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Phil Hughes is ridiculously (and hilariously) good

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  • Phil Hughes is ridiculously (and hilariously) good

    Okay, so, I'm taking some time off of my Kent story to play an Australian campaign

    Hughes. He is I'm going to upload some screen caps and point out some interesting points.

    So, firstly, he's 25. Has another 10 years ahead of him if Ponting, Hussey, Tandulkar and co are on form in this game. Maybe longer.

    He's averaging 111.53 from 104 innings (Tests). A total of 10484 runs. This includes 44 hundreds and 20 fifties (yes, you read that correctly). He's averaging 88.57 from 93 innings (ODIs). A total of 7174 runs. This includes 31 hundreds and 31 fifties. As for T20, he's averaging ~55 mark with a few centuries here and there.

    Now, if we extrapolate from here, by the end of his career he could potentially have the following numbers (if current averages continue, I know they wont but this is for argument sake). Test runs we're looking at roughly 29355 runs total (WOW). ODI runs we're looking at roughly 20087 runs total. (This is getting crazy). So, people, this is (not including T20) a total of 49442 international runs. (This becomes more incredible when you look at possible 100s). In tests we're looking at 123 centuries and 56 fifties. In ODIs we've got 87 centuries and 87 fifties. Just nuts. Absolutely nuts.

    Oh, and it becomes even more silly when you look at his current season form. In tests 17 innings, 10 centuries, 2 fifties, 2653 runs, HS of 390 at an average of...wait for it... 176.87. That's right... 176. 176!!! Oh, and I should mention that we still have 6 tests to go this season...yeeaaaah....

    I swear to god I'm not kidding you. Here are the screen caps to prove it:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Hughes1.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	Hughes2.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	hughes3.jpg
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    And there you have it, just thought you'd like to take a look, have a laugh and yeah. Have fun with it guys.


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    Originally posted by Darkconquerer View Post
    Hughes. He is
    Whereas IRL - in tests... he's ermm

    "The Aussie Graeme Hick.... but not as good"

    Might be the best way to sun him up. Back to normal FC cricket where he can score shed loads of runs again in 2013 I'm sure
    The continued lack of stats in ICC is not so much the elephant in the room - as the Brontosaurus in the bathtub.