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What's the ideal/average retirement age for your players?

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  • What's the ideal/average retirement age for your players?

    I have noticed that by age 34, players start to regress big time, performances wise, I retire my players by this age, don't select them for International games after this age, as almost all the players have regressed big time for me after this age, I have noticed this in the recent Cricket Captain editions.

    What's the average retirement age for your players' regression? At what age of your players, do u consider retiring/dropping them?

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    I find it a bit variable really. My better players seem to do ok into the late 30s. Grant Elliot for instance still turns out some really good performances for me.


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      I find the truly excellent players do better in their late 30s, but I like to try and start bedding in replacements once they're 32/33.

      Always varies though. I'd be more inclined to drop an older player who's form might be dipping if there's experience around them, but keep them on if it means I'm suddenly going in to a season with numbers 3-6 with about 50 FC matches between them!.


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        34 is the last season before i'll look to rely on someone else for their position. Sometimes i've been able to squeeze one more successful year out of a 35 year old so i still keep them around, and they are also useful to shield developing players from tough tours or pitches that won't suit them. By age 36 though i won't use them at all.


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          I still have David Warner playing in my side at age 37 and he still bats extremely well.
          He has equaled Ponting as most Tons by an Aussie.

          I wish there was a retire from international cricket button we can click once a player reaches 34 or 35 so they don't come up on the to be selected list.
          Adam Voges is still in my list at age 43, i am not going to pick him.

          ~I Love Lamp~