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  • Cricket Captain 2021 help. Youth players

    Does any one have any tips on how to sign up youth players. Most of mine which are batters that average sub 35 with in bat in FC and sub 25 in limited-overs. My bowlers are getting hit for more than 5 an over in FC and average almost 40. Am I picking bad players or not developing them correctly?

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    Since you are signing them, I assume this is for a domestic team. Increasing youth funding at the start of the year on the budget screen should improve the quality of youth players coming through. You can check their 2nd XI stats to get an idea of how they perform but that's only a guideline as some don't carry that performance over to higher levels. Also when picking a team, make sure they don't have low form (star rating). Often a player's form is more reliable than the stats of a player when selecting them. If a player has low form, you can give them batting/bowling practice and put them in the 2nd XI until their form improves.

    Last thing is, don't expect all youth players to have immediate success. Some will need a bit of experience, some will need technique training. Occasionally you do come across a player who just takes constant wickets or averages 60+ straight away but it might take a bit of time to come across such a player. Or just cherry pick the best players from other teams at the start of the season if you're desperate.