2021 Fix List

Cricket Captain 2021 Steam 21.01 and Mac 21.21

  • Fixed crash issue when finishing an international series

Cricket Captain 2021 Steam 21.00, iOS 21.40 and Android 21.60

  • Fixed addition of youth players for county teams during 100 if less than eleven available. (Steam only)
  • Fixed incorrect winner issue in ODI Championship for World Cup years.
  • Added history storage for ODI Championship winners.
  • Added promotion/relegation lines to SA Domestic comps.
  • Fixed Eng/Ire players not retiring
  • Fixed Pakistan 20 Over Int squad vs Zimbabwe
  • Fixed ducks failing to record properly (Note: Will not fix previous innings, but will fix all innings going forward)
  • Fixed issues with resign captaincy not working
  • Fixed crash when clicking on Internationals during group stage of 20 Over World Cup
  • Fixed PNG/Namibia being playable in 20 over WC scenario
  • Fixed NRR calculation after rain delay
  • Fixed issue with Eng County trophy history not storing properly (this change will only apply when you start a new season)
  • Fixed points carrying forward in Eng County Championship
  • Fixed error with dot ball percentage in domestic 20 over records
  • Updated Eng County Trophy final decider if it's a draw to use first innings runs as a decider. Updated text in result string if the match is decided on first innings run.
  • Fixed missing tooltips for top batsman in match interface
  • Fixed wrong team being assigned winner of Eng FC
  • Added Eng FC Trophy to performance tab
  • Fixed squad picks for online matches
  • Allowed match type retired to play in ATG online friendlies