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Version 10.20/10.21 World Cup Patch

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  • Version 10.20/10.21 World Cup Patch

    The World Cup patch has been released, if you go to Internet Game you will be prompted to update the patch.

    General issues:

    When running the game to patch we strongly advise you turn off anti-virus and firewalls (or better yet, set the game as an exception).

    We also strongly advise that you right click on the game shortcut and select Run As Administrator and that you are logged in to an administrator account.

    Download users:

    If you have issues, you can update the game by un-installing the game and installing again using the download link at the top of the page. To back up save games if you are to do this can be found here:

    Please use this thread for any issues with installing the patch, any bugs/database errors, etc should go in the respective threads still stickied.

    There is one known mistake in the squads, Rainsford is still in for Zimbabwe, we found out of his injury after we'd built the .exe and didn't have time to re-build it again.

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    New and updated version 10.20 (download) / 10.21 (CD)

    NEW: World Cup 2011 game mode added with up to date statistics for the 15 man squads of all nations
    T20 World Cup fix for load/save during tournament causing match skipping
    Updates to player database after user suggestions
    England v Australia test series game mode update
    Fix for all-rounder keeper new player generation


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      Thanks for the update but can you update the original game too? So that the world cup players are all correct in the normal format, and not retired in some cases. Thanks.


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        ICC 2010 Update Fail, Plzzzz help.

        Hello there, i have ICC2010 in CD form. Everytime I attempt to update my game to the world cup edition it updates, but before I can proceed the game freezes. Suggestions anyone?


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          Can you please ensure you are logged on to an Administrator account and when you run the game right click on the game shortcut and select Run As Administrator.

          If that doesn't work you may need to disable your firewall/anti-virus. If the problem persists can you tell me what anti-virus/firewall you use.


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            Hi there, Sureshot thanks for replying.
            I followed you tips; Right click run as administrator, close all background programs and even added the game as an exception to my firewall. But still, there is no success.
            I have AVG 2011 Premium Edition.