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International Cricket Captain WORLD CRICKET LEAGUE! with RANKINGS AND RECORDS!

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  • suhruth
    i registered but what to do next?

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  • DonEBarber
    Well, I think South Africa and India are at top

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  • awan247
    Australia is at the top of cricket ranking. It also has improved the team for further matches. To watch live cricket matches visit here
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  • International Cricket Captain WORLD CRICKET LEAGUE! with RANKINGS AND RECORDS!

    International Cricket Captain League (ICCL) Online

    Hello everyone,

    An online league of International Cricket Captain 2013 is about to start.

    League structure for season 1

    Everyone begin their season 1 as whole new manager once they registered with ICCL they are awarded with 100 coins then next step buying a team there will be teams India A , India B , Australia A, B and so on. Every player should pay end 10 coins at the end of season for maintenance of their club else their team will taken away and will have to make whole new team again.

    Q. How many international players per team?
    A. Initially zero. There is quota called international quota which can be increased on winning major tournaments where u can have either your own country or any international capped player

    Q. Will taking part in competitions cost me coins?
    A. Only independent tri-series will cost an entry fee in terms of coins. All other tournaments like world cup are free to participate.

    Q. Will there be auctions?
    A. Yes. There will be list auction at end of every season end but additionally during season there will be online live auction for 1 or 2 players at regular interval in case if u want to transfer or buy any player.

    Q. Does this league cost me real money?
    A. NO

    All the stats/records of individual team/player will be recorded in a sortable table.

    If you are interested to participate in the league, register your team on the forum below (click on the link) :
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