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  • All Time Greats suggestion

    Hi, couldn't find the appropriate thread to post this in so I created my own

    Sureshot I know the new game is already indev but I was wondering if it would be possible to make it you could select the same country twice in all time greats series. I like setting up fantasy series and this
    would be a great quality of life feature. An example of this would be to pick an all time english XI vs a current day english X!. I know you can filter by country in the selection screen but I the addition of being able
    to pick the same country twice would be much appreciated.


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    Nice idea, but not possible with how much code depends on the country. This was why we created the World XIs.

    However, you raise a good point, in CC2022 you will be able to search by country with the search function. This should help you do do an all time english vs current day english match.


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      Great to hear! Thanks for the reply. Love the games and looking forward to the next one!


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        Would it also be feasible to make ATG squads searchable/filterable by domestic team outside of England? It's easy to make ATG teams based on County clubs such as Derbyshire, Yorkshire, etc. but really difficult other countries domestic teams.

        And if searching by country is implemented, how easy would it be to implement searching for country and decade at the same time, such as West Indies + 70s?


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          It is possible with a bit of work using the ATGs ROW and Home teams to do a South Africa 1960s v 1990s series or similar. For County & State XIs at present the Database is very inaccurate. Two examples, Imran Khan is listed as NSW - he played part of one season, John Snow is listed as Warwickshire he never played for them. It's a good idea but someone has to do the checking.