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Where to get the 2008 installer?

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  • Where to get the 2008 installer?

    Hey there,

    Been a long time player, maybe even close to the first edition...not sure but a loooong time, put it that way.

    I purchased 2008 back in the day and have had it on my work laptop which I change over every 3-4 years. Last time (4 Years ago) I just grabbed the files and transferred them across and hit the exe file. It gave me the option for using existing key, no problems, game on.

    This time around, I tried the same thing. But because of the change of company, there is no website to get the 2008 version.

    Yes, I could just get a newer version, but I've been playing this saved game for years and I've built up a legacy I'd like to continue with. The game played well and I was happy with it through and through. I looked around this site but couldn't see an installer link.

    Any ideas?