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    Saim Ayub’s batting needs an improvement, he is one of Pakistan’s most promising young batsmen.

    He starts the game well and has good potential.
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      Do the players aggression stats get updated/reviewed at any point as some of them are laughably bad. I've only loaded up a few teams but have noticed a few errors already:

      The biggest error by far is Andre Fletcher being Defensive!!! He had a T20I strike rate of 187 last year and his domestic T20 strike rate was over 130 last year. If you have ever watched him bat he's certainly not defensive, I would suggest Aggressive at least. Rahkeem Cornwall in the same team has a strike rate of 149 in t20 and high in other formats also and from watching him bat I would suggest him being Very Aggressive though not sure what the bar is for that so maybe aggressive is fine.
      Ambati Rayudu had a strike rate of 200 in this years IPL, so probably should be higher than average aggression. Similarly, Faf Du Plessis has had over 140 strike rate in the last 2 IPLs but is still rated average aggression on the game.
      It can't be that hard to update these player aggression stats so that they are more realistic, I would understand if this was the bangladesh/afghanistan team that was a bit wrong but these players are international/IPL players and I bet if I look through more teams there will be similar errors. A small issue with the game I know but it is quite frustrating when it never seems to get updated year on year


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        Just seen another funny one. Finn Allen has a strike rate of 167 in t20 (197 in the last year) and a T20I strike rate of 220. On the game he has average agression!!!


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          We're always happy to have feedback on aggression ratings. There's thousands of players in the database and there are often significant discrepancies between match types for players.

          Andre Fletcher may have had a 20 over Int strike rate of 187 last year, but that was only for 58 runs. His Career 20 Over Int SR is only 112, which is defensive.

          His FC career SR is 47, in over 100 List A games it's only 70 SR (which is defensive), only 75 SR in List A last season. 130 SR in 20 Over as a career isn't bad, we'll have a think on upgrading him to average when we do another database update.

          Finn Allen is a mighty hitter in 20 Over, done well in List A as well. Not really got his FC career going, I'm happy to change him to V Agg.

          It should also be noted that we post screenshots of squads up in the forum before release, where we get amazing feedback on the database, including for aggression ratings.


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            Look at Andre Fletcher's recent record though. As I said in the last year his strike rate is 130 which led to him getting a recall to the WI T20 squad. His T20I career strike rate is so low as he played most of his T20I career about 10 years ago. He has clearly changed/developed his game now playing t20 cricket in leagues around the world (even the t10 league striking at 175) and not really playing any first class cricket, he really shouldn't be on defensive looking at his record over the last couple of years which is what led to his recall. Similarly with Du Plessis, yes years back he would not be considered an agressive player, but like Fletcher he has played a lot more t20 cricket in recent years and now strikes at a much more aggressive rate than his career stats would show. I think the aggression ratings should be more influenced by recent years stats than career stats especially for older players. Both Fletcher and Du Plessis have had high strike rates for at least a couple of years now so its clearly not a one off and should be amended in game.
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              The most glaring issue I have noticed is England immediately make Notts player Toby Pettman a regular in all three formats - I had actually never heard of him. I doubt that he even dreams that this could happen. Pettman has been nobbled.
              The following are issues from Surrey .
              Neither Ben Geddes or Nico Reifer are allrounders as far as I can tell , as they have not bowled for the 2nd XI . They are both batsmen. Thanks, changed both to batsmen.
              The last time I saw Mark Stoneman bowl he bowled OB but that does not matter a great deal I guess as he is a pure batsmen of course. Changed
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                Harvey Hosein at Derbs should be def rather than very def, improved strike rates this season and last.Actually, his SRs were better in 2019 than 2020. Career SRs still pretty low and our output isn't suggesting he should be increased. Will leave as is.

                Same for Ben Slater at Notts? 43 FC SR this summer, a couple of decent List A innings, but will be staying as V Def for now.

                Graham Clark seems a touch underrated in t20 batting as he isn't getting in the Durham side despite being a fixture in reality. Same for Adam Hose and Ross Whiteley who are innefectual and don't play much.

