Cricket Captain 2021 FAQ for PC

Cricket Captain 2021 has been updated

You should now all be prompted to update the game through Steam. You will need Steam in Online mode to get this update. You can check the version number you are currently running by looking at the 'Options' screen.

You can click here for a full fix-list.

  • The game crashes as soon as I see the first screen/dialog box.
  • Please disable the Steam overlay:

    - Right click on the game in the library.
    - click properties
    - un-tick 'enable the steam overlay while in-game'
  • The game is unresponsive when I try to start it.
  • Please ensure all Windows Updates have been installed, go to your Windows Update Control Panel and press Check for Updates, install any Windows Updates, when finished restart your machine and repeat the process until no new updates have been found. Staying up to date makes your machine safer!
  • I get an Open GL 2.0 not found error, what should I do?
  • This error is because your current graphics drivers don't support the graphics library we use. You will need to update your drivers. Please visit your PC/Laptop manufactuer’s website to find the best drivers for your machine. Please get in contact with us if you have any issues, we're happy to help.
  • The game starts, but all the text is white, there are no interface boxes and the game is impossible to read.
  • Please see the above solution.
  • I get a zoomed in resolution and can only see a part of the game menu
  • Open Steam and go to your Library.
    Right click on Cricket Captain 2021 and select Properties
    Click on Local Files and then Browse Local Files
    Right click on CricketCaptain.exe and select Properties
    Click on Compatibility and then tick 'Disable display scaling in high DPI settings'
    Click Apply and Ok.
  • I don't see a mouse pointer in the game
  • Please disable pointer trails for your mouse

    Start > Control Panel > Mouse > Pointer Options tab

    Uncheck the Display pointer trails box
  • Performance issues
  • If you are having issues with the performance of highlights or in other areas of the game, then please ensure that all non-essential software is turned off and update your graphics drivers. In some cases, highlights will perform better in full screen than windowed resolutions. If you are using a laptop or a PC with integrated graphics then please change your power plan to Performance.

    Press Windows Start button
    Open the Control Panel
    Go to System and Security
    Select Power Options
    Select Performance
  • Can I play on more than one machine?
  • Yes, after you’ve linked the game to your Steam account, all you need to do is install Steam on another machine, log-in and then you can install the game.
  • What If my machine isn’t connected to the internet?
  • You will need to connect your machine to the internet to install both Steam and Cricket Captain 2021. If your machine goes in and out of internet connection, then we advise to put Steam in Offline mode when you are in a stable connection area. The first time you run the game must be done in Online mode. We advise where possible to use Steam Online.
  • How can I stay up to date with the game?
  • Open the Steam client, click on Library, locate Cricket Captain 2021, right click on the game and select Properties. Click on Updates, open the ‘Automatic updates’ drop down menu and select ‘High Priority – Always auto-update this game ASAP’. This means that if you have updates ready for several games, Cricket Captain 2020 will take priority. Most updates will be under 10MB in size. You will need Steam to be in Online mode for updates to work.
  • How does the "saving to the cloud" feature work?
  • If you have Dropbox installed on your machines the cloud saves will work automatically once you have ticked the “Enable Dropbox” box on the options menu, this will take you to the dropbox authorisation page. If you do not have DropBox installed, you can get it from here: When you save your game it will save a copy to the Dropbox. When you load, Cricket Captain will load the game with the furthest progressed in-game date between the drop-box and local copy. This means you will always be able to play the game that you have played most recently between the machines. This works between PCs, and between PC/iPhone/Android/Mac.
  • Will the game work on Windows tablets?
  • Yes, but not on Windows RT tablets.
  • How do I take a screenshot?
  • Press the F12 key, a notification should appear in the bottom right of your screen to confirm your screenshot. To view the screenshot, open the Steam client, click View from the top Toolbar and then select Screenshots. If you select “show on disk” you will be taken to the folder that stores your screenshots. You can also upload screenshots to Steam by selecting a screenshot (or several by holding the Ctrl button on your keyboard and then selecting each screenshot with a left mouse click) and selecting Upload. You can make these screenshots private or public.
  • I have a Netbook, can I play Cricket Captain 2021?
  • Yes, as long as your netbook has a 1024 x 600 resolution and matches our system requirements then the game will work
  • How are retired players stats stored?
  • Records are now stored for any player who retires that has played in international cricket. These players will appear on the player records statistics screen if you have chosen the option to view them.
  • How do I uninstall the software?
  • Open the Steam client. Go to your Library, right click on Cricket Captain 2021 and select Delete Local Content.
  • How do I load / Delete my saved game?
  • To Load: From the game main menu, choose Load game, select the saved game you wish to load and then click Load.

    To Delete: From the game main menu choose Load Game and then move your mouse over the game you wish to delete so that it becomes highlighted. Press the delete key on your keyboard, you will be asked to confirm the deletion, answer yes to the question, and then the saved game will be deleted from your list.
  • How do I change my options from within the current game I am playing?
  • Choose the Menu option at the bottom left of your screen. This will give you the opportunity to change options such as Highlights Level, look at the rules and select the various Analysis options that are available. You can also change the game options from this menu as well regarding Full Screen, Highlight Sounds, Commentary and Menu Sounds. Use the option, return to match to exit the menu options and return back to your game.
  • How do I save my current game?
  • Choose the Menu option at the bottom left of your screen. This will give you the option, Save and Exit. You can choose either Save only or Save and Exit.
  • How can I change the options Full Screen, Menu Sound, Highlights Sound and Commentary?
  • You can access the options menu in two ways. Choose the options section from the game front menu or choose from within your current game the Menu option, bottom right hand corner of the screen, and then select the Options function.
  • Where are the saved files located?
  • 7/8/10: C:\Users\[USER NAME]\AppData\Roaming\Childish Things\ Cricket Captain 2021