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Oddities in the NZ domestic game

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  • Oddities in the NZ domestic game

    Just wanted to put down a few odd things I've been noticing in the NZ domestic game. I'm loving this addition to the game, and I'm into my third play through - first with Wellington, then Auckland, and now Canterbury.

    1. Training. In all the time I've been playing I havent seen a single message saying that someone's stats have improved. And I probably have 5-6 players training to improve their accuracy, etc, stats at any one time.

    2. Player regens. I havent seen a single regen arrive during the season.

    3. End of season regens. I regularly see perhaps 6-8 random regens appear in my side after the end of the season (after the contracts are all settled). At first I thought the problem was that I had too few players in my squad (and its a bit hard to keep the numbers up with the low income some of these NZ sides have). But after trying to get my squad level up to 22-23 a couple of times, I found exactly the same thing happened - 7 regens that time!

    Any thoughts?

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    I'd like to second this. I've only played in the NZ domestic game so I can't compare to other competitions, but I'm also seeing all of things that you've reported.


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      Thanks Simon. Good to know its not just me. I do have to revise my first point slightly in that I've now had 2 people improve their stats in year 4 as Canterbury.

      Was hoping for a response from the admins??