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How do World ratings work?

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  • How do World ratings work?

    I've been playing this game (over a few different versions) for about 7 or 8 years and never really had any desire to play international, I just loved the way County was setup so stuck with that. I've recently decided to finally have a go at being International Captain as well and am curious as to how team ratings are derived?

    In the table it says something along the lines of "winning team gets 2 points and draw is worth 1 point from most recent home/away series". What I don't quite understand is how something like a World Cup or a Tri-Series impacts these? I went into an ODI Tri-Series as Australia, playing against South Africa and Zimabwe. I can't remember exactly how many points Australia had in the ODI table, but we managed to scrape through to the final (thanks to Zimbabwe being just as bad more than anything else). In the Final (which is best of 3), we actually won the final 2 games and therefore took out the Tri-Series.

    Having said that, after the Tri-Series I noticed that we had fewer points. Does the final not matter? Is it just based purely on the number of games you win during the series?

    Also, when a World Cup rolls around, what formula is used to determine who is ranked where?

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    Good Day powercord84

    I have been wondering the same thing for a long time.

    From what i could figure out so far is that any series involving you and more then 1 other team has no effect on the rating what so ever.
    If you look at the team performance page and count all the series wins x 2 and all the series draws x1 and add them together that should be your rating in the world rating page.


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      I just had another closer look, I didn't realise you could look at the previous performances in the "team performance" tab, that's very helpful.

      Based on that, it says my last series at home against South Africa they won 3-4. That would mean that the Tri-Series was two separate series in one, all the matches against Zimbabwe count as my home series against them, and all the games against South Africa count as my home series against them. The problem is that South Africa won three of the four pool games, but I won two of the three finals. That should mean that I won the home series against them, but unfortunately it just counts each game as being worth 1, irrespective of whether it's a final or pool. That's a bug that needs to be fixed I'd say.

      No idea how it'll handle World Cup, I'm guessing it'll make no impact on the world ratings unfortunately. I make the same assumption on two away teams playing in a tri-series (ie when South Africa played Zimbabwe in my example).