                Tweaked Clark and other Durham players to rebalance the Durham 20 over team.

                Improved Hose and made limited overs opener.

                Tweaked Whiteley's selection

                David Lloyd at Glamorgan could have his bowling improved slightly, the AI doesn't use him much. Joe Cooke also looks a useful part timer for them (bowling has been better than batting though not bowled enough to be an all rounder).

                Lloyd's record isn't particularly impressive, his ability is fair.

                I've improved Cooke

                Tom Smith first class bowling seems overrated, taking wickets for fun in my save whereas in real life he's only really useful in t20 (where he is very economical indeed).

                Changed Smith to a bowler only, slight decrease in wicket taking ability.

                Rob Yates batting slight increase?

                Having a decent season, his in game ability looks fair compared to his season.

                Hameed an increase? Not playing for Notts too much in my save.

                Agreed, decent last season, really good season this year. On verge of playing for England again, decent improvement.

                I would contend that Luis Reece's bowling is a touch too strong in all formats and batting a touch too weak in t20. In my current save averaged 13 with the bat in his last 19 t20 games. Compare to real life where he has 4 fifties this season. He's been a brilliant t20 batter this season but this isn't reflected in game currently across all saves I've had so far.

                His batting ability is fair, I've nobbled his bowling, as that looks to be over-rated.

                Conners isn't playing any first class cricket in game so may need his bowling increased, when I've played as Derbyshire he's been poor averaging over 40 with the ball. I'd also say he's still RFM, he bowls with ok pace but markedly slower than Scrimshaw or Cohen.

                Changed to RFM, tweaked AI selection and abilitiy. I've now removed Stanlake, as van Beek is his replacement.

                Scrimshaw not playing for the AI in t20, given his real life bowling in the Blast this season may not looked at as he was superb. When I've been Derbyshire he's bowled economically which is good but not taken the wickets he has in real life.

                Improved Scrimshaw and tweaked AI selection

                Would still contend Miles Hammond is underrated slightly, awful in game yet has struck 3 lovely 50s in real life recently and bagged a hundred contract.

                HIs ability in game is fair, he's not exactly setting this season on fire so far, even with a 100 contract.

                Lewis Hill still seems underrated as he's not getting picked in first class. Hill has been very good in all 3 formats this season in real life. Would also still contend Lilley is underrated with the bat, not being picked at all now in two saves and averaging 14 in an other, half what he's managed in the last two seasons in real life.

                He's having a decent season, but a decent season doesn't really change what has been a pretty average career, he's not a young player. I've made some tweaks to FC AI selection for Leicestershire.

                Lilley's ability is fair, he's only scored 4 50s in nearly 100 professional innings. A good knock this summer.

                Scott Steel seems good ability wise but could do with something to stop the AI picking him in first class. Tweaked.

                Salter at Glamorgan should be a fixture in white ball sides and doesn't play at the moment. Made a decent return to the first class side this season too. Tweaked Salter a bit and some other changes to other players in terms of selection. He's not had a particularly good 20 over season this summer, quite expensive.

                Can we get Delaney bros added to overseas list? Be good to see Pucovski, Burns and Turner too.

                Overseas lists are based on availability mostly, then ability. There's no option to manually control this.

                Ben Green has been made one day captain for Somerset in real life so should at least be better than Sam Young who is playing in front of him in the game's one day cup currently. Ben Green has been improved witht he bat and some tweaks to his AI.

                Calum Parkinson could be more economical in t20s, he's had a good two seasons on the bounce now and earned a hundred contract. Tweaked his economy.

                Batting boost for Joe Cracknell? Not sure he's quite worth an upgrade yet.

                Bowling boost for Tom Hartley in t20s? Agreed, slight improvement.

                Harry Gouldstone could be defensive, he seems of the gritty variety, early for him but slight batting increase? He's a good prospect. Changed to def, not really sure of an upgrade yet. He's only played twice.

                Freddie Heldreich could have his limited overs economy increased a bit after his exploits this season. He's had some decent matches this season, but a pretty small sample size. Not sure we can make changes based on 5 matches.

