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Custom fields in 20 over games

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  • Custom fields in 20 over games

    Hi all

    I'm new to Cricket Captain, downloaded the game for the first time recently and began my career with the Cape Cobras ('Cape Town' in the game).

    I had a good start to the season in the 50 over cup, but am now finding the 20 over matches considerably more difficult to win, mostly because my bowlers are way too expensive (Even defending 180+ is a struggle). I'm curious to know to what extent manipulating the field placements can reduce the AI's scoring rate. The default field settings are linked to the bowler's aggression, but even at the most defensive setting (aggression set to zero) there are still 6 fielders in the ring, including close catchers. It also seems that unless the ball his hit directly at the fielders, they will not prevent a boundary being scored.

    I've started experimenting with custom field placements, with mixed results. I'm wondering to what extent the placement of the fielders affects the simulation of each ball in terms of run scoring. I realise there are obvious changes - e.g. taking out a slip fielder means edges will run to third man, etc. But, for example, to what extent does my placement of long on affect the simulation's calculation of runs scored from on drives (especially since fielders seem to let the ball through their legs a lot anyway)?

    Thanks to anyone who can assist!

    PS I realise these are the sorts of questions that are difficult to solve in real cricket - it's not easy being a cricket captain! T20 has always been my least favourite form of the game...

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    Hi guy. In my experience the fields are really important, especially in the shorter formats. I used to absolutely never win, and then some kind soul helped me with custom fields and I have a much better win rate now. Most scores dont get much about 150 nowdays.