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Way more mishits.

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  • Way more mishits.

    Is anyone noticing that there's a lot more edges and mishits going for 4 or 6?

    Just played a game online and there were 8 edges that went for 4 in 20 overs including 3 from the final over to win the game.

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    Yes I am enjoying these. For example some of the mishit sweeps that go for huge 6s look very convincing for t20 cricket.


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      Looks about right! In the real world I bought myself a more modern bat a few years ago and it felt lighter to lift and swing despite actually being heavier than my old bat and had massive edges what use to be a miss hit that could get me out turned into a miss hit that most likely scored a boundary.

      You see it all the time in cricket now.

      As it is just before I stopped playing the handle was chewed by a dog and I went back to my old bat!


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        Can be infuriating when bowling just like real life. I think it’s a nice feature as we often see batsmen swing hard and score 4’s and 6’s off the edge of their bat these days


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          I like it, it mixes things up a bit and gives moments where you're not sure if the batsman is getting caught or a boundary. It seems to be occurring just enough without being overdone.


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            I've noticed there are less edges that go over mid-off/on.