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Weather and one day games

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  • Weather and one day games

    I don't know if this has been discussed before, but a very irritating aspect of the game is that changes in the weather will coincide exactly with the innings break in one day games.

    For example, if the weather is very cloudy in the morning/afternoon but only forecast to be partly cloudy in the evening, then this change will, without fail, always occur between innings.

    This is especially annoying when you're batting first and the forecast wrongly underestimates the clouds in the morning session, only for the clouds to disperse the very moment the other team walks out to bat! If possible, I think some kind of hourly forecast, where the weather can be more changeable, but changes more gradually rather than suddenly, would be a good feature to implement.

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    Not something Í had ever thought of to be honest, but you're quite right, it is a little odd. I guess the weather technically changes over the innings break - so a period of perhaps half an hour, but I think your point still holds.