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  • 20/20 gameplay advice

    Hi, I know the answer to this is probably posted somewhere on the forum, but I cant find it. I perform well in County matches, quite good in 40 and 50 over games, but really poorly in 20/20 matches. I have tried aggressive batting and bowling, but still cant win games. Advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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    I play important games ball by ball usually, gives you much a much better control of what's going on. As you will have noticed,if you just bat very aggressively all the way through you can be prone to some atrocious scores. I usually bat on 5 aggression to start then move up after 6 balls or so. Obviously if you need 10 an over you've no choice but to gamble and go aggressively.

    Bowling wise - custom fields are best but I admit I've struggled to make consistently good ones. I bowl on 1 aggression usually, or 0 if really under pressure. The default fields are ridiculous though, short leg in the final overs

    Don't get caught up in only using very aggressive players - yes they can be brutal but they also get dismissed cheaply a lot when going hard. I actually like to have a defensive batsman opening, they can take an aggressive approach without being very vulnerable like the more aggressive batsman. A good defensive player will still score at a rate good enough to win most games on max aggression

    You also need to look at signing and picking specialists, look at the economy rate for bowlers over anything else. I had a guy who took 700 test wickets but barely ever played a T20 because he was too expensive

    Even when you have a brilliant team you can still get beat in the T20's where as it is very rare in tests /FC cricket for me to lose (15 years in)