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Manual Patch Install

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  • Manual Patch Install

    After speaking to Chris, he has agreed to release the CPF files for manual download and patch install.

    This will resolve problems some people are having getting their downloads stuck on certain %s.

    The files are available for download here: (Boxed version) (Download Version)

    Instructions for Installation:

    For Windows XP and Vista
    1. Download the appropriate file for your game and unzip the file.
    2. Extract the .cpf file to your ICC 08 root folder (usually x:\Program Files\Xplosiv\International Cricket Captain 2008) - x being your hard drive (usually C but varies from computer to computer)
    For Windows XP continue to step 3, for Windows Vista go to step 3a:
    3. Run PatchEngine.exe which should be located in that root directory you just extracted the .cpf file to.
    4. The game should automatically start, if it doesn't simply run the game in its normal way. If you are using the download version, you may need to re-validate the game using your existing details. You will not have to buy the game again.
    For Windows Vista continue here:
    3a. Right click the PatchEngine.exe file located in your root directory you just extracted the .cpf file to, and select "Run as Administrator." This will give it permission to patch the game. It should then open. After it is done, see step 4 above.

    -If you get a Checksum error, please see this thread for more info:
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    thanks for the link




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      Thanks for the DL.


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        Thats a wonderful news specially for the ones having pings issue from the ICC server I hope this tradition continues in the new games as well


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          What r its effects? Cant see any changes


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            The new patch contains database updates, which will come into effect only when you start a new game. It also makes various alterations to the game engine, which you can't see but will have an effect on, among other things, scoring rates in ODIs and Twenty20 matches.


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              Manual Patch Install

              i need manual patch since ob out till now

              can someone kindly upload it?



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                They are both in the first post.


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                  Manual Patch Install

                  I would gladly help you, but the patch is 7Mb and I cant send it by email.
                  Do you have access to any FTP-server so I can upload it to you?

                  Btw, have you tried to open the file in Winzip?
                  Rightclick the file and select Open with Winzip. Does it give you the same error?


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                    Manual Patch Install

                    Anyone know how large this expansion patch is.
                    I downloaded the game last week and installed it today. Guess i shouldnt have done that.


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                      The manual files are about 5MB in space, a few seconds on a decent connection.


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                        Don't often see you falling for spambot trickery, Sureshot