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    Whilst we want everyone to have fun at the Childish Things forums, there are some rules that must be abided by to enhance the experience for everyone, and to ensure that no one gets offended. It is a condition of your registration that you read and abide by these rules, so please ensure that you do to assist your fellow members and administrators:

    1) No Illegal Software/Conduct: There is to be no discussion of illegal content, particularly software relating to the Childish Things company. The discussion of things such as illegally downloading full versions of games will result in an instant ban, with no exceptions. Additionally, the discussion of engaging in any other unlawful behaviour according to internet, national and international laws is prohibited, and could result in the turning over of your details to proper authorities.

    2) No Offtopic/Irrelevant posts/threads: All posting in the Childish Things forums should be relevant to the topic, and new threads posted should be in the correct forum. Posts that are off topic will be deleted and users will be warned of punishment for repeat offences.

    3) No Flaming: Any posts that are considered 'flaming' (attacking a user directly and personally) will be deleted and offending users will face serious punishments. If you disagree with a member, you may post about it, but do not attack the actual person behind it.

    4) No discrimination of any kind: There is no tolerance for any posts that insult someone because of their nationality, gender, race, religion or any disability. Any members engaging in such conduct will be banned from the forums.

    5) No Sex: Discussion and pictures of anything related to sex will be deleted. This is a forum to discuss the games created by Childish Things, and sex can be found elsewhere on the internet.

    6) No Spam: All members should put thought into their posts. Posts which add nothing to a topic will be deleted, and repeat offenders could face bans. Spam includes very short posts that are either irrelevant or somewhat relevant, but that are not very helpful or useful. Posts that are intended to boost a member's post count will not be allowed.

    7) Correct Language: All posts should be in English, and all words should be spelt out, not abbreviated in 'txt spk'. This does not mean that bad spelling or typos are not allowed, but deliberate abbreviation of words is forbidden. Additionally, any posts in languages other than English will be deleted. All members and moderators must be able to read and understand posts.

    8) No Advertising: This is not a place to advertise your own websites or products/services. Any posts that advertise such places or products will be deleted, and members may be banned.

    9) No Swearing: All posts should use clean language. Profanities of any kind are not allowed. Avoiding the swear filter will see your post deleted, no matter how long or good it may be. If you feel the need to swear, do it in real life but keep it clean for all members.

    10) No Trolling: Deliberately attempting to annoy other members is trolling, and will not be allowed. Trolls will be banned from the forums.

    11) No All Caps (Shouting): Please do not capitalise all of your words or letters, this is shouting and is both impolite and difficult to read.

    12) One Account Per Member: All members are restricted to one account only. The creation of more than one will see all accounts banned from further use.

    13) No Plagiarism: Plagiarism is copying someone else's work and trying to pass it off as your own. This is illegal and if anyone engages in such conduct, they will be banned from the forums.

    14) Read Before Posting: Please use the search function or look around before posting. There's a good chance that whatever you want to discuss is currently or has already been discussed, and this will save a lot of time for everyone else.

    15) Administrators/Moderators: The administrators and moderators are here to help enforce the rules and ensure that everyone enjoys visiting the Childish Things forums. Any directives issued by an administrator or moderator must be obeyed. If you have a problem, you may PM them with your concerns. They are here to help, but you must let them.

    Childish Things Forums reserve the right to change or alter these rules at any time with the Administrators' decision being final.

    The Childish Things Forums Team


    The views written on this board are those of the posters, not those of Childish Things. Please be aware that any slanderous or defamatory posts written by individuals may see them held legally liable. This forum encourages free speech, within the confines of the law.
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    How come when you edit your own post 1-2 times it gets flagged as unapproved? It seems completely bizarre.


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      Just had a post on Cricket Captain 2020 Stories flagged as Spam, when it was an update to the story I'm writing about.

      1) Can someone please approve it.
      2) Can someone change the spam filter so posts that are clearly not spam are not picked up on it?