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FC or 2nd XI 3day records?

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  • FC or 2nd XI 3day records?

    There are some players in my season, who average above 60 in FC cricket, while average merely 50 in 2nd XI 3day. On the other hand, one player averages 90 in 2nd XI 3day, while averages only 42 in FC cricket. These mentioned records are after handful amount of games. Sometimes, because of this, the selection process gets confusing.

    Have your say? What do you prefer more, FC or 2nd XI 3day records? On what basis do you select batsmen?

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    I experience the same thing with the averages not necessarily transferring over but there are all sorts of variables that go into their 2XI 3 day average that we don't have access too such as strength of bowling attack or on the reverse bowling attacks that these players are facing, so i think it's harder to accurately judge them on that record.

    Saying that, I have actually found my two of my most successful ever international bowlers on their basis of their 2XI bowling averages. I myself would bring a player through my youth system or select them if they have an exceptionally high average and when looking for bowlers I more commonly do that when I am captaining England and I'm dealing with mostly regenerated players. It would be good if we could have maybe a bit more information such as a 2XI 3 day league table running along side just so we could keep track of younger players development a bit more


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      I'll always give a young player with good 2ndXI stats another chance, even if they aren't performing in a particular format. I quite like the dead matches you get in some competitions where you can play youngsters, it's invaluable.

      You do get some interesting players though, I remember an all-rounder:

      Batting: Amazing in FIrst Class, average in OD, poor in 20 over.
      Bowling: Awful in FC, amazing in OD and average in 20 over.

      Fun to analyse...