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  • Facebook Group for Online Games/Competitions/Tournaments

    I just posted this in the ICC2014 thread also so sorry if you're reading it twice and I'm clogging up your day but the word must be spread! (This is a copy and paste job)

    Tired of logging on to ICC and finding no one in the server?? Me too! So I've created this facebook page where we can organize a game or two before we even log on.

    A place where players of the International Cricket Captain series can collaborate and organize games, Tournaments and even World Cups!

    There is the link to a facebook page that has been created so people can collaborate more to play games online. I will be looking to organize tournaments and competitions in future including T20 and ODI World Cups.

    Come and join so we can keep the online spirit of this game thriving, doesn't matter which version of the game you play III, 2006, 2013 or 2014 this will be a place for all players of the game to collaborate, much like a forum but more personal (people are on facebook 24/7 unlike forums)

    Thanks Guys! and Aussies for 2014 WC champs!!

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    Can I join this group on Facebook?