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How to bat in white ball?

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  • How to bat in white ball?

    Even when batting with default aggression (or more even more conservatively) on batting pitches with good players and a short tail, I am being bowled out for ridiculously cheaply regularly. And if I ever try and go harder to chase a score or set a high target then it goes even worse. This is the same even when I play on easy mode.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    Which version are you playing 22? Have you struggled on previous versions?
    On 2020 it was quite easy to master white ball even on Normal. The 100 in particular was easy to win. Can you give more info to help members help you?


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      2022 - never used to have the issue as much in 2021, or at least collapses were much rarer.


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        What team are you playing as and what is your lineup?


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          Originally posted by IGetOutToFullTosses View Post
          What team are you playing as and what is your lineup?
          I've done a few saves: Lancashire, England and Gloucestershire.

          Can't remember the Lancs lineups but for England the core was something like:

          J Buttler
          J Roy
          J Root
          J Bairstow
          B Stokes
          L Livingstone
          M Ali
          D Willey
          S Curran
          C Jordan
          A Rashid

          And the lineup for last Gloucestershire game (all out for 104) was:

          M Hammond
          C Dent
          I Cockbain
          G van Buren
          J Bracey
          J Taylor
          R Higgins
          T Smith
          D Payne
          M Amir
          N Shah


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            I must admit that I'm not the best white ball player but win more than I lose and tend to be one of the better teams in any given comp.

            I tend to set my openers on the default aggression for the opening ten overs to try get off to a solid start but any incoming batsmen are set to play defensively. I've found this to be more relevant in '22 since I've had far more collapses in the opening 10 overs than previous versions. I aim to have at least a couple of competent batters left at the 10-15 overs remaining mark then amp the aggression up to add an extra 100 runs to the total. An average total for me is ~280 but if I'm able to play out the final 15 overs with settled, aggressive batsmen, I can get the occasional 320-350 score.

            Bowling first seems to give you a huge edge over the AI. When chasing the AI seems to bat far more aggressively for little cost. I've had the AI chase down multiple instance of 350+ in a series but then struggle to get close to 300 when batting first.

            Selecting on a batsmen's form is a better indicator that stats. A batsman with only one star is likely to make more than a handful of runs before going out.


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              SalisburySyndrome Are you talking one day or 20 over? They're pretty different.


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                Originally posted by Sureshot View Post
                SalisburySyndrome Are you talking one day or 20 over? They're pretty different.
                Both! I go in with the default aggression and get easily bowled out with both!


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                  the best advice i ever got on this forum was to play white ball games ball by ball. default high aggression over after over is a recipe for disaster.

                  in 50 over i will generally start the over with my batsman 2 bars off full aggression. if i hit a boundary in the first 4 balls i will reign it down a notch. hit two in the same space of time and drag it down again by a notch. t20 i apply the same rules but start the over only one bar off full aggression.

                  this is just a very base approach and aggression should still be fiddled with based on playing condition, match conditions and the quality of the bowlers.

                  t20 by its nature is a lot more unpredictable.


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                    In 20 over it's important to use up your resources, yes, when you bat on all out, you can and will lose wickets, but there's no point in not using a good number 6, etc.

                    This year settled doesn't have much of an impact at all. I've struggled in 20 over in the past, but this year I was immediately successful. Ensure your top 4 is your best 4 players. Change your top 4 order if they aren't doing the job. With Lancashire I've had Jennings batting slightly lower aggression than others and using others around him to attack more.

                    OD is more about building an innings, 50 overs is a long time. You can score quickly in the game if you have wickets left in the last 10-15. That might be a better method if you're losing early wickets.

                    As the above post says, ball by ball can be good. If you play over and your batsman gets back to back boundaries in the first over, you don't need to attack had for balls 3 and beyond. In real life they would drop down the risk and score a nice 10-12 run over if they got 2 boundaries in first two balls. Whereas in game they could hit two boundaries and get out when it's not needed.

                    I think in general it's too easy to just click Play Over and lose control.


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                      Bear in mind too that the first year in any save is the hardest. At least that's what I find, and that each year after that is a little easier as a human player is generally better at picking good players at contract time and managing a team over time.