                Ali Orr has probably earned a decent batting increase. I think that's fair, have done so.

                Luke Hollman seems slightly underrated. His rating is fair in game.

                Some increases for England under 19 squad members haha?

                Out of contract list

                Tom Sole is banned from bowling so should be a specialist bat only. In fact he's been announced as taking a break from cricket so should be removed. Yes, looks like he's moved on from cricket, I've turned him in to an ATG.

                Cotton seems overrated as these days is only playing minor counties. Same with Matt Coles. Neither Coles nor Cotton are particularly strong in ability.

                Perhaps it would be handy to remove players like Cotton, Coles and Javid who have fallen out of County Cricket and are unlikely to be looked at again. Instead you could add some of the players who have been trialling for second XIs but don't have contracts like Justin Broad, Ben Wells, George Drissell and the guys Kent brought in like Bailey Wightman, George Munsey and Jas Singh.
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                  BJ Watling has retired after WTC. Doesn't retire in game.


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                    Originally posted by Hilal8844554499
                    Amazing to see Root in t20i team and not Malan.
                    Haider Ali is overrated.
                    Alzari Joseph is RF in the game should be Rmf.
                    Jose Buttler bats at 7 in t20i must be in top 3.
                    looks like Gayle has settled at no. 3 in 20 over must change.
                    Cameron Delport is not 20 over opener.
                    Rutherford of Peshawar is batsman only now.
                    Finch is not interested in fc cricket must retire him from fc,test.
                    Warrican who has not played t20 since 2015 and picked by a county side as 20 over overseas, Retire Warrican from t20,t20i.
                    Indian Players should be not allowed for 20 over overseas leagues.
                    Guptill is now fc no. 5.
                    overseas players in domistic fc and od teams are not ideal other than english domistic cricket.
                    Pujara should be v.defensive.
                    Haider is fine FGS, he is a good prospect who will come good.

                    I agree Haider is a prospect, I've checked his current ability, and I do feel it's a bit high for his current. His potential is still very good.
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                      Sureshot First of all, great job on what looks like under great version of Cricket Captain. Thank you

                      Here's my database feedback for Pakistan players.


                      Nasir Nawaz should be right arm medium or right arm medium fast bowler, he is part time pacer. Should be available for PSL. Changed to RHB and RM.

                      Mubasir Khan should be allrounder and his bowling skills should be increased, he was one of the top wicket takers in the U19 competition. He should also come up in the PSL contracts list IMO, he's a very good prospect for all formats. Changed to all-rounder.

                      Munir Riaz is right arm fast, he bowls very quick Changed


                      Mohammad Taha is a LHB who bats part time left arm spin. Mohammad Yousuf said he was impressed by his batting

                      Changed to LHB SLA batsman.


                      Khurram Shehzad (the one who played in PSL for Quetta) should be 21 years old

                      Mohammad Junaid is an allrounder Are you sure? He's mostly batted at 10, and I can't find any youth cricket data.

                      Sami Aslam has gone to the US and is not a PAK domestic player anymore Changed, thanks.

                      Southern Punjab:

                      Not sure if Aaron Summers should be there after the allegations against him.

                      PSL & Miscellaneous:

                      Shayan Jahangir is not part of the domestic system, has emigrated to USA Changed

                      Zeeshan Zameer (IU) should be a pure pacer not an allrounder Changed

                      Faisal Akram (MS) should be SLW, not SLA Changed

                      Shahnawaz Dahani (MS) T20 stats aren't added There is a known issue with some missing Pakistan 20 Over stats, not much we can do about this issue for this year. Unfortunately this was one of the issues brought about by covid.

                      Zaid Alam (LQ) should be an aggressive or very aggressive batsman, he made 43 off 15 in an U19 game vs Ireland Not sure, his U-19 20 Over SR is 119, still not that attacking. I've bumped him up to defensive.

                      Mohammad Faizan (LQ) aggresion level should be defensive Changed

                      Mohammad Imran Randhawa [the RMF one] (PZ) should be an aggressive allrounder Changed to all rounder and average aggression, I don't think his SRs are quite good enough for him to be aggressive yet.
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                        Sureshot I posted my feedback but for some reason it is being considered possible spam. Please approve the post.

