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  • Old versions of the game

    Where can i get the older version of this game. The oldest version the stores offer is 2010 version. I really want to buy the 2000 or 2002 version. Is there any official place from where i can buy these versions?

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    Ebay often has older versions, mainly used. I am still trying to find a copy of Australian Cricket Captain (1998) version. Passed on it a few years back and now cannot locate it anywhere


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      Is the original, first edition of the game available as freeware/abandonware or even as a purchased download? Have the old disc but no disc drive on laptop these days! Managed to download a demo recently but no luck finding the full game. Nothing I’d love more then blast out a few 18-team Championship Surrey seasons with Bicknells, Hollioakes and all!


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        You could buy a portable USB CD drive which may help. Don't forget you'll need Windows 98 running somewhere. I've sent you a PM if you want assistance.