order. I try to have a combination of LHB/RHB’s in my order (Obviously ability is still paramount and should definitely be your first consideration) to try to make the bowlers have to constantly change their lines, and will occasionally bring left handers in when a right handers at the crease, and vice-versa. If I have an ultra aggressive ‘finisher’ down at 6, I may promote him if we are fairly deep in the innings and I need quick runs. Lastly, take note of your batsmen’s preferences. If the CPU is rolling with spin at each end, maybe promote your spin specialist up the order a little to see if he can take advantage of his favourite type of bowling.

      Hope some of this helps, and just know you’re not alone in your struggles as I have seen various posts from people experiencing similar difficulties, including the thread Sureshot linked earlier.

      Sureshot sorry to be that guy, but are you able to confirm if the next patch is still imminent? Chomping at the bit to start a Bangladesh or Sri Lanka save, but don’t want to start it pre-updates so currently feel like I’m in ‘Cricket Captain limbo’


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        TBH I've found it much the same overall, with a decent team I average 160 with the bat in T20s, 265 in OD matches, in various tournaments and with teams of varing ability.

        I have found it wasier to go harder with new batsmen coming in, their strike rates seem to be higher


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          I have played a lot of one sided games (online) with my team putting up scores of anything between 170 and 222 almost regularly., with the opposition getting bowled out for 100 and thereabouts.
          I don't believe my bowling is great by any standards but wow! I am impressed.


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            ODI games have been much closer. The best option is win the toss and bat, works 99 out of the 100 times. It gets much easier defending a target rather than chasing one.... in my personal opinion of course.
            I haven't played much in terms of tests, but they seem to be far more difficult to win in comparison to the t20's


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              Thanks for all the info
              i have kept going with my latest save with Leicestershire and adding some youth and experience in my 2nd season has made a big difference.
              Got to the QF of ODi in 1st season and currently sitting top of county champ as we speak.
              fine tweaking appears to have massive effects on balance throughout but I guess that’s what makes for more realism.


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                At county level the inclusion of just one better (or in form) batsman or bowler can be the difference between a loss and a draw or between a draw and a win. This is pretty true to life, I follow Glamorgan and two over winter signings have really helped make the difference.

                I find that in game the quickest way to improve LO performance is to focus on improving the bowling. The rationale is simple, the easiest runs to score are the ones you don't have to get.

                The OD cup is the easiest in which to get quick results with a slightly improved squad, all the best LO players are tied up in the hundred so if you can find one or two good players not in the tournament you are at an immediate advantage. It's just a shame that the prize money for the OD cup is so low it doesn't even make it worth signing one OD specialist.


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                  OK, I've read this and the other thread but still having little joy in T20.

                  cde's tactic of sticking on 7 for most of the innings does indeed get you to 140-160 very consistently.

                  But there are people here talking about hitting 200+. I haven't got close to that!

                  Every time I deviate from slow and steady I collapse in a pile.

                  So can I hear about tactics from someone who's reached 200 in T20 pls? The AI can do it, so why oh why can't I?



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                    No need to reach 200+ if you bowl first and restrict the opponent to a good score. I find the AI is far less aggressive if they are the ones setting the pace so bowling first is usually my easiest path to success.

                    Assuming it's a 50/50 to win the toss, then another 50/50 to lose and be sent in to bat first, you'll only need to pull good first-innings batting performances about a quarter of the time. When I bat first, I go aggressive with my openers (7 or 8 bars depending on conditions) and hope they get through the opening for 4-6 overs. Any new batsmen that come in, I leave on 6 bars of aggression until they start hitting boundaries, then I'll increase their aggression if their SR is <120. At about the 15-over mark, if I still have genuine batters left in the sheds, I'll go up to 8 bars and hope to get to a large 200+ score. Sometimes it works, sometimes I lose a couple of quick wickets and limp over the line with my all-rounders for about 170. Of course, this is an ideal scenario, sometimes I end up losing five wickets in the powerplay and try to a defendable total with the dregs of my lineup just to make a match of things.


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                      Thanks for the reply Wilted

                      Leads me neatly on to bowling - have you (or anyone else) had to change up tactics for 22?

                      The old 'hang it outside off stump at zero aggression' seems less effective than it used to be!