                        Also, asked this before, but what about PSL pre Covid squads ? Karachi had guys like Nabi and Joe Clarke who should be retained next year, and Lahore's Wiese and Samit are also integral players of their team

                        I feel we're a bit stuck between a rock and a hard place here, I don't think either option is "right", I thought post-covid squads was more realistic.
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                          Maybe it’s not a big thing but i have a few remarks in terms of realism.

                          Imam-ul-Haq listed as LM actually bowls LS Changed
                          Sarfaraz Ahmed listed as RM actually bowls OS Changed

                          Sarfaraz Ahmed is called Sarfraz in game, the A in his name is missing.

                          Hassan Ali is written with 2 S’s. In game he’s called Hasan Ali

                          Saud Shakeel is called Saud Shakil in game.

                          Shahnawaz Dahani is called Dhani in game.

                          Would appreciate if these things would happen. Great Game!

                          Changing names is a bit fiddly our side, you can edit player names with the editing pencil in the rop right of the player profile for that player.
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                            Wanted to point a few things out, although most of them are just for the aesthetics, I would still very much appreciate them being implemented.
                            • Imam-ul-Haq should bowl LS He is LBG in next update
                            • Sarfaraz Ahmed should bowl OS He is OS in next update
                            • Faisal Akram should bowl Chinaman Spin instead of SLA He is SLW in next update
                            • Sarfraz Ahmed should be Sarfaraz Ahmed
                            • Hasan Ali should be Hassan Ali
                            • Saud Shakil should be Saud Shakeel
                            • Shahnawaz Dhani should be Shahnawaz Dahani
                            • Fahim Ashraf should be Faheem Ashraf
                            • Mohammad Ikhlaq should be Mohammad Akhlaq
                            DISCLAIMER: I know that u can modify players names yourself, but ideally I would love it if they were already correct. Nonetheless, enjoying the game so far!
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                              Another great addition of the game, appreciate all the effort that goes into each new release. Have been buying the game since 1998 and will continue to do so, keep up the great work. As a avid follower of the Zimbabwe cricket team i have made some suggestions, some have been mentioned in previous posts so I apologise for repeating:
                              • Zimbabwe's ICC membership was suspended resulting in missing the T20 world cup qualifying ,will not be apart of the tournament
                              • Tanaka Chivanga is in the initial ingame squad but is noted as being South Africa, he cannot be searched for in the player records. He is also stated as being 19 years of age, he is currently 27 .As written in a previous post I would consider Chivanga the quickest Zimbabwe bowler , RF /RMF instead of RFM.

                                Thanks, I've changed Chivanga.
                              • Kyle Jarvis has retired form all forms of cricket Now an ATG
                              • Roy Kaia is an off spinner , not RM Changed
                              • I agree with what has been written previously ,Jonathan Campbell & Liam Roche should be classed as all rounders. I would also add Andre Odendaal as another all rounder , All 3 are now ARs.
                              • Peter Moor is playing in Ireland for Munster with the intention to play for Ireland.
                              • Would like to see Brad Evans added to the game , was in the last Zimbabwe A squad . A very promising young bowler who can also bat , scored a list a century this season. Added.
                              • Zimbabwe play Ireland in 5 T20 internationals not the 3 currently in place
                              • Dion Myers , Milton Shumba , Wesley Madhevere, Tadiwanashe Marumani are extremely talented and the will be the figureheads of Zimbabwe cricket for the next 10-15 years. I haven't advanced to far in the game yet to comment on whether this is reflected in the new addition
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                                Leus du Plooy is Hungarian in game, I’m not quite sure of his status as he’s not playing as an overseas (in real life) for Derbyshire even though he is from South Africa, but I have no knowledge of him having any links to Hungary.

                                Marchant de Lange has replaced Wahab Riaz for Trent Rockets (Nottingham) and Colin de Grandhomme is replacing Andre Russell for Southern Brave (Southampton).