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Ten years of waiting for an editor...

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  • Ten years of waiting for an editor...

    Used to play this game a lot, back in the day. Bought it five years in a row. Once or twice a year I think of playing it again, usually when a player captures my imagination.

    But then I visit this forum and see that in others' playthroughs said player usually ends up being good - but not great - over the course of a career. Rabada / Archer / Cummins / etc average in the high 20s with the ball if you're lucky. Batsmen like Smith and Williamson and Root end up with averages in the high 40s or low 50s.

    Sigh. Real life has enough disappointments, I don't want to put myself through that. Plus there's even less ability now to edit the game than there used to be with Artmoney, etc.

    One day I'll probably test out some of our new hires by asking them to build a cricket management game from the ground up. Until then, see you a year from now for my annual dose of disappointment...

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    Let me take a more constructive tone - how much development resource do you think you'd need to add fixture and player editors that satisfied you. E.g. I'd imagine you'd want it to be designed in such a way it doesn't ruin the delicate art of picking players based on stats and the eye test without a simplistic "rating" as a guide. In my mind, something like Basketball-GM shows a good way forward on this front: the underlying complexity of skills-plus-context drives production, with the overall rating being only the roughest of guides. Very frequently players with 60-ratings and 70-ratings will outperform those in the 80s. You gotta be smarter than the big number.

    It's a great and satisfying game loop. Presumably you have some tech debt you'd need to address first, as (for example) you've said before that a fixture editor would be error-prone. Would this be a $50K job, do you think? $500K? $5M?

    I'd love to help solve this issue and get past it, so this game can appeal to people who like to play the game in different ways from its authors.
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      In the early games you could at least find a young player who matched your handedness and bowling type and change their name.

      I’d love at the least to be able to insert a customised (Name, DOB, nationality, batting and bowling type, preferred position/style etc) into the game and be able to put them (Or me!) into the England team.

      A big ask, a big cost? I mean maybe just a few custom slots almost like regens. This isn’t too much to ask is it?