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                        Last 3 game versions for T20 I’ve bowled ‘outside off’ at 2 aggression with success, then dropping to zero when batsmen reach 25 runs.
                        Players tend to be hooked on batting, their batsmen, their aggression and how much they hope to score!
                        For me bowling is paramount, economy is key, cut off supply by using excellent bowlers. Get bowlers on board with at least 8.00 economy, under 7.00 if you can, there are some even under 6.00!
                        It’ll take a few seasons to find these guys, and when you do you’ll never need to get anywhere near 200+ runs.


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                          I do think that teams get bowled out too often in T20 games in this version. There's also WAY too many LBWs in limited over games, some games I'm getting six LBWs.

                          I think the game struggles to replicate how good real players are at rotating the strike now and after the fall of a wicket they'll often nurdle singles for a little bit.

                          I also feel that you almost always lose a wicket when you increase the aggression, no matter how much.


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                            This will likely be different for longer, domestic T20 tournaments but these are the results of my latest year of T20 cricket playing for Australia. The batting tactics I use are the same as I detailed above and old reliable outside-off-defensive for bowling. I cannot stress the importance of selecting players with a high form rating.

                            World Cup Game 1
                            ENG 6-165
                            AUS 5-166 (19.1 overs)

                            World Cup Game 2
                            AUS 6-211
                            IRE 5-167

                            World Cup Game 3
                            AUS 1-197
                            NEP 129 (18.3)

                            World Cup Game 4
                            IND 7-186
                            AUS 9-182

                            World Cup Game 5
                            SL 88 (14.4)
                            AUS 5-88 (12.1)

                            World Cup Semi
                            NZ 9-163
                            AUS 5-165 (19.4)

                            World Cup Final
                            AUS 1-169
                            WI 6-172 (19.0)

                            vs SL (rank 6) Game 1
                            SL 110 (14.5)
                            AUS 5-111 (13.3)

                            Game 2
                            ​SL 8-136
                            AUS 2-137 (16.1)

                            vs WI (rank 10) Game 1
                            WI 126 (19.5)
                            AUS 8-127 (20.0)

                            Game 2
                            AUS 3-225
                            WI 9-160

                            Game 3
                            AUS 84 (16.1)
                            WI 0-85 (6.5)

                            Aside from the T20 final loss, which I'm still kicking myself over, this was a successful year for me in T20s and shows bowling first is ideal. When the opposition batted first, they averaged just 139 runs compared to 178 batting second (excluding the final game vs WI). Chasing down an extra forty runs makes winning much harder when batting first so bowling first is always my choice. In the games where I did bat first, I got mixed results, but for the most part, was able to set generally high scores but was not guaranteed to work every game as seen in the last game of the year. Game 2 vs WI was the ideal scenario for my strategy, where an aggressive opener carried his bat through the entire innings at eight bars of aggression while being supported by the rest of the team. Most of the time one of the openers is able to survive to the end of the powerplay but if not, I'd play safely until the 15-over mark and then raise aggression eight bars again until the tail started to come in.


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                              I'm 100% with bowling first, though it is only marginally more successful. The easiest runs to get are the ones the opposition doesn't make.

                              I haven't changed my bowling tactics at all and so far in CC2022 my T20 win rate is 76%, 90% in OD matches. That includes English domestic (starting from a lowish base) and internationals as England.

                              In T20s my win rate batting first is 71% and bowling first 79%. I more often than not bowl the opposition out either way, 60% of the time bowling first, 54% second.

                              The big thing is that I concede on average just 129 runs and they only get over 150 25% of the time.

                              This is not without issues though. I keep a track of what I term completed innings, which I define as an innings that ends in the 19th over or all out. That gives a rough idea of what the batting line up is capable of because chasing 129 is easy and you can fall into having a line up not capable of the big scores. I look for this average to have an upward trend season by season, the last three I averaged 164, 167 and 174 as my team has matured and improved.

                              As for 200+ runs, I manage that about 13% of the time batting first, I actually manage 190-200 less.

                              I have changed tactics with the batting. I now keep them on 7 bars until they are about a third settled and then go up to eight, nine once they are all set. I have also sought out batsmen with big strike rates for lower down the order regardless of their average. I used to go for a balance between average and strike rate all the way down. I find that even if a player only averages 18 but has a really high strike rate then it can propell you to a really big score and can do so without their aggression being through the roof.