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How do I do a screen shot?

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  • How do I do a screen shot?

    For those of you unsure of how to do a screen shot, here is a guide on how to do so.

    1 - Go to the screen you want to take a screen shot of.
    2 - Press the 'Print Screen' button on your keyboard.
    3 - Open up Microsoft Paint
    4 - Click the dotted rectangle at the top of the panel on the left, says 'Select' when you place the cursor over it
    5 - In the white space, right click and select 'paste'.
    6 - Go to 'File', select 'Save As', in the 'Save As Type' selection menu, find JPG and click that. Then name your file and click save.
    7 - Find a file hosting website like Image shack or Photobucket and upload it to there.
    8 - Use the IMG tab links and paste that onto here.

    This website does have an attachments option, but the size of the file is limited to 97.7k for JPG formats. Feel free to use this, but it may not always be big enough.

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    Screenshots should be kept to a reasonable size so that they don't stretch the page on the forum too far.


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      Good point, Graham.

      If you use Photobucket, you can have the image re-sized to message board size. I think other file-hosting websites offer this, too. Also, if you use attachments tab on here, it will be kept in a 'thumbnail'.

      For example....
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        is it OK to do screenshots from Cricket Captain 3 ? Here in a couple, i hope I've done this right and there big enough. Ive tried imageshack and photobucket but i couldn't work out how to do it properly
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          how to do a videoshot?


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            Use Fraps.

            I don't have any experience in using it, but I'm sure the tutorials on the software will explain all you need to know.


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              does this work for ICC 2006???


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                It works in all computer situations of any kind.


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                      When i paste the print screen on to paint the shot is slightly blurred and distorted

                      What can i do too fix this?