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  • Ipl

    I have not tried out the IPL competition yet and I was wondering what people thought of it? Also, does anyone have a career that they can post on this forum?

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    I play the IPL amongst other saves - Chennai

    Very tactical in terms of custom fielding etc


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      Could you post it onto the forum? Would be very interested


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        Originally posted by jammyd View Post
        Could you post it onto the forum? Would be very interested
        I barely get much time to play let alone post a story mate
        ...but maybe I can post my squad and first XI etc, plus some tactics tonight when I get home
        - is that ok for you ?


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          Hi mate

          sorry for delay in posting

          All I've got for you unfortunately is my squad (2014), team and tactics.


          Batsmen - Raina, Vijay & Kaif
          WK - Dhoni
          LS - Du Plessis, Steve Smith & Afridi
          OS - Maxwell & Ashwin
          SLA - Jadeja & Van der Merwe
          RFM - Dwayne Bravo & A.Morkel
          RM - P.Kumar & K.Pollard
          LFM - Franklin
          LF - Nannes
          ... plus another 6 young Indian guys who didn't cost much and will only play in an emergency.

          As you are limited to 4 overseas guys in a team it goes without saying to get the strongest 7 Indian players possible. Raina, Vijay, Kaif and Dhoni are very strong for me, and Ashwin, Jadeja and Praveen Kumar do the business with both bat and ball.

          Fist XI

          Afridi *
          Pollard *
          A.Morkel *
          Franklin *

          * Overseas

          Franklin & Nannes are interchangable as I like to have a left arm bowler for variation, plus having a RM bowler is good too for the same reason. If Pollard isn't doing it then in comes Bravo.

          I tend to bowl seam at one end and spin the other .. give each bowler 2 overs each then whoever is doing well in terms of wickets and economy gets to bowl their remaining overs etc.
          All seamers bowl at the off-stump, all spinners bowl anywhere apart from the batsmen's strength.
          Use custom fielding (se Scritty's videos for these as I found them really helpful and this was why I switched from the default field placings) ... 4 guys saving a single for all bowlers - normally point, cover, square leg and midwicket, but all well in from the circle, maybe halfway.

          Thats it really - hope that's of use to you ...
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