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  • How detailed are you?

    Hello all, just wondering whether anyone goes to similar levels of detail as me?

    For first class games, I play ball by ball when bowling and then all runs when batting - but that's not half of it! I record on my reMarkable the game events and I use excel to analyse opposition batsmen in terms of how they get out and where they score their runs against each type of bowler.

    I play the game about 3 sessions a day so I get a lot of logevity out of a season and the batsmen analysis has really helped me in setting fields to cover strong areas or bowling strategies to target weak areas (although obviously not for G Roderick!).

    I plan to develop an analysis of the in game events too as there are some things bugging me but what to get evidence first - such as wickets falling before a new ball quite regularly. It might also lead to a greater view of how / when my bowlers take wickets - Potts might take most of his wickets in overs 40-60 and Wood might be better than anyone else on perfect wickets.

    I'm happy to share the analysis templates if anyone is interested. PM to get in touch.

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    I keep track of stat leaders for each year like an awards night.
    Click image for larger version

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    Anything more than that and I'm too lazy to do so. I wonder if there is a way to export stats into a spreadsheet to play around with.


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      For CC21 I thought that I would start keeping far more stats, match scores, success rates of various first innings leads and deficits, totals chased and their required run rates.

      I then started keeping year-by-year records for each player to track their progress - hoping to see how training affects their performances and such like.

      I can’t say I have gained much from it except to clarify some things I already knew, but it has been enjoyable.


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        I have also put together a batting performance predictor. I took the 2nd XI of players and looked at how that translates into FC, OD and T20 performances. I could then apply this to young players to help me thin out the players on offer.

        I have in no way played enough to determine if I am at all accurate but there is one thing it does not help with - knowing if a player will sink or swim. There is no way of weeding out the players who just flop horribly other than by trying them out.