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  • Tips for fast bowlers

    I'm really struggling to take wickets with pacers!

    Currently playing as Pakistan where there are no shortage of F, MF, FM and M bowlers all averaging in the late teens/early 20's in FC cricket. Quite literally there appears to be tons of devastating pacers to choose from.

    However, when introducing them to test match cricket they all seem to struggle. Even if conditions are overcast or bouncy it doesn't seem to help as much as it should. Most recently i've started bowling an off stump line with one RF, one LFM and one RMF, changing their lengths occasionally, but still far too often it proves impossible to get sides out especially on flat tracks. All bowlers i use have both very good first class and list A records and are aged 31, 25 and 24 respectively.

    Some questions:

    - What lines/lengths do you tend to have the most success with and how do you adjust this based on the conditions?

    - What age/experience will you introduce a bowler who's been successful at FC into tests?

    - Does it make a difference to ensure you have a L/R bowling combination?

    - How much time does a player need at test level before you decide he isn't going to cut it?


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    i go off averages, if the player has a low-mid teen average in FC or even 2XI 3 day cricket then i give them a crack. usually if at the end of a season your first team selection selects a player you have never seen then play him, they have picked him for a reason.
    i always play the youth card, very rarely do i keep a player over the age of 32 in any of my teams, unless they are a steve smith, mitch starc, rabada type of player that just set records for fun.

    ~I Love Lamp~