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I can't believe what just happened!

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  • I can't believe what just happened!

    Wow! Take a look what just happened to my team .

    Not a clue where a performance like that came from as we were struggling beforehand so it kind of came out of nowhere! At around 700 I had to decide whether to carry on (still had Cook and Bairstow in) or whether to go for the match win. I decided I wanted a record breaker instead .

    My highest ever score in the game by miles (probably nearly double)!

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    140 byes. Injured wicket keeper?
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      Yeah , Michael Clarke was keeping which didn't quite help them ! Surprisingly he didn't drop a catch though so it's still an impressive total .


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        Despite this , the game is still terrible in the T20 department though. With a similar team as above (in the same save) , shortly after that happened , I got stuffed by Canada in the group stages of the world cup (they batted first and scored 198) , fortunately due to some mess ups from others I got through to the super 8's , where Zimbabwe basically knocked me out by bowling me out for 126... Despite Canada doing that in the group stages I still manage to beat Australia and South Africa , where's the games logic there?

        For your info (in case anyone was wondering) , Zimbabwe got knocked out in the semi final by Pakistan...
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