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A WCCC fans plea for help!

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  • A WCCC fans plea for help!

    For the first time since ICC 2000 I’m really struggling to get to grips with how to win in this game - I’m 2 seasons in with my beloved Worcestershire, who I was expecting to be rubbish first season, but I’ve won a small handful of games in 2 seasons & can’t buy a run or wicket most games.

    I’m finding the batting and bowling aggression changes confusing (not necessarily in a bad way), so I’m yet to find the best way to get any kind of decent form out of my players & very often get bowled out twice under 200 on a flat deck & the oppo smash 500+ declared.

    So is it just me or is anyone else finding this version a LOT harder than the last & does anyone finding it easier have any decent tips?

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    I'm finding bowling in first class games very tough so far!


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      Yeah I'm finding that opposition scores are higher this time around too. Not sure why, maybe it has something to do with default aggression? More than a couple of times I've been bowling to partnerships where both batsmen have scored 200+ (I've also done it once too but let's say that was a fluke). Whenever the opposition gets a huge 450+ score I tend to aim for a draw since I haven't had much luck with aggressive batting.

      On the other hand batting seems easier for the player as well. Start defensive and turn up aggressiveness after half a session or so. Sometimes the batsman goes out straight away, other times they can tick over a very good strike rate for the rest of the day. Comes down to a bit of luck but I score 400+ more often than I get rolled for <200.

      I also keep an extra batting/bowling practice in my reserves so there's usually someone in form to fall back on during a form slump.

      Mind you this is for the Aus domestic, I haven't played any other careers so far. The Eng comp always seemed more difficult previously.


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        As a fellow Worcestershire fan, I’ll share my experiences so far. In my first season I’ve managed to top the first class group, with Charlie Morris, alzari Joseph and Ed barnard carrying the bowling lineup. I’ve managed to bat reasonably well, but no one has been hitting a high strike rate(otherwise they get out very quickly). When bowling I very rarely go for high aggression so have generally been on 2 or 3 bars at most. In previous games I like to have defensive spinners in my teams and I picked up a highly rated off spinner, but all the spinners just seem to be bashed around at 4 an over without looking threatening, which is disappointing. In limited overs I have completley failed and I don’t have a clue how to bat well, but in previous games I have done well, so it’s a mystery. I think this game is more difficult , but that’s a good thing.


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          I had a tough few years as Hampshire culminating in finishing last in all 3 formats in 2023, (though for the CC I was close to making it into Div 1, the final match saw the team drop from 2nd to 5th in the group, I played the less experienced players in Div 3), and the next year won the CC, the One Day, and the Bob Willis Trophy. Not much changed, I had Conway and Jamieson as overseas but the previous years overseas (Nissanka and Abbott) also did very well.

          I didn't really do much different. Things just fell my way this time, players were in good form and playing well.


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            Glad it’s not just me! I’m starting to figure the batting out a little more, I’m not changing how I use aggression etc but I think that form is a much bigger factor than it use to be, so I’m finding if you have a bad start to the year you’re in real trouble in CC. I don’t know how to fix that yet other than drop a player and hope he can get some runs for the 2s (batting nets don’t seem to do much very often for me).

            bowling however I’m at a complete loss, because I can bowl teams out very fast or I get dominated for session upon session…. Completely agree that spinners seem to be entirely broken, I’ve had both Moeen & Crane in my side for the last 2 seasons now and regardless of aggression settings they’ll regularly go at 5+ an over even against bad players of spin, which is very frustrating (I know crane being a leggy will go for more, but it seems to have been taken to an extreme in this year’s game).


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              Still fairly early in my first season, but I've won 5 out of 6 CC games so far, without doing anything particularly special I'd say! Batting, I've had a score of 500 and one of 400, but otherwise some pretty modest totals. I'm focusing much more on the E.RPO value than the number of bars, so I just move the aggression up and down until the E.RPO is around the number I think the batters should be targetting in each particular over, depending on the bowler, conditions, match time, etc. Seems to be working OK so far as an approach.

              Bowling, I agree it seems really hard to get much joy with the spinners in the longer formats of the game, although I did try a World T20 tournament and the spinners really dominated in that, even though the pitch conditions were not spin friendly. The shorter forms of the game seem to be going that way in real life anyway, so the game seems to be a good reflection. In the longer formats though, it feels like the 2nd-innings phenomenon is still there from previous editions, in that no matter the match situation, the AI seems to go all-out attack in their 2nd batting innings and it can be really hard to tie them down. I've been trying a tip someone suggested in the CC20 forum – bowling at 3 bars of aggression right from the start in the 2nd innings, no matter the match situation – and that has proved to be pretty successful.