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    Where can I find my saved game files? I do not see them in Steam and documents folders.

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    Robbie329 I googled it and found this post from the developers:

    I'm using Windows 10, so my savegame files are in this folder:
    C:\Users\[USER NAME]\AppData\Roaming\Childish Things\Cricket Captain 2021

    If you're using Android, MacOS or iOS, then I'm not sure...
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      As weetabixharry says, saves on PC are in the above location. It's the same for all versions of Windows, assuming your User Data is on the C drive.

      Mac saves are here:

      In Finder open the Go menu then choose Go to Folder…. In the resulting dialog the correct folder is:
      ~/Library/Containers/com.childishthings.cricketcaptain2021mac/Data/Library/Application Support/Cricket Captain 2021/childish things/cricket captain 2021/saves
      If you can't see this folder you may need to enable hidden folders.

      Android and iOS save access is only possible if Dropbox is enabled, then the saves can be found on the Dropbox app/website.


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        Thank you guys!