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Thanks for your support.

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  • Thanks for your support.

    Great to have the game out. Thanks for all the messages of support. It's been a massive amount of work getting the new leagues in, with hundreds of special cases for all the different combinations. We had to completely re-write the back-end. Some players play in seven leagues in a single season. It might well be the most complex code I've ever written.

    The records look like a simple addition in the records screen, but that hides a lot of detail. There are thousands of lines of data in there.

    Also a lot of focus on the match engine for 20 over games. The balance seems good. Let me know your thoughts. I'm always working to improve this.

    This is a labour of love for the team. Please could you leave a positive review on Steam. It helps massively to have some thumbs up on there.

    I'll check in here regularly now the game is out. I've had been working 18 hours a day for far too long now to get this ready, so haven't had much time to look at the form. I might get some kip first...

    Thanks again.

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    Thank you guys also for putting in the hours and hard work to ensure that we have a cricket management game. The records do appear a nice touch as well as the stadiums; they certainly have come a long way since the first edition of the game.

    If I choose to buy, I will happily to leave a good review on Steam, however, I will hold off just for the moment to see the reviews the Cricket Captain community post and to see if there are any new updates added to the game after you have caught up with your sleep. (I love Cricket too much, so I will probably cave in after a few days anyway haha.)

    I don't want to just seem like I'm complaining as it may have come across like that in other threads, I am genuinely grateful for the hard work and effort you guys put in and hope your efforts prove fruitful.


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      Thanks. Always welcome input from people that have played the game for a long time, and I don't mind if some of is critical. We've put a lot of hours into this version and it's sometimes not obvious until you get deep into the game.


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        Echoing Daniel's comment, your hard work does not at all go unappreciated!


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          Really enjoying the game.

          Playing some good competitive matches and generally winning (Admittedly on easy mode as historically I'm useless on normal)

          Many thanks


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            Great game and Please Include two player game option as well on